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In Payday Board Game, your payday comes just once a month and it’s up to you to survive in this modern world. Will you pay off your ridiculous cell phone bill or will some Mad Money come your way? Each day is a surprise.


Payday is a game where what’s left counts! Players have a payday once a month, but everyday something could radically change your finances. Bargain Software may cost you some cash, but you could make some back if you’re lucky enough to sell Internet shares. Charities are always looking for a handout or you may owe your neighbor. If you’re lucky, some Mad Money will come your way. Otherwise, you’ll need a loan to keep afloat. You could make a deal, make a profit or win the lottery.

Payday is the classic family game that makes household finances fun. In the end, what’s left does count because whoever has the most money after all the bills and loans are paid wins

Payday includes: Gameboard, 54 Mail cards, 36 Event cards, 6 Tokens, Loan Record pad, Payday Money, 36 Deal cards, 6 Lottery cards, and 2 Dice.

Payday is recommended for 2-6, ages eight and up.

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