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Settlers of Catan 5th Edition 5-6 Player Extension


  • In The Settlers of Catan 5th Edition you will engaged on an adventurous expedition to settle the isle of Catan! Now five to six players can explore and settle Catan! In the Catan: 5-6 Player Extension you control a group of settlers exploring and taming the uncharted lands of Catan.
  • Embark on a quest to settle the rich island, competing against more opponents for added fun. Add 1-2 more friends or family without sacrificing ease of play. Add green and brown settlers and expand your island with 2 more harbors and 11 unique, new terrain tiles.
  • The Settlers of Catan 5th Edition 5-6 Player Extension contains 11 new and unique terrain tiles, 2 frame pieces with harbors, 2 all-sea frame pieces, 10 wooden settlements, 8 wooden cities, 30 wooden roads, 25 full-color resource cards, 9 full-color development cards, 28 die-cut number tokens and, 5-6 player extension rules.
  • This is NOT a complete game! It is only a game extension for 5-6 players. You need a Catan game (aka The Settlers of Catan) in order to play with this extension!
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Settlers of Catan 5th Edition 5-6 Player Extension
Settlers of Catan 5th Edition 5-6 Player Extension $39.99
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138 reviews for Settlers of Catan 5th Edition 5-6 Player Extension

  1. Christa

    Kids love this game

    My older kids still love game nights. Catan is one game that has brought them together even when life is too busy. This game was a great price! Catan is difficult to find at a reasonable price, especially during holidays. This seller has great prices and fast delivery .

  2. Jose Luis Marte

    I love it

    Just what I wanted. I recommend it.

  3. Stephen chae

    One of the best games ever any one who says there an avid …

    One of the best games ever any one who says there an avid board game player knows this game. This is just another copy I bought. I play so much my copies tend to wear out so every few years I buy the new edition and I needed the expansion so I got it. only thing I don’t like with the new expansion is the way the boarder/ ocean fit together. I like it much better when the ocean is a full piece more but that a personal problem.

    One person found this helpful

  4. Anfen

    Who doesn’t love catan

    Expansion is great to have around for when the pandemic is over and we can all have enough guests over that want to play with us. I’ve had it for a year now and it has come in handy so many times!

  5. Christina

    Make Catan even better with more players.

    Catan is a great game. I have owned this game for many years and bought another copy of it to bring to my Aunt’s children’s home abroad. This takes the great classic game and adds two more players. If you have only played the four player version and have some people sitting on the sideline, do yourself a favor and pick this up. More fun, crazier things can happen with more players. Enjoy!

  6. Terra Ong

    The expansion pack is perfect

    So glad we got the expansion pack to play with more people. Everything still fits in the orginal box

  7. T. Hunley

    I liked that it added more pieces so that more of …

    Played this for the first time over Thanksgiving weekend. I liked that it added more pieces so that more of us could play at the same time. It still feels a little too small for 6 players though. We seemed to have a lot of players that were boxed in and could not move to build anywhere. By the end of the game we still had a few players that only had the two starting settlement locations. Other than being a little too small seems like a good expansion for the base game.

  8. Leo James Perez

    Fun for 2 extra players. Just be ready to spend a bit more time per game. Still 5/5

    It goes without saying that you need the regular Catan game to be able to use this product.I gave the regular Catan game as a gift to my nephew last year and it is a great way to introduce board games to kids instead of just letting them play with their tablets and smart phones. However, there were a lot of us wanting to play at a time and the 5-6 player extension just made perfect sense.Since there will be a maximum of 6 players, just be ready to spend a bit more time per game. It made the game a little unbearable especially if someone wants to maneuver with trades. But that comes with the additional players. Still a 5/5 for me.

  9. Ayah MutedAyah Muted

    Good expansion for more players

    One of the few drawbacks of the base Settlers of Catan game is that it caps out at four players. This expansion is the perfect fix, allowing for a maximum of six players. At less than $20, it is a fair price, and cheaper than the other expansions such as Seafarers or Cities & Knights. My one complaint is that with the new pieces, everything does not fit into the original box. It would have been nice if a larger box had been provided so that everything could have been held together.

    3 people found this helpful

  10. Leo James Perez

    Fun for 2 extra players. Just be ready to spend a bit more time per game. Still 5/5

    It goes without saying that you need the regular Catan game to be able to use this product.I gave the regular Catan game as a gift to my nephew last year and it is a great way to introduce board games to kids instead of just letting them play with their tablets and smart phones. However, there were a lot of us wanting to play at a time and the 5-6 player extension just made perfect sense.Since there will be a maximum of 6 players, just be ready to spend a bit more time per game. It made the game a little unbearable especially if someone wants to maneuver with trades. But that comes with the additional players. Still a 5/5 for me.

