Dragonwood Board Game


    • Collect sets of adventurer cards to earn dice
    • Roll dice against your foes!
    • Choose your strategy carefully, the landscape of Dragonwood is ever-changing
    • Playing Time: 20 minutes
    • 2 to 4 players
    (77 customer reviews)

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    Dare to enter Dragonwood Board Game! Deep in the heart of this mythical forest lurk angry ogres, giggling goblins, and even the famed and fearsome fire-breathers themselves! Collect sets of adventurer cards to earn dice, which you will use to roll against your foes. Stomp on some fire ants, shriek at a grumpy troll, or strike the menacing orange dragon with a magical silver sword. Choose your strategy carefully because the landscape of Dragonwood is ever-changing. Only the bravest will overcome the odds to emerge victorious!

    It may be hard to imagine, but Dragonwood, with its vast array of richly illustrated cards, started out looking much different than where it ended. Inventor Darren Kisgen submitted a prototype without a single illustration – just simple words and numbers written in marker on blank white cards. Well apparently that’s all was needed, because within moments, our play testers were enraptured with the simple-to-learn but deeply engaging fantasy-themed game. Illustrator Chris Beatrice beautifully captured the wit and humor depicted in Darren’s words to create one of our most visually appealing games.

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    77 reviews for Dragonwood Board Game

    1. Shibboleth

      Another instant favorite from Gamewright

      My 8 (almost 9) year old daughter LOVES this game. This, Fabled Fruit, and Sleeping Queens are her favorites, and mine as well. When we first opened it she didn’t think she would like it because the artwork isn’t as “fun” as other cards, but she quickly decided it did have some pretty good stuff. Like a Unicorn and mages and things. This game requires some basic math and a bit of planning/strategy. While the instructions have it set up to be a competitive game, we often play cooperatively; if both dragons are slain we have decided that means we both win. Highly recommend this game if your child enjoys games that require thought and effort over luck.

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    2. Natalie G

      An enjoyable game that was an instant hit

      This is a beautifully presented card and dice game that was an instant hit with my 8 year old – who is asking to play it again and again. A good mixture of luck and strategy for this age group, beautiful graphics and reasonable challenges. We’re all enjoying it together.

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    3. Mandy

      Purchased for 7 year old, great for whole family

      Thought it’s rated 8+, we purchased this for our 7 year old for Christmas, thinking it might be a game my husband and I could play with him. We were right! There isn’t a ton of reading, and what there is my 7 year old can handle. The game mechanics themselves are simple to learn; my son got it after once through no problem. The game is also fun enough that my husband and I could see ourselves playing it without him! The only part he struggles with a little is the strategy side, but I think it’s a great “learner” game to play with us to help teach him some critical thinking skills. All-in-all, very pleased!

    4. DebraDebra

      Family fun!

      We have had Sleeping Queens for a while and the whole family loves it. This is a great step up for a family wanting a slightly more involved game. Easy to learn and understand, and it comes with two reference cards to remind you of your play options each turn which was helpful for the kids. My 6 and 9 year old both loved it!

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    5. AB

      A surprisingly fun, easy game. Artwork is a nice enhancement.

      We needed a new low-setup game and bought this on a whim; the fantasy theme really appealed to me.We were playing inside of 10 minutes; really into it by the end of our first hand.It’s a clever system, combination card/dice game. Different from any other I’ve played, and yet, somehow a bit similar. Involves elements of dice and familiar themes from traditional card games (e.g. flushes, straights/runs, and “X-of-a-kind” combinations)It’s simple, but each game will have some variation thanks to the game prep rules.Really like the artwork on the creature cards.Games last between 15-30 minutes (presumably longer with three or four players. We’ve only played with two thus far) and there are several rule variations to mix it up and alter difficulty or strategy.For the price, this is a fun, approachable addition to our game shelf and will have good longevity of use.

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    6. D2D

      Great for learning strategy – Engages children who enjoy fantasy

      This game entails capturing “creatures” with different strategies. You are using cards and dice to catch different creatures. This was bought for a six yr old so with slight modifications to the rules he can play this and finds it very engaging. It is giving him a good understanding of different card strategies like learning what runs are, or understanding you need all the same color or number for this “attack”. Also, you have to look at the card you want to go for a see what attach is most effective and if you have the cards to support that attack. It takes some math that goes slightly beyond him sometimes because he is more focused on catching creatures but it definitely makes him think and he loves to play this game. As an adult I actually don’t mind playing this game. I think it usually takes us 45 min to play a game through.

