Ratted Drinking Card Game (Double Pack) – Wild Wicked Bar Game

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Drinking Bar Game With 69 Cards and Two Ways to Play.Two Great Games in One Travel Card Game. Drinking Games With Double The Fun, Double The Hangover. Remember: Don’t Get trapped with the Rat or you’ll be Ratted. Wild and Wicked Friends From the Twisted Minds At Cheatwell


4 in stock


4 in stock

Ratted Drinking games is two great games in one, for twice the drinking fun! In these two outrageous drinking card games, players tto tro match pairs of cards while trying to smell a rat! Get caught with a rotten rodent and squel. You’re Ratted…and have to take a drinking forfeit! Will you pick the rat and end up downing your drink? Remember – don’t get trapped with the rat or you’ll be Ratted! Travel deck allows you to take to the pub, bar, brewery, plane, church, or anywhere else you want to drink pints and have fun! Approximately 69 cards.

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