  11. Mite E Muses

    A must have for 5-6 players, also useful for 3-4

    Excellent game! 3 of the 5 in my family really enjoy the game and the other 2 who don’t enjoy games as much also enjoy playing some. The extension is needed to go to 5 or 6 players but we enjoy playing with the larger map even with 3-4 players. Great to mix up the rules and make the game new even after having played many times.

  12. Amazon Customer

    A great way to expand on a great game.

    Arrived great. A great way to expand on a great game.

  13. Savannah Kramer

    Playable but…

    Great expansion but the thickness, design and colors do not match our original Catan set.

  14. Sara Zuckerman

    Now the whole family can play!

    We love Catan and this upgrade lets us all play!

  15. Johnny Two Shoes

    must get if you have 5-6 players

    If you love Catan, and you regularly have friends over (more than 4), then this is a must get so that everyone can play without having to team up. Highly recommended, but be aware that the game obviously gets extended, and the rules change a bit to allow for building in between each turn. It’s fun enough if you like catan for big groups.

  16. Farouk I. B.


    Packaging came well done. The box had all of its content and the game is so much fun. So glad to finally own Catan! It is a little a bulky so make sure to have space to put it somewhere the box is sturdy enough to be placed underneath a stack. The only issue I had could find that isn’t really an issue is that when I was popping put some of the tile pieces I had to be careful as not to do it too quickly because the paper that had the design would tear a bit on the tile. Great game a must have for any gaming library!

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  17. Amazon Customer

    A great way to expand on a great game.

    Arrived great. A great way to expand on a great game.

  18. Marie H

    Great games. Arrived quickly.

    We love the game, so we bought these for friends!

  19. fuabhawj

    Worth the money!!

    My family loves and enjoyed playing this game so much, we ended up purchasing the extension pack so that my children could play it with their cousins and friends.

  20. Kevin Klein

    Overpriced but also a must have

    Great expansion but overpriced for what’s in the box. For just an extra two bags of pieces, some cards and a dozen hex squares the price is unjustified.

  21. G floe

    Nice addition

    Nice addition to game

  22. RLMD

    Fun game

    My sons and husband loves this game, it is a little complicated and a little pricey but fun to play

  23. Jeff

    Makes CATAN playing SO MUCH MORE FUN!

    Have you ever heard of “special build phase?”If not, then buy this expansion set.It will blow your mind.Special build phase completely changes the game.Definitely worth it.

  24. kfs818


    This game is complicated to start but once you figure it out it is crazy fun and addicting! One round takes about 2 hours! But it is worth it!

  25. Bowslayer


    Awesome game and we can’t get enough playing it.

  26. Bryan T.Bryan T.

    Great Family Fun!

    You need the base game with this to play! This adds to the Catan base game so up to two more people can play (total of 5-6) with the separately purchased base game. This is a great add-on so our family of 5 can have family fun time together. Grandma is visiting right now and all 6 of us played earlier today, and are going to play again this evening. It’s great family fun with constant variety. We plant to purchase expansion packs and their corresponding 5-6 player extensions to add even greater variety. Everyone in the family agrees that Catan makes our family fun time much more fun than watching movies or TV together. You get frame extenders, additional game board hexes, additional port pieces, a complete set of number rounds for the larger board, additional resource cards, additional development cards, and game pieces & building cost cards for 2 players. Note: the game board photo I’ve included is this 5-6 player extension WITH the base Catan game board.

    90 people found this helpful

  27. AgathaAgatha

    Very nice addition if you have more than 4 people playing.

    I got the Catan game, which we all fell in love with as a family. After playing the game with two people being on the same team (since there are 5 of us, and the most people you can have to play the original game is 4), I decided to get this. It is a great addition to the original set.The only complaint I have, is the green pieces (the two colors are brown and green) are very poorly painted, and the wood is showing through in some places.

  28. debotton

    Amazing System.

    I’m not sure these game is “easy to learn according to the amazon review system” but the expansion pack is excellently constructed and if you have 5-6 people it’s definitely necessary.

  29. Amazon Customer

    increases game play

    Love Catan, and this extension makes it more playable for 5-6 players. Can play for hours with my kids and spouse. This extension makes the game more playable, increases the size of the field of play, and makes for a more fun gaming experience. Our favorite board game, always very competitive and many ways to win. A different and fun experience every time.

