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  • Get ready for the new edition of the award-winning fast-paced word game that gives family game night a rush of excitement as players compete to beat the timer!
  • 2-8 Players
  • 15-20+ Min Play Time


Tapple is the award-winning, fast paced word game that gives players a rush of excitement as they race to beat the clock! Challenge friends and family to tap letters of the portable wheel as you come up with words for various categories before the ten-second timer runs out! Just say a word, beat the timer and win!

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  1. CS16909


    The first time I looked to buy this game, it was $80. It went down to $50 but I used rewards to get it free. It is really a fun game, but made of cheap plastic. The idea of keeping the cards in the bottom of the game is really good though.

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  2. Stefanie Spalding

    Great Game

    Seeing the price fluctuate, I saw it go down to $24.99 and purchased it. Seeing some reviews about the timer, I was nervous… Everything works perfectly. Great game with 2 players or 8

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    Stefanie Spalding

  3. Elaine J

    Pulled it out at a party less than 5 mins we were all having fun

    This is amazingly simple game is fun for everyone! Even with 3 players.

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    Elaine J

  4. luis lopez

    Great game but buy it at Target.

    I paid over $40 for this game here and saw it at Target today for $20. Needless to say it felt horrible. Great game though!!

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    luis lopez

  5. Ysabelle Ann

    Timer doesn’t work

    Just got it in the mail yesterday and, after putting in batteries and turning it on, the timer doesn’t even work. Very disappointed.

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    Ysabelle Ann

  6. Jade Holloway

    Doesn’t work

    Do NOT buy. I bought new batteries and everything and the timer doesn’t work. Very disappointed because I needed it for something. Pretty much a worthless game without the timer. And apparently, I’m not the only one who has received a broken game.

    Jade Holloway

  7. Cheryl

    No box

    Love the game. It’s a big hit with my grandkids. But…it didn’t come in a box! So odd! I’m afraid the buttons on the side will be easily broken!

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  8. Bianca

    So such fun!

    Super fun for a game night or just for 2 people. It makes you think fast

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    Fun Game.

    Amazon Customer

  10. Veronica Voeks

    So much fun!

    We played with a group of twelve and it was a blast. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. Highly recommend

    Veronica Voeks

  11. Amazon Customer

    Fun game

    Had a great time playing this. The whole family enjoyed

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    Amazon Customer

  12. Derek A. Bottorff

    Very fun!

    Easy to learn the game and extremely fun!

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    Derek A. Bottorff

  13. Sadie

    So much fun!!

    This game is so much fun! Can work for 2+ people and definitely something to get everyone thinking, revved up, and have a lot of fun!!


  14. haley martin

    Great game

    Fun game I really enjoy it

    haley martin

  15. Amazon Customer


    Fun game. For all ages

    Amazon Customer

  16. Margo

    FunFor Everyone

    This is a super fun game that anyone can play. The quality could be better (I don’t know how well it will hold up with my super competitive family) but overall, I’d purchase again!

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  17. Nel

    Fun game!

    I have an older version of this game. The only difference are the colors. I bought this as a gift for a friend and she likes it a lot. I’ve played it with family and friends. It’s challenging and easy at the same time. It depends on the categories. Lots of laughs and groans of annoyance when the answers don’t pop up in frazzled minds. The only downside is that it needs an expansion pack. This game is similar to Scattergories so if need be, you can make your own expansion pack by copying categories from Scattergories. The other thing I recommend is that in the game, the rule is when someone wins a category, they keep the winning card. Unfortunately, that keeps the other three categories on the card from being used. Sometimes, you run out of cards to play. So we’ve been writing players’ names on a pad of paper and rewarding a check for each win. Then we go through the rest of the categories on the same card someone would’ve won. It makes the game last longer.Overall, my friends, family and myself really enjoy this game.

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  18. cynthia Tennison

    Very fun game

    We couldn’t get enough of this game!! Absolutely the best game I’ve ever purchased!!

    cynthia Tennison

  19. Laura B

    Super fun fast game

    The game is very fast and fun and family friendly! I would recommend to anyone who likes to have people over for game nights!

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    Laura B

  20. MS Mama

    Family fun!

    This game is so fun- great for all ages! My family loves card games and this was a fun, new twist on a game. Love that it’s simple, fast paced, and clean! Thank you!

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    MS Mama

  21. Ernesto Ayala

    Such a fun game!! Not enough category cards tho!

    Really enjoyed this game! Great for large groups! Easy concept, easy to explain and play. Wish there were more cards for the categories!

    Ernesto Ayala

  22. S. Rivera-Smith

    Super Fun!

    This game was super fun and funny. I only played with 3 people, but I presume it would be easier with more people, as it will allow you more time to think about another answer. So… less may be best. Although each card has 4 categories, I hope the creators create more packs. That would be the only downside, but it’s a testament of how much fun we had and would like more.

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    S. Rivera-Smith

  23. Diana Rivera

    Arrived used and broken

    I’m so disappointed, I waited a month for the game to arrive, when it did, it was clearly used – see photos that show a piece that appears to have been chewed up by a dog. That price was shut and held together using glue – see globs of clear glue. I looked past that because I really wanted this game. We put batteries in, nothing happened, we bought new batteries, nothing.I’m back on the hunt for this game.

    Diana Rivera

  24. Amazon Customer

    It came damaged.

    It came damaged. There was no damage to the shipping box box but there was to the game box

    Amazon Customer

  25. Ri


    Fun game for all ages! Really gets your mind going and easy to play.


  26. Aleen Serna

    Fun game !

    Fun fun fun. But just realized there’s missing letters lol.

