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Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls - Identity Game

Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls is a hidden identity game where players take on the roles of their favorite Marvel characters, including Captain Marvel herself, to defend Earth in an intergalactic war against shape-shifting Skrulls in disguise. Players must decide whom to trust, defend their alliance, and restore the planet’s virtue. Based on the popular game mechanic of BANG!

Monopoly Beetlejuice Board Game

Relive the horror and chaos of Beetlejuice as you make your way around the Monpopoly board

Furry Foodies Strategy Game

An original light strategy set collection game for feline lovers who know cats will go anywhere to get their food! As cats, players try to snatch the most food by pushing plates off the edge of the table. It’s Furry Foodies fun for everyone! It's ALWAYS mealtime for these mischievous kittens! You're a frisky feline who wants to push as many snacks off the table as possible. Food on the floor boosts your score! The cat that collects the most points gets the delicious victory!


Dune is an asymmetrical strategy game with components of warfare and diplomacy. Players compete for control of territories, and a player who controls 3 of the 5 territories with strongholds wins the game. Players have to do this while dealing with a constantly roaming sandstorm which both annihilates their units as well as also producing Dune’s currency of spice.

Paranormal Detectives

Paranormal Detectives is a deduction party game. One player takes the role of a Ghost. All other players work as Paranormal Detectives and need to discover how the victim died. Using paranormal abilities they will communicate with the Ghost, asking open questions about the details of the crime. The Ghost answers in a variety of ghostly ways - by arranging a hangman’s knot, playing chosen tarot cards, creating a word puzzle on a talking board, drawing by holding the hand of a detective and many more!

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar: The Board game is an economical board game where players manage their cash flow and traffic flow of their products. The game is highly tactical, with a bit of luck and gamble. Players contain unique competences that differ each play session, so every game is unique.

Cooper Island

In Cooper Island, players mark their victory points. They take small ship markers around the island to show their progress. After five rounds, a game of Cooper Island ends and the player who developed the best and went on furthest with their ships will win.


Keeping one eye on the Hive and the other on your opponent's reserves, the tension builds as one wrong move will see your Queen Bee quickly engulfed. Choose the best tactics to place the right piece wisely and be the first to block the Queen Bee in the Hive. Hive is a board-less, strategic game for 2 players ages 8 and up.


Matthias Cramer created this two-player game.  You will know him from Lancaster.    Capstone Games entered this era of swirling political scandals and has injected a new way to explore the ultimate Washington scandal:  Watergate.

Carnival of Monsters

The carnival is coming, ready to amaze with unusual creatures never seen before! As the master of your very own Carnival of Monsters, can you present the audience with the spectacle they demand by capturing the most magnificent menagerie of monsters? The carnival master who can explore the magical lands where these creatures dwell and bring back the finest specimens will know riches and fame galore. But be careful—not all monsters are peaceful, so keep a few hunters on hand to keep them from getting loose!

AAll Manor of Evil

A highly interactive game of larceny, hidden agendas, and Lovecraftian horror. It's a race against time as players pilfer and steal relics, ancient forces awaken and madness stirs. Beyond the larceny at hand, each player has an agenda of their own. Some want only to survive the night, while others wish to call forth an elder god eager to devour one unfortunate player–or the world.


Polis is an economic, tactic and constructive game in which all parts could be evenly important, depending on the chosen strategy.  This is a card game in which the players develop their ancient Greek city.

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