  30. Ann

    Great Game!

    It’s as fun as it is hard to learn. Be patient. It’s worth it.

  31. OHmomof2

    High quality pieces make it easy to add players

    The quality of this extension set matches the quality of the original game pieces. The graphics of the resource tiles are slightly different. While some people have complained about that, it makes it much easier to keep the extension pieces separate when putting the game away. If you don’t always need the extension pieces, it’s more convenient to keep them separated.

  32. Zach and Carmen

    excellent game!!!

    This game rocks. My husband and I play it two players all the time. It’s great for groups too. It’s fun because you can still do something during the other players’ turns. So you aren’t just sitting there waiting. We plan on buying all of the expansions. Of you want more fun add on with EXPANSIONS. If you want to play with more than 5 people you need EXTENSIONS. We didn’t realize that and bought extensions first before we had the expansions.

  33. Derek A.

    Does Catan 5-6 Player need another 5 star review?

    Clearly it doesn’t but if we ignore the fact that you obviously love the base game to be reading this then what you are probably after is whether or not the pieces are all intact and included as advertised. Yes to both. Enjoy pwning in Catan with even more friends, but beware the new special build phase.

  34. Nick H

    Great for more players

    This set comes with two extra colored sets of player pieces (green and brown) for use with the base game. You also get more land pieces, resource cards, and numbered discs to increase the size of the game area. We’ve played this with up to 6 people, and also just 4 people. Expanding the game area without adding players is nice so other people don’t get in the way, but also takes out some challenge of strategically planning your next move.

  35. Hathi

    Fun game enhancement!

    We bought the base Catan game for our kids (ages 11-16) for Christmas, and added this so mom & dad could join in the fun.Easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to play. It is a fun enhancement to the base game.

  36. Amazon Customer

    Greatest game ever!

    This is literally the greatest board game I’ve ever played. Have now gotten all of my friends and family hooked on it as well and is a huge hit at game night. Perfect amount of luck and strategy. Very easy to catch onto after a few rounds in the first game. Would highly recommend this game to anyone!

  37. Andreas Aristidou

    Awesome game with a revolving environment / challenge which means you never get bored of it!

    What I love most about this game is its flexible board. The way it is assembled by randomly placing the resource cards and points means that it is impossible to have a one-strategy-fits-all that many of the other board games have – which is what causes them to get boring over time. With this game, you need to make up your strategy on the go which puts everyone on a level playing field, whether you’ve played 3 times or 30 times.

  38. naianaia

    Really great game!

    My family is soooo addicted to this game! This expansion pack enabled our family of 3 to include my in-laws who love games of all sorts. Catan has become our go-to game every time we’re all free, and each game takes less than 2 hours so its a really great activity that doesn’t take up the whole afternoon or evening. I won’t go in to details about how the game is played (there are many youtube videos for that!) but we are having so much fun with this game that we downloaded the iPad version as well (single player vs ai). Amazing game!

  39. Diana Caldas

    Amazing! Difficult to learn

    This is a great 2 player game, but very difficult to learn. We are familiar with Catan but were looking for a 2 player version, great game to play with someone that can challenge you!

  40. Michelle Voecks-Griesbach

    Great family game

    Great family game. Is interesting & fun for the 10 year old, the teens & the adults. – Each game takes about 2-2 1/2 hours for a family of 5

  41. Jaisun

    Perfect Family Game

    After long time this game brought all family members together and we had good 3hours of play time

  42. Eski

    More people, more fun

    Catan is more fun with more people. This extension pack is great!

  43. Scott & Lori Hutchison

    Quality Product

    Excellent extension for Catan. Lots of family fun. Quality materials.

  44. V. S.

    An absolute must for owners of the base game!

    I often gather with friends to play board games, and we almost always number more than 4 people. The expansion has been invaluable for allowing us all to play this great game together! I’m also a fan of the additional player colors (brown and green). Building between turns is also a great rule that keeps the game going at a decent pace.

  45. Clayton Collins

    Definitely buy!

    Definitely worth buying if you have more than 4 people to play catan with. We always had to have people sit out and watch because only 4 can play the regular game. It’s more fun with 5-6 people.

  46. Vanessa

    Fits perfectly, hours of fun!

    Adds another level of fun to the original game.Game pieces fit perfectly to the original game.