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    Aleen Serna

  27. Christine


    I am in love with this game. You can use the cards provided or invent your own. You can play with 3 players, or tons more if you’re standing around in a circle at a round small table or something like that. My mom loves it, my boyfriend loves it (mid-30s), we’ve used it with 2 people to kill time, we’ve played it in parties, played it while drinking and while sober, grandma loves it, even played with little cousins (as young as 5 – though you definitely have to be more patient there? i think you can TOTALLY play and teach the younger kids about their letters along the way). Easy to learn, easy to set up. Solid recommendation for yourself or a gift.


  28. John Farley

    Great to play with the kids.

    Took this on a camping trip and played all night. Fun to make up our own categories.

    John Farley

  29. Amazon Customer

    Great game for the family

    We have a great time playing this game. Its fast paced and makes you think quickly.

    Amazon Customer

  30. Karen L. Morris


    I purchased this game for a family vacation, and we had a blast playing this game for hours. We did make up some of our own rules, we had a blast.

    Karen L. Morris

  31. Hunter Koch

    So much fun

    This game was so much fun. As soon as we opened the box our entire family was laughing as we watched everyone struggle to beat the clock when coming up with the associated words. This game has a lot of replay value and I highly recommend it to anyone with a love of word games.

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    Hunter Koch

  32. Stephanie Grindstaff

    Just as described

    This game kept my family on their toes during game night. We had a blast and will definitely continue playing it.

    Stephanie Grindstaff

  33. Sandra

    Great Family Game

    Perfect family game night! So much fun. The only unfortunate thing was that the timer — didn’t work.


  34. Amazon Customer


    I’m a TK teacher! Forget the categories! I use this for letter recognition, letter sound recognition, and beginning letter words! Great classroom game! The categories are fun for big kid family game night.

    Amazon Customer

  35. Alicia Morgan

    Fun game, but broken device

    The game itself is really fun! Unfortunately, three of our letters could not be pushed down. You also have to have a screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

    Alicia Morgan

  36. Brandon

    So much fun!!!

    Such a great game and was so worth the wait for it to come. Game provides hours of fun. If you like stressful laughable moments this is the game for you. A must have for any game enthusiast.


  37. Markeshia Gostlin


    The entire family loves this game. Easy to learn and a quick pace.

    Markeshia Gostlin

  38. Skye Crook

    Very fun!

    Very fun word game! Would love it if they made expansion packs for categories as we went through them quickly.

    Skye Crook

  39. Nic Book

    Fun game for date night in or with family.

    Loved this game and it was a big hit for Thanksgiving with the fam.The only reason why it was 4 stars instead of 5 is because all of the letters aren’t there and I wish it had more cards.However, I loved that a cardholder was included in the back. Keeps everything in order. Super fun game. If you want to create more categories just agree beforehand and keep the game going!Big hit! We played over 12 rounds lol! It’s addicting!

    Nic Book

  40. Julie

    So fun!!!

    We do NEW games for Christmas every year but we played this immediately. Saw it on TikTok and it was sold out for a good bit. Keep an eye out on it, so easy and fun. Such a great purchase!


  41. Alexea boring

    This game is a ton of fun! Great for two people or multiple. A must at family game night.

    Possibly do a R rated version of cards.

    Alexea boring

  42. JR

    Very disappointed to get a refurbished game that didn’t even work.

    I ordered this back in Feb. It was on Backorder and not available until June. It was delivered towards the end of June but I didn’t open it until my son came to visit today. He’s the only one who plays games with me. We put batteries in and ……. Nothing. Timer didn’t work at all. That’s when I noticed the sticker on the box saying it now had a second life. Why did I have to wait four months only to receive someone else’s broken product. Definitely my fault for not opening it sooner and now it’s too late to return, even though it was broken right from the get go. Very disappointing to say the least.

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  43. Chantal R.

    Definitely a must buy!!

    Great game at parties, against another, or even solo! So much fun!

    Chantal R.

  44. Ashley

    Fun Game

    Fun for game night


  45. Mark Pringle

    Fun game

    Fun game. Fast pace. Easy to play. A lot like scattergories. A little expensive for such a simple game but still enjoyable.

    Mark Pringle

  46. Paula Wester

    Such a fun game!

    Perfect for family game night!! Little tricky to remember the rules, like hitting the button in time, but overall this is such a fun game!

    Paula Wester

  47. Tarra Lawrence

    Super fun game!

    The game is so fun for a party. It’s hard to play with more than 4-6 people only because the board is a little small and it’s hard to get everyone comfortably around it. We played it a couple times and are now buying more to gift for the holidays. Easy to learn but it’s a very focused game – no side convos!

    One person found this helpful

    Tarra Lawrence

  48. gilbert gagnon

    Jeu divertissent mais un peu fragile.

    Bon jeu pour les partys mais fragile pour les joueurs trop enthousiastes.

    gilbert gagnon

  49. Kayla Sevier

    Simple and Fun!

    Fun and simple game. Love how the cards are tucked away into the games base. You can even invent your own questions on the fly to ask each other. Good value.

    Kayla Sevier

  50. Sarah Smith


    Love this game. It’s super fun with drinking or the family

    Sarah Smith

  51. Amazon Customer


    Product came in damaged

    Amazon Customer

  52. Megan

    Fun but expensive

    It’s very cheaply made. The timer stopped working after 3 rounds. Not worth it

    7 people found this helpful


  53. Miranda

    This was fun!

    Played this with my family and thought it’d be worth a purchase to keep on my shelf when I have company over and we’re bored. It’s fun. The cards got kind of boring after awhile so we just started making up our own subjects.

    2 people found this helpful