Moral Dilemma is an adult party game that encourages thoughtful discussion as well as raucous laughter. Moral Dilemma is a great way to get to know your friends a little better and maybe a way get to know yourself a little better too!

The rules are simple. One player gets a card with a "Moral Dilemma" on it. That player makes a decision while the rest of the players secretly on what they (society) has to say about that moral dilemma. If the player is able to make a moral decision that agrees with what society has to say, that player gets a point.

Fans of games like Cards Against Humanity and A Game of Things will delight in this familiar game play. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with friends as well as break the ice at a party! Moral Dilemma is a game that requires you to know yourself as well as your friends, all while having a blast.

Moral Dilemma is recommended for 4-10 players, ages 18 and up. Game play lasts around 15 minutes.

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