  47. I LoveHorses

    Add more People

    Great way to add more fun by adding more people to your favorite game. Perfect for larger families or playing with friends!

  48. Jaclyn Dawson

    Love this game!

    We had so many family members talking to us about this game and finally talked us into playing. Immediately we knew we had to buy it AND the extension. Love it! Showed up with great packaging just as I expected.

  49. Raine

    Super fun. And yes, I always wine

    One of our favorite games. Especially during quarantine/covid19pandemic

  50. Emma

    Have I ruined my family?

    My parents have discovered a new love for board games so I knew this game would be a great addition to their collection.It’s insanely easy to learn, shipped beautifully, and is a ton of fun.My parents took to the game quickly and then the competitiveness set in. My father put the robber on my mother’s tile? She will have her revenge. My mother wants to trade? Never – their realms were in an everlasting battle. A poor dice roll? If they could have flipped the table, I think they would have.So yeah, highly recommend! Just brace yourself, I suppose – the score will be settled…

  51. J. Smith


    Love Catan. My box came with one single missing piece, but it was super easy to start a return/ exchange and was immediately sent a replacement box that was counted upon arrival and confirmed to have all pieces! : )

  52. Barbara Tacchi

    Looks to be what I ordered

    For my granddaughter. So no idea of qual. Box looks good. Her request

  53. K Weber

    Just like I thought

    Like it

  54. Amazon Customer


    Love it! In 6 months we played this game more than we ever played all of our Monopoly games put together and our entire lives.

  55. Diane G.


    Catan has seriously changed my life. This game is honestly Risk and Monopoly combined, but add crack. It’s so much fun but be warned, things can get very intense. As far as I’m concerned, this is the only game anyone needs to succeed in life. THIS IS A MUST BUY!

  56. Sindar

    Worth it even for 2-4 players

    If you like Catan, I’m sure you’ve wanted to play it with 5/6 players. Or, you just wanted a little more space for 2-4 to spread out. Be sure to read the rules for extra build rules

  57. Travis M. Heeter

    Mark the back of the pieces while they’re still in …

    Mark the back of the pieces while they’re still in the cut outs, there will come a time when you want to play with 3-4 people again, and you won’t know the correct distribution of hexes and numbered dots.

    341 people found this helpful

  58. A G

    Importante revisar que tengas la misma versión del juego y expansión

    A mi familia y a mi nos encanta este juego. Lo único en que te debes fijar es en que cambian las piezas del tablero según la versión que compres. Revisa bien que sean la misma versión el juego y la expansión para que puedan quedar las piezas.

  59. Alex

    A Must Have for Game Nights

    I’ve always enjoyed Catan, but was sad until this expansion came along. It seamlessly adds 2 more players, was still super fun, and fits comfortably in the original box. Now me and 5 friends enjoy it together. A nice add on for any avid Catan players

  60. EH

    BEST game EVER!!!

    Our family is OBSESSED with Catan! This fantastic game is so engaging. With every roll of the dice, you are involved. No matter how many times you play, it is different every single time. It is amazing how your strategy and approach continue to evolve. This is definitely a hand and minds-on game!

  61. Friendly redwood

    Check your edition of original catan game

    Product is exactly what I expected however check what version of the original game you have. I have the Mayfair edition so the cardstock material is a bit thicker on these than my edition and the designs are different. Doesn’t negate from the playing experience however just makes explaining harder than it already is haha. Very happy I bought this! Fun to use even if less than 5 people

    15 people found this helpful

  62. jims

    Great Fun For The Whole Family

    Man we love playing this game. My wife and I are in our 60s and we love this as much as our grandchildren love it. The grandkids introduced us to this game and now we are hooked on it. We are always calling my sister and inviting her over to play as she loves playing too. We bought the extension because we started having people over and the game was only good for 4 players. Now it is game on when company comes.

    One person found this helpful

  63. fanofhistory

    Fantastic family game. This extension allows 2 extra players to join the regular game.

    Catan is one of our favorite family games, but the standard game allows only up to 4 players. This extension includes the extra game and board pieces to allow 2 extra players to join the regular game, making it essential for larger families and groups. FYI adding two players add about 50-75 percent to the length of time for a game.

  64. Jo

    More players

    Love this! More players more fun.

  65. Kevin Wilson

    Best game every – brings the family and friends together

    My teenager son literally has spent the entire week, in the evenings, at home with his mates playing the game on our pool table. Mom and I join in on the occasion. It’s a great strategy game. Well worth it with many add-ons and options to keep it fresh.

