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Drinking Roulette

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Pick your poison—or let fate pick for you! Place your bets and take your chances—no matter what number the ball lands on, everyone wins in this fun drinking game of chance! To play, simply turn the wheel to see whose number is up. If your shot glass corresponds to the number played, empty the glass and spin it again! So go ahead, call the inside bet and play the dangerous, exciting game of drinking roulette.

Drinking Roulette is perfect for any party, whether to break the ice, try out different drinks, or just to have fun!

Our Drinking Roulette set comes with roulette wheel, two balls, 16 numbered 1 oz shot glasses, and full game instructions.

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Drinking Roulette
Drinking Roulette $17.99 $15.29
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Roulette Spinner:
Features a golden 5.36” diameter roulette spinner that features spaces 0 through 36 that provide a wide array of possible outcomes for each spin. This is the same number of spaces on a real casino roulette wheel.

Shot Glasses: 
Includes 16 expertly crafted real glass shot glasses. Each glass holds 1 us fluid ounce of liquid and is banded with a color and numbers that correspond to a possible landing ball pocket on the roulette spinner.

Roulette Balls: 
Includes two polished 0.34” stainless steel balls. The balls are perfectly round to give a nice long roll time with each spin.

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