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    Crokinole 2 in 1 Natural Wood Color


    Crokinole 2 in 1 Natural Wood Color Genuine, Classic Board Game for Two Players | Canadian Heritage Game Great for Families and Friends | Includes 26 Black and White Discs and Game.

    • Brand: TradeOpia
    • Material: Wood
    • Theme: Strategy
    • Genre: Strategy
    • Number of players: 2

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    Crokinole 2 in 1 Natural Wood Color
    Crokinole 2 in 1 Natural Wood Color $89.99
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    History of Crokinole
    The first crokinole board was built by Eckhardt Wetlaufer in 1876 in Sebastopol, Ontario. Wetlaufer was a woodworker and wagon-maker and made the board as a birthday gift for his son. The relic currently hangs in the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum in Kitchener, ON. It is unclear where Wetlaufer got the idea from the game, but it’s likely that it is derived from the Asian game of carroms by way of British colonists. Carroms is also the ancestor, purportedly, of the pocket pool, knips-brat, and pichenotte (associated with Quebec). The name “crokinole” is derived from the French ‘croquignole’ which means ‘flick’ or ‘small biscuit’.

    Tradeopia Deluxe Tournament Size Crokinole

    How to play Crokinole?
    Try to place your discs behind the bumpers where they will be more difficult for your opponents to hit If the sliding action on the board is not consistent, add some gliss powder to help the discs slide more freely Combination shots and carom shots: You don’t need to hit your opponent’s disc directly. You may hit one of your own discs first provided either one of your discs hits your opponent’s disc. Be careful though, if you miss all of your discs that moved during the turn will be ditched

    • Portable: This wooden premium Crokinole, and Checkers set is completely portable to take it and use it everywhere you need.
    • Premium Quality: Crokinole board is made from high-quality wooden materials and finished to provide players with just the right amount of friction.
    • FLIP IT OVER: Done playing Crokinole? Flip it over to test your wits with a classic game of Checkers!

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