    7. Namrezy

      Fun for adults and children alike

      We bought a game called “5 minute dungeon” which turned out to be a wonderful game to play with my nieces and nephews. They love it, the adults love it. This opened up this whole industry for me of fun games for adults to play with their kids and I’ve bought probably 11 games now and Dragonwood is one of the best.It’s slightly complicated enough for adults to strategize against each other but the concepts are simple enough for kids to create competition and a desire to be better. I can’t wait to purchase the latest game this company created.

    8. Sam’s Mommy

      Strategy, chance and dragons!

      Gamewright makes a lot of cool games. As my boy gets older, I like to get games with more complexity and strategy. (Can’t wait until he’s 10 so I can get Forbidden Island!) Dragonwood is super! We received it two days ago and have already played it several times. A friend of mine (an adult) and I just played it. She took a photo of the box because she wants to get it for herself. I would suggest to the company that rather than strike, stomp or scream, they change it to strike, shoot (with an arrow) or cast spell. After all, the cards have swordspeople, archers and sorcerers. Nobody has heavy boots that we can see, and no one looks angry, so why all the stomping and screaming? This is where house rules come in. Great game! Oh, and nice box, too. 🙂

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    9. Yosefa at nonrecipe

      Clever game. Good value

      My kids 9-16 and I all enjoy this game. It was a great value for the money and not taking up a lot of space. It’s a fun fantasy-themed dice and card game with a good balance of luck and strategy. It could also be a tool to teach kids about statistics, for example, “How many dice do I need to role to have a greater than XX% chance of rolling a total of at least X?”

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    10. Ubercheetah

      Great Gamewright game

      We love Gamewright games and this has been a great addition to our collection. Seems a little complicated at first so just play a round and you’ll get it. Our 7 and 9 year olds caught on quick and ask to play it often.

    11. Paul Ferrari

      I love this game

      I bought this primarily to play with my 10 yo daughter, who is big fan of card and board games. We picked up the rules very quickly, and found the game pretty darned addictive. Skull King is another favorite of ours, and Dragonwood moved it into second place for a while. We’ve also shared it with family, and it’s proven a big hit with others too. The artwork on the cards is a lot of fun – look closely for humorous details – and gameplay is straightforward. We’ve spent hours with this game, and look forward to more!

    12. CC – Michigan

      Great Family Game

      It’s a clever game with extraordinary artwork. Playing time is probably about 30 minutes. From my experience, it is more enjoyable for a mixed group of adults and children rather than for adults. Our children can manage playing it on their own. The only aspect less than top-notch is the quality of the cards, While I have never bought protective sleeves for cards, I would recommend them for this game if it’s going to get a lot of play.

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    13. gen

      Spot on for 10 year old!

      Read lots of reviews before buying this and agree with the positive reviews. This is perfect for 9-10 year olds. We watched a Youtube video to see how to set it up because I just learn better that way than reading the instructions but I think the instructions are sufficient for most adults. I was a little confused from reading only the instructions which deck I was supposed to be removing 12 cards from to begin with but I got it when I watched the Youtube video. (There are lots out there from which to pick btw.)My 10 year old could not figure out how to play it by reading the instructions herself so kids probably will need an adult to explain it and play it a few times before leaving them to play with other kids their age.Well thought-out game. After playing it twice, I started pointing out to my daughter about probability and risks/chance and she started catching onto this concept little by little so I do think this game is accurate in stating that it teaches probability.We have never played the previous game that others referred to in other reviews so I can’t attest to the game that was prior to this one for younger players.Yes, this game is totally fun with just 2 people! Sometimes games say 2-4 players and then just aren’t as fun with 2, but this one is just as fun with 2 as it would be with 3-4 players. Younger siblings (ages 6-7) could play along with assistance from an adult also, and I think, still have fun with it.My only suggestion for improvement is tweaking the written instructions for setting up the game (which deck was which) but again, this may have just been me not learning well from reading, to be fair.One more thing- the length of time it takes to complete the game is also spot on for this age group. We played 2 games and I would say it was between 40-50 mins for each one- and that’s partly because we are beginners and had to refer back to the instructions several times to check that we were following them correctly.Glad I bought this! I usually buy second hand games from Goodwill or yard sales so this was a little on the expensive side for me but I think it’s worth the money!