  66. Philip

    Worked Great

    Worked Great

  67. family of 4

    Lots of fun

    This is an exspanion pack so you need to buy the regular game first. My family and friends love this strategic game. The expansion pack allows you to add 2 more player. Check out youtube for instructions on how to play.

  68. c durgoy

    Fun game for everyone

    This game is addictive! Everyone played this game for hours everyday during Christmas break and we continue to play the game nightly.

  69. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic family and friend game!

    Catan is out top family game! The extension pack is just what we needed for our family of 7! It’s fun, engaging and strategic. Highly recommended if you have an hour or more to spend on good quality family game night!

  70. Blake G.

    Hours of fun!

    This is easily one of the all-time best board games out there. Fun for all, even when you don’t win.

  71. Ashley

    Nice little addon

    Simple expansion, colors are very distinguishable from others unlike in the base game with red and orange. Great if you want to play the game with more players, but the game will slow down a bit.

  72. Bowen B.

    Must have

    Bought it for my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Perfect gift. Now we can all play!

  73. Happy Jogger

    best game ever

    Catan is the best game ever invented and now I can play with five and six people.

  74. Owen

    Marvelous Extension To The Game With Good Documentation & Optional Tweaks On Gameplay

    The box is great and has everything you could need (plus some blank replacement pieces in case you lose or damage something).I love the player piece colors (Green and Brown).

  75. Amazon Customer

    Better Than Monopoly

    If you are looking for a new board game for 5 to 6 players this one is very engaging. This games takes skill and logic. It is very enjoyable! The whole set up is more expensive then some board games but you this will give you hours and hours of a different experience every time!

  76. Amazon Customer

    Add this fantastic game to your family’s game collection!

    My family loves Settlers of Catan, and this extension pack allows us all to play together. I bought it along with the Catan 5th Edition 4 player game, and the extension matches the rest perfectly. I also bought the Catan Scenarios Helpers of Catan card pack, which makes the game a little more fun. This game is so interesting and there are so many ways to win. It’s my favorite game to play with family and the kids just love playing it! It’s a great alternative to the other standard games I grew up with. The game isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth the investment because you’ll get years of fun for the whole family out of it. You will not be disappointed!

    10 people found this helpful

  77. SMA3

    Great family game

    Great family game. Set up is complicated and it definitely requires some strategizing. The game normally takes my family of five a few hours to finish, which is a terrific alternative to sitting in front of the television. My youngest is 12 and he plays easily. Can also be played in teams if you have a large group. Definitely, buy the expansion pack.

  78. Kristie

    Great game, very challenging

    We are glad to be able to have more than 4 players now. This is a challenging, but fun game once you get the hang of it. It can be easy to learn if your “teacher” explains the concept. But there are so many strategies one can develop, no two games are ever alike. Good entertainment during long winter months and Covid quarantines.

  79. Michael Ship

    If you like family game night, this is a must-have.

    First off, this is an amazing game. Kudos to the creators. My only beef is that it would be nice if the ORIGINAL Catan game box was designed in such a way as to allow you to fit these extra pieces in it. That said, if you have Catan you should get the expansion pack. If you don’t have Catan, get it (and the expansion pack).

  80. Em

    If you’re debating getting this, GET IT

    Best game ever gets even better!!! Having 6 players is so much fun, and just give the special build phase a chance! You’ll love it after 1 game

  81. donfrank

    Fun game of strategy

    My family enjoys playing this game but at times we had to “couple up” since we are a big group. I got this expansion set as well as the original game for one of my son’s for Christmas. You do need the basic game before buying this add on.I also got the Seafarers expansion for my wife for Christmas so you can see we do enjoy this game of strategy.

  82. K. Felts

    Bought for family friends and was a great game

    Definitely a learning curve but easy to play once a few people catch on & everyone will enjoy. Our first attempt was with an extension pack for six players so it was a bit of extra time setting up and learning how to play. Entire family was engaged and excited to play next time!

  83. S. Bice

    worth the money!

    We played this game at our family’s house and we quickly new it was a must have. We have since expanded to pirates and its just as fun as this one. If you guys want a game that can be played by 8 and up this is it. We highly recommend it the game is always changing so its never the same again!


    fun game

    easier to learn on a youtube video if necessary, definitely need someone old enough to read and have the patience to do so. I learned the game completely by just reading it though.

  85. V. Morrow

    College Son & Roommates Love This Game

    Bought this for my college-aged son and his roommates. They seem to love this game and needed an expansion pack so more people could play. Exactly what they wanted so highly recommend.

