Superfight: The Red Deck 2 (R-Rated)


    100 more horribly offensive cards to add to your Superfight deck. New characters include: YOUR MOM’S [CENSORED], THE ULTIMATE [CENSORED] ROBOT, and MIDDLE AMERICA. New attributes include: EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH LITERALLY TURNS TO [CENSORED], [CENSORED] BECOMES A LIGHTSABER WHEN HARD, RIDING A CHARIOT PULLED BY POOR PEOPLE. This deck also includes 10 R-Rated locations and 10 scenario cards. Do not mix this deck with the Green Deck. That would be a very bad idea.

    NOTE: This is only an expansion to Superfight and requires the Superfight Core Deck to play.

    Superfight is a hilarious card game that pits you against your friends with superpowered characters. Fun for all ages and all kinds of players, the game itself is very simple. Players draw one white card and one black card to create the base character for the fight. Players then draw a second black card to add one final attribute to their character. Once complete, players then debate who would win in a fight. What if a kindergarten class that breaths fire and is wearing jetpacks gets into a fight against a pirate swinging a shark on a chain and riding a segway? Who wins? As you can imagine, the arguments over who would win the fight are epic and hilarious.

    Superfight is a game for 3 – 10 players. Average games last 30 minutes. The Red Deck 2 (R-Rated) is an expansion for players aged 18+.

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