    14. Julie

      Fantastic family game for a variety of ages

      We got this to interest our 6 year old in games. He loved it and we played every day for the first week. He was so interested in the game he sounded out all the creature names and the cards. It’s been a struggle to get him to want to read so this was a huge side benefit. It turned the corner on the whole thing. He loves the game so much that he chose to give one to a friend for his birthday. We all enjoy this game. It is simple enough for a kindergartner and still fun for his parents (one of which loves games of all kinds and one really does not but we both enjoy this). This game energized the family enough to want to play games every night.

    15. Nelson

      Fun, not to complex easy to follow cards and instructions

      Great fun, easy to follow instructions and easy to follow card details. My 8 year old son caught on after 1 practice run following the traditional game play instructions. The instructions covered information about alternative game play options. This game has the flexibility to allow the players to adjust game play, rules, or strategies to their own desire as well.

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    16. David Kalinowski

      Very simple concept and easy to follow for 9 year old.

      Purchased as present for my 9 year old, he loves it, we played about 4 times the same day he got it. Very simple game play, but stratagy is an important factor in winning. There are two types of cards, “attack” cards and “creature/enchantment” cards, the attack cards are similar to playing cards with numerical values that have no real meaning other than to form different attack combos. The combos are called “stomp” “strike” and “shout” you use all the same number for one type, numerical order for one type, and all the same color for the third type. The creature cards have 4 values one them, three of the values are more or less their hit points, either stomp, strike, or shout.They are different and some times a shout works best, other times strike or stop. e.g. the “Fire ants” are weak to a stomp attack. The 4th value is called “Victory Points” this is the points you want to get to increase your chance to win.That is where the strategy comes in, you can attack a lot of small points monsters, or the larger points, but that uses more of your attack cards. You have to weigh the pros and cons of this because the games goes until the two dragons are defeated.I’ve managed to win, numerous times because I got two or three high point cards and my son and wife only went after multiple small point cards.Overall very happy with this game, very much recommend. It seems like it can be a good gateway to more advanced battle card games like Magic The Gathering when the kiddos get a little more adept at the strategy aspect of it all.

    17. Daryl-AnnDaryl-Ann

      Great game!

      I played this game with my 9 year old son. When I first started unpacking the game and looking at the instructions, I was afraid it was going to be too complicated for my son, but once we got inti the grove of things he caught on quickly. He absolutely loved it. We’ve played it a couple times since then and it is always a hit !

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    18. Crystal, Mom of 3

      Good for a wide range of ages

      This game was simple enough for all my kids to pick up after one game. (6-13yrs) I partnered with my 6 year old against her older brother and sister. She was able to pick up the different combinations for attacks pretty easily. I like that the game can be as challenging or easy as you need it to be, just depends on how well you strategize. Highly recommend.

    19. Karen

      Great family game

      Our family learned this one in one or 2 nights and it has become a favorite. We have 2 adults and 2 7-year olds. It is easy enough for kids to grasp but still engaging for adults, and plenty of luck involved so anyone can win. The kids did not know card games (like rummy or poker) that are a foundation for the card aspect of this game, but they picked it up. My only quibble is that the box suggests a game may take 20 minutes. It seems to take us much longer because Dad is very mathematical and wants to calculate the probability of every possible outcome for his turn and for the kids he’s helping. It is still fun, it just takes a long time. It is a great tool for teaching probability.

    20. Pete C

      PHENOMENAL game!

      Dragonwood is basically a perfect game. The mechanics are simple and clear, but offer depth when playing the game for those that want to use it to their advantage. I would recommend this game for any age, and if you are into this theme…just buy it. I’ve played countless dungeon crawl type games, and this stands right at the top. Rarely does a game come along that does everything so right.

    21. Anson

      Really fun game, great for an 8 yr old (and me), definitely need some luck to win

      My 8 yr old loves this game and so do I. It has really taught him to balance risk vs reward and to consider chance as a big part of the strategy. So far we’ve played maybe 25 times and we’ll take a much more conservative approach some games and others more chances. We’ve managed to go through the deck twice to end the game maybe 1/3 of the time, the other times ending early by capturing both dragons. Not sure how often folks encounter that in a 2-player game though I imagine the more conservatively you play the game the more likely you are to run out of play. We will definitely be looking for more games as fun as this one.

    22. Jeff

      My 8 y/o’s new favorite game!