  86. Ang


    While the game takes some time to remember all the rules, its the best game to break out for game night with family and friends! Every round is always different so new strategy and approach keeps the game from getting old. Game came in perfect condition and with extra pieces and good durability for storage.

  87. Derek Wilson

    quality game expansion

    This expansion allows for more players and you don’t sacrifice quality. This is totally worth the extra money and allows for even more folks to enjoy the game experience.

  88. Walt

    I love this game

    Me and my wife love this game. We have gotten into adding the expansion pack and playing with two teams each. The expansion pack gives us ways to switch up how the board is laid on and keep the game fresh.

  89. GRL

    Fun for an even larger group to play

    Really enjoy Catan, but needed to add more seats at the table for our expanding family. Makes for a longer game play, especially the initial setup, but streamlined gameplay is a benefit too.

  90. LindaB

    Two Games Better Than One

    It takes a little time to understand the new rules, get a rhythm going and to get everyone focused, but once you get that mastered, it goes fairly fast. Not as much fun as Catan for four. We bought another games so when we have up to 8 players, we just break into two separate games.

  91. Paula B Campin

    Great family game

    My husband and I learned to play this game on a group camping trip. We play Catan often and use the extension set when we have company over for dinner and game night. It also goes camping with us and we have taught a lot of people how to play. We do leave this game set up on the dining room table and play every week. We have been doing this for six months. Add the the other versions of Catan and have lots of choices in ways to change the game up. It’s never dull.

  92. Nick Fischer

    Love Catan

    Fun game. Make sure the edition you buy matches the edition of your base game. I bought this 5th edition extension and I have the 4th edition base game. Still works, but doesn’t look great with the differing art

  93. chris3win

    Super Fun Family Game!

    One of my kids got this awesome game for our family last Christmas, we have played it more than any other game, and we have a wonderful time together… get it and enjoy that quality time with your kiddos.

  94. Vlad3368

    One of the best board games out there.

    Awesome extension to an awesome game.Provides instructions to properly use new additional pieces.Make sure to read the instructions from this extension before mixing it with the full original game set, because they’ll tell you what to use and what not to use.

  95. RU

    Expansion is great

    Had the original game from years ago. Finally bought the expansion to play with family during the holidays. Should have done this sooner but what fun with more family being able to play.

  96. Malachi Bullen

    Great to have!

    Great game. The extension is handy to have. It give more room, even when playing with four it still nice to have the extra space.

  97. Scott O’Donnell

    Great game.

    Almost everyone in the house likes playing this game, and a few friends as well. The first board game in a long time that I like. We would like to get another extension set. There is no foreseeable reason why another extension set could not add a 7th-8th player, just have to change the color of the pieces.

  98. Jana Haven

    Fantastic add on

    Fantastic add on so more people can play! Catan is a fun strategic game that can last for hours! My family loves this game and with this add on, we can all join in!

  99. CAS Amazon Customer


    Very good extensión of the game and we have enjoyed it a lot. It lets more palyers so is perfect for a family and friends afternoon!

  100. Mike B. – Father and Family Shopper


    Great add on the a fun game. We wanted to be able to use more players and just have a bigger board when playing even just 3 or 4 players.If you want a game to start family fights because they’ve learned to avoid Monopoly, this is the game to get!!

  101. Diane d

    Strategy board game… good thinking!!

    Played with my adult son, then purchased as gift for my husband, & purchased extensions for both!!Love it

  102. Nicole Rebeiro


    Let me just say, getting my family together to play a game… Is impossible. Period.But this game man… BEST GAME EVER!!!!So easy to learn (watch the video) and fun to play with family and friends. Buy it now, I promise you won’t regret it.

  103. Shanna Walters Nye

    Great game!

    The best game!

  104. Miguel Gonzalez

    Excellent product

    Excellent product. Great packaging. Good price.

  105. Sue

    This is a great addition to the Catan game

    This is a great addition to the Catan game. We purchased this Catan Extension to be able to play with 6 people. Catan is the favorite game of the family and it is nice to be able to play it with more people. The rules are slightly different when using the Extension but the game is just as fun.

  106. Patrick T Weaver

    Mostly pleased with this

    Needed to punch out all the pieces. The extensions didn’t fit together with the game pieces very well, it took some forcing the pieces together to get them to fit.Overall pleased with purchase. Now our whole family can play.

  107. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    My box was messed up.

