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Wrebbit Harry Potter Diagon Alley Collection- Ollivander’s Wand Shop and Scribbulus 3D Puzzle

Equip yourself with the finest of wizardry wonders at Ollivander’s Maker of Fine Wands and Scribbulus Writing Instruments, two Diagon Alley landmarks.

Guju Guju - The Fruit Frenzy Card Game

This card game is bananas! And lemons! And strawberries! Take turns flipping cards and guessing which of four fruits will appear. When you guess right- it's a fruit Frenzy! Everyone frantically flips cards, racing to cover the matching fruit. Be the first to get rid of your cards and victory is ripe for the taking!

Bloom – The Colorful Wild Flower Roll and Write Dice Game

Flowers are power in this freshly-picked dice game! Roll the dice, choose a color, and then circle the number of matching flowers.

Witchy Kitty - The Magical Morphing Logic Puzzle

Abracadabra! Witchy Kitty has been magically transformed, and you must figure out how to get her back!

Qwixx - A Fast Family Dice Game

This quick-playing dice game will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!

Brainwright Loyd's 15 The Block & Roll Puzzle

It's the classic 15 puzzle as you've never seen it before! move the colorful balls around the frame to create a myriad of unique patterns. But this is one sly slider– hidden within the puzzle are invisible walls that will force you to find alternate routes. Navigate loyd's labyrinth to solve all 44 challenges and you're one high roller!.

Brainwright Logic, Dice Dots Deduction Puzzle

Where is the Golden Cube? Choose a challenge and then place nine colorful cubes into the frame according to the instructions. You only get a few clues, so you will need to use your deductive reasoning skills to solve each puzzle. Line up all the dots and your mind is golden.

Icosa The Atomic Puzzle Ball

Twist and turn your way to a multitude of patterns with this amazing puzzle ball. Can you arrange the atoms so that each color is in a Group, or so that same colors never touch? whether you figure it out or just fidget with it, the hardest part of icosa is putting it down!.

Gamewright Whozit? The Cooperative Guess Who Game

Six unusual suspects, two debatable clues, one hilarious party game! Take turns secretly picking a character from the lineup, then tip off your teammates by rating how well a pair of clues applies to your choice. Would Darth Vader drive an expensive car? Could lady Gaga make a great Babysitter? You'll crack up as you crack The case, but your team can only win by eliminating all of the unlikely suspects and correctly guessing – whozit?!

Sushi Roll - The Sushi Go! Dice Game

Rice and dice! Roll with your favorite sushi go! Characters in this dice version of the best-selling card game! Load up the conveyor belts with savory sushi dice – then pick one and pass the rest!

Brainwright Logic Land - The Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle

It's a Palace puzzler! The Prince is in the Library, The Dragon is next to the Queen, and the Wizard is not in the tower. So where is the king? Use deduction to discover the Regal whereabouts and solve 40 charming challenges. Think logically and you'll be rewarded royally!

Brainwright Hay Stax - The Barnyard Packing Puzzle

Herd the horse, pack the pig, and stack the sheep! select a challenge and arrange the farm animals so they all fit precisely in their pen.

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