      WARNING- 2ND Grade math and dice are involved!The game has a quick set up time and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The 6 dice it comes with are solid. I’m a huge fan of games that employ an educational aspect and the math involved with adding the dice is perfect for her. The math is about as complex as a chance roll in Yachtzee(adding up to 6 individual dice between 1 and 4).The game is great for teaching rules and the flow of a turn as well. While the concepts are pretty general and simple for someone who has been playing games and card games for years, the mechanics can be a lot to take in. An example turn goes has the following steps:Choose to attack or drawA- Draw: if you end the turn w/ more than 9 cards in hand, discard down to 9B- Attack: Choose what you are attacking from the landscape, either an enhancement or a creature card. They will have a strength based on your attack typeChoose one of three different attack types based on the cards in your handRoll the number of dice equal to the number of cards you are attacking withAdd up your roll and any enhancements. If your result is greater than the attacked card, you win the attacked card and discard the cards you used to attack. If your result is lower than the attacked card, you discard a card.The reason our games drag on has nothing to do with the complexity of the game and everything to do with the child. If your 8 y/o is like mine, she agonizes over every decision on what action she should take, shakes the dice 1 million times and blows on them before she rolls the dice off the table, doesn’t have the attention span to follow whether or not it’s her turn, can’t remember to discard cards in play after winning a roll, and feels the need to count the cards in her hand every single turn(so as not to go over the maximum number of cards).Still a great game!

    23. Claire

      Super fun for adults, too!

      I bought this on impulse seeing the low price tag, and the fact that it comes from a game publisher I already enjoy. Gamewright does not disappoint with this game. The gameplay is simple, but stimulating enough that my husband and I enjoy playing as a way to unwind in the evenings. We modified the rules slightly, and draw an adventurer upon successful capture, which speeds the game up a bit.

    24. Amy Grindstaff

      You need this game on your shelf

      After finding joy with sleeping queens for many years my kids are needing something a bit more strategic. I also want to start teaching them D&D soon so this is a perfect introductory game. We all picked it up fairly quick and the kids loved the fun artwork and details. It’s exciting to make up stories with each turn. Gamewright has not disappointed us yet! My kids ages 6 & 8 play easily and often, game says 8+, I think it could be played with the younger crowd too but for thinking up strategies in your own it definitely is over 8

    25. Julia Stormy Meadows

      It’s a huge hit in the house.

      My GOSH my 7 year old son is obsessed with this game. We recently (in the last several months) became a major gamer family. It’s a way to bond with my 4 and 7 year old sons. This is one of many games I purchased and by far the one that is most played. Now, for me personally – I can get bored with this one. But it is just right for my 7 year old. My 4 year old also plays but I often need to remind him of sequences for the 3 methods of attack. He tends to use the “Scream” most of all because it’s easier for him to remember to use the same color. But he still has a lot of fun. This game can go on for a LONG time too. I have gotten to the point I remove many cards out of the event deck so we have a shorter play time.The dice are lovely red and smooth. The card artwork is pretty. The entire box and set up is well made and just nice quality. We’ve definitely played our money’s worth out of it already.

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    26. Amazon Customer

      Best card game EVER! BUY IT!

      This game is hands down the BEST card game ever! My husband and I play it alone, we play it as a family with my five year old daughter and everyone enjoys it. Grandmas and grandpas have played it with us. It’s truly a game for ALL ages! We play it at least two to three times a week. We even take this game with us on vacations!Some reviews claim the instructions are too hard to understand, but my five year old got the hang of it in less than five minutes. I think the instructions are easy to follow and you’re even given little cards to keep with you throughout the game to remind you what a strike, stomp and scream is.Buy this game, seriously. You won’t regret it!

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    27. H Sig

      Fun game, easy to learn, strategy and luck

      Our family loves this game. Our seven year old in particular is quite taken with it. It is somewhat complex but after a few practice rounds, we all got the “hang” of it and have had some lively games! It is almost like a cross between rummy and yahtzee. Players need to gather runs (strikes), cards of the same number (stomps), and/ or cards of the same suit/ color (screams) and then use those cards to roll dice to “capture” various creatures with varying points. So, this game involves both strategy and luck. Simpler and shorter play time than Kingdomino (which we also love!). Overall, really great game!

    28. Tod Harter

      Nice game for adults and kids too

      I think this is a fairly clever game that can be enjoyed by people of various ages together, being challenging enough to engage an adult, but both straightforward enough and with enough action and not being overlong so it can engage a lot of kids too, though probably mostly the ones who are really into board games. We didn’t get to play more than a couple games, and only with 2 players though, but I suspect 3 or 4 will play fine, its a pretty robust game concept.

    29. Christibena1110

      Grandson loves this game

      My 6 yo grandson, who loves dinosaurs and puzzles, loves this game. It was a Christmas present and since opening it, he’s played it every day (three weeks now). He’ll even play by himself sometimes! The pictures on the cards are wonderful and the dice are a nice color. It’s a very well made, imaginative game.