    I got my box dented to hell in a corner and then when I lifted it to look in the box it ripped. If your a catan dork you know thats not cool. I’m new to it but I know I’m keeping my things nice forever and this just made my collection look a little shutter.

  108. T. Blikstad

    Adds more salty players

    This set takes classic Catan and adds more salty players. Inevitably with a board large enough for 6 people, at least one or two people are going to be cut off from expansion early on. Alternatively, you can play a game with fewer than 5 players, and just use a gigantic board. Either way, it’s quite fun.

  109. Andrea K.

    What else do we love about the expansion pack

    We’re hooked! Catan -ism has spread from my friend’s house to mine, to both my brothers, to my mother. There are no other games played during family gatherings and so this expansion pack allows most to play. What else do we love about the expansion pack? The lid is perfect for containing the roll of the dice too! We found that expansion+regular Catan fits all together in the Catan box and recommended marking expansion pieces in order that they can be easily sorted out.

  110. Jennie & Eric

    One of the better expansions!

    I love catan. I’m a huge fan.I purchased this item when it was on sale for Black Friday for $14, and can say it was probably the best thing I purchased on that day. I probably won’t ever get to play with 5-6 players, but I’m super excited to be able to play with the color green.I love this expansion for the colors it’s adds to the base game, and the fact I can now play much larger games with 4 people.

  111. Esther A.

    Super fun game!

    Make sure to keep the baggies it comes with! If you’re new to the world, read the instructions before popping out the #’s lol TRUST ME!! Totally worth it; love this game <3

  112. M. Andersen

    A great way to play one of the best games around with more people

    This game perfectly fits in with the original Catan game. It comes with two new colors of pieces (roads, villages, cities), as well as more resource cards and development cards, more resource hex tiles, and some pieces to enlarge the perimeter of the board. Make sure you purchase from a reputable seller, and not just from whoever’s offering it cheapest. I know a lot of people got burned that way when buying the original game. If you order directly from Amazon, you should be good.Now, instead of just a maximum of 4 people playing, 6 of us can play Catan at once. It makes the game that much more exciting and complex, and involves more family and friends in the fun and strategy of a timeless game.

  113. c durgoy

    Fun game for everyone

    This game is addictive! Everyone played this game for hours everyday during Christmas break and we continue to play the game nightly.

  114. Prabidhi

    Favorite game so far

    This is by far the most played games with our friends. Fun game

  115. cheebeecheebee

    Great customer service after receiving ill fitted extension pieces

    EDIT: this is a revised rating to the initial 2 stars and poor rating i placed below. After leaving the review below, i was contacted by someone from Catan Studio who then gave me a link to the appropriate contact. It was a short and painless explanation of what i expected vs what i received (with proof of photo) and they promptly sent a replacement which now fits perfectly with the original set.. .even the color. Thank you Catan Studio and Asmodee for your great customer services and for standing behind your product !!! (i’ve enclosed photos of the ill fitting pieces in first 2 frames and the perfectly fitted replacement pieces i was sent in the last frame)NONE of the extended pieces fit properly with the Catan 5th edition original pack. The water is lighter in color so it doesn’t blend in well.. but i would have been ok with it had it fit.. we had to force the extension pieces (according to the correct number indicated) and it keeps bulking and as soon as i have one piece in, the jigsaw piece gets undone somewhere else.. We’ve taken apart all the pieces from the cardboard and it’s just too much to return it now.. definitely not worth the price paid for these extension. The other cards and pieces are all fine.. but the main frame/board we are playing off of is the most important .. VERY disappointed

    25 people found this helpful

  116. David

    Fun game

    Fun game. Took me a minute to figure it out but now that I understand, its fun especially with several more people.

  117. andrew

    Great family game — involving skill and luck for lots of fun!

    My adult-aged kids taught us how to play Catan with them. It’s a lot of fun for all ages and great family time. There’s quite a few pieces (many small) so it’s probably not great around young children.

  118. Anna

    Fun game

    Fun game. I gave this as a Christmas present. They like it very much.

  119. Lindsey G.

    But this if you’re buying Catan!

    Make sure this matches up to your version of Catan and I would suggest marking the extension pieces, but this was exactly what I was looking for! I would highly recommend buying this if you are buying the original game. I have used it so many times and before I had it, really wanted it.

  120. Miguel Gonzalez

    Excellent product

    Excellent product. Great packaging. Good price.

  121. Allison Herman

    Fun Game

    Bought the game as a gift and started playing it as a family immediately. Everyone liked it so much. Other family members came to visit so we ran out and bought the expansions pack just so we could play it with them.

  122. CAS Amazon Customer


    Very good extensión of the game and we have enjoyed it a lot. It lets more palyers so is perfect for a family and friends afternoon!

  123. aanderson_224

    Very fun

    I purchased to play with friends, it is easy to learn and very fun to play. Very replayable. Maybe getting the anniversary one could be better since it comes with the expansion if I am not mistaken, but all in all, I highly recommended

  124. K Doyle

    This is the version to purchase instead of the starter pack!

    This is a great game. You can alter it with other expansions like Knights of Catan, but this expansion pack allows you to play it with more people and greatly improves game play. We love this game.

  125. momof6

    Great Game

    I was unsure about this game, but we LOVE it. My kids (ages 8-14) play this game non stop. This is a wonderful family game and make sure you have an hour or so to dedicate to it. Absolutely fun to play!


    A must for anyone who owns the base catan game to extend from 4 to 6 players

    A must for anyone who owns the base catan game to extend from 4 to 6 players. Was gifted with the base set and at that time of the sale was cheaper than buying the anniversary version.

  127. V

    … its 5-6 people extension many years ago and we love to play it so much

    We bought the Catan board game and its 5-6 people extension many years ago and we love to play it so much! It is a super fun game and our families never got bored of it. We bought this new set and extension recently which is the same as the older version, but the quality is much worse. Everything included is made with cheaper quality materials than the older version.

  128. Brad D.


    I can now play Catan with 5 or 6 people instead of just 3-4

  129. Jamal

    Wood for Sheep

    Your parents will look at you weird whenever you talk about Catan right up until you introduce it to them this Thanksgiving. 3 parts Monopoly, 2 part Risk, 1 part Lincoln Logs. Fun for the whole family. Well. Probably not kids younger than 10.Thank me. And thank yourself for buying this.

  130. Jo-Li

    Excellent quality and fun for all!

    Genuine brand item of excellent quality. Been waiting to purchase. Standard price. Arrived new in great shape. Immediately used with friends for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Was a bit challenging as no one knew the rules. Trial and error, but enjoyed by all four adults. Followed-up purchasing the expansion. RECOMMEND!

  131. Yakko

    Would buy from you again

    Great product does need the original for this extension to work, just saying for those who don’t know. Anyhow, I have it 5 stars cause they were fast and accurate…would buy from you again Thanks.

  132. Mark T

    What can make Catan even better, adding a 5th and 6th player of course!

    Imagine sitting down to play your beloved Catan game and then out of nowhere a 4th friend whats to join, what are you to do? Pull out the 5 and 6 player expansion of course! In all honestly I sort of wish this came in the base game but I understand why it doesn’t. I will admit that the game slows down a lot when you add a 5th or 6th player but it is nice to have the option to expand the number of players.

  133. Adam Arseneault

    Addicting game

    My brother in-law has been encouraging me to order this game for a while telling me that I’d be hooked the second I started playing it. He was absolutely right. This game is great for anyone who’s up for a bit of competition and isn’t afraid of a bunch of rules. I highly recommend trying it out!

  134. Jai JJ

    Fun game.

    This game is fun. I’m glad we added on expansion pack for our family. It’s worth it.

    One person found this helpful

  135. shopinful


    My family played this game at Thanksgiving and let me just say – you have to have a second skin because it can get heated. Our family loves games and we love this one. Lots of negotiation with other players and planning on your part while playing the game. It is really a game for adults or older teens because it can be a little challenging to catch on at first. We really enjoy it!! Not cheap though.

  136. matt deja

    Love this game

    We already had an original version of settlers and decided to get this as a gift for our older son. It is good quality, but we really like the coloring and labeling on the original version better. Some of the pieces are just harder to differentiate in the original version. But it is still a really fun game that our family of five loves. Our ages range from 13 to 48.

  137. Manny


    So addicting! This game is the only game me and my friends play. And we have plenty of options. Catan takes time to learn as it is a strategy game and there’s a lot of moving parts to be aware of when you first learn the game. But it keeps you engaged and wanting to play game after game. This is a must have for your board game collection! Although it is overpriced, would not have bought the game if I didn’t have gift cards

  138. Chelsea M. Miller

    Solid basic expansion

    This is a must have if you like Catan and have game nights with more than 4 people. It’s super easy to add to the traditional setup. Just be careful to keep the new pieces separate from the basic game pieces when packing up.

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