    30. Redhead

      A fun family game with good variety

      I bought this game for my son, 13 with ADHD and on the spectrum. We have really enjoyed playing it as a family or 1 on 1. You remove some of the cards before playing each time, based on number of players, which helps keep the game from being the same every time. Also, placing the 2 dragons in the bottom half of the deck changes which cards you do or do not see each game. We enjoyed the combo of cards and dice for battle. You use cards in either a run, number matching, or color matching to determine attack type and number of dice used, and then roll the dice and add to get your attack. You can battle to win monster or enhancement cards. There are also event cards. Everything is color coded for easy learning, but also each of the 3 colors of the numbered cards feature a different character, so even if you were colorblind, you could play. I always find gamewright games to be fun, educational games that do not quickly get boring.

    31. Regina N.

      Fantastic game for all

      We have really been enjoying this game. Sometimes games run long if the kids aren’t paying attention very well but then we just put a time limit on the game. The kids love the characters on the cards and have a lot of fun trying to capture them. Very simple to learn and different ways you can play to make it longer. Our kids (4-8yo) routinely get it out to play on their own.

    32. Kevin Thomas

      Doesn’t feel like a kids game…

      Absolutely loved this game! We are a big board game family and wanted to introduce more strategy games to our 7-year old son. We started to play a practice round, but our son quickly picked it up. Great way to help them sharpen their math skills without knowing it either. We loved that even though the target age is for children, it didn’t feel like a kids game. This is one game we will play again and again.

    33. Melissa Descant

      New favorite game

      My whole family loves this game. We play it with our 5 year old and 7 year old. Both of them can play it independently and often win. It’s a lot of fun and always a favorite. We do make two changes while playing with the kids though, we play until all the green cards are gone and then count up points.. The other change is they keep the one-use enchantment cards if the capture attempt isn’t successful.

    34. Mary C.Mary C.

      Much needed break from the WiiU

      My two boys, 8 and 10, loved this game. They were worried that it would be too nerdy for them but ended up completely obsessed very quickly. I was so happy something got them away from video games!

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    35. Not Tom Hanks

      Wow, what a fun game!!! Highly recommend

      This is one of those games that I can see pulling out and playing all the time. Very easy to learn, and the pacing is perfect. Very easy set up. Really hits that sweet spot for tempo and stakes. Turns feel quick, purposeful, strategy is enjoyable and winning is fun and losing is not so bad. Highly recommend! (side note, I’ve bought a bunch of loosely related fantasy/Dungeon and Dragons related games, and no fantasy knowledge is required for this game)

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    36. Bertlor

      A Great / Simple to learn game for the family

      I picked this up and it was exactly as I hoped… I great and fun game with simple rules to just open it up and play. My family (4yo-37yo) had a blast playing this game! You can determine roughly if it’s a short game or longer game by how many cards you remove before starting (great for right before bedtime). My 4yo needed some help knowing it was not a good idea to go after certain monsters with only 2-3 dice. :)We’re still trying to memorize the different actions you can take depending on the cards you have but they also include at least 2 cards you can leave on the table as reference so you’re not staring in the rule book every other turn.Ended up being a fun night for all of us and even though I’m the dragon fanatic Mom won by defeating both dragons herself. Who would have thought out of everyone in the room that Mom would be the dragon slayer!? Wait a second… Moms can handle anything :DIn all seriousness it is a very fun and easy to learn game for the whole family!

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    37. Michael F. Coleman

      Fun, creative game for your young kids! Adults will like it too.

      I got this for my 7.5 year old niece. The game is easy for an adult to learn quickly, and even easier to teach your young ones. The game incorporates mathematics, strategy, fantasy and fun all rolled into one game. The artwork on the cards is very nice. You are role playing as an adventurer trying to vanquish magical creatures, and you get points for defeating harder creatures. You basically draw cards, try to find either a “run” (at least 3 numbers in a row), the same colors (at least 3) or the same numbers (at least 3). Then you get to roll dice for how ever many cards you played. The game has pre-set end conditions so that it can’t last forever, and I found games could last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the conditions you choose (short or long game). My niece was able to understand the more subtle nuances of the game fairly quickly and I believe it also helped her with her math skills and cause/effect/consequence strategic thinking. Plenty of fun to be had though because you’re slaying dragons and collecting magical gear during the game. As an adult, I also found it to be challening and fun for a kid’s game. I highly recommend this game.

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    38. BookieGal

      Great Addition to Family Game Night

      My 9 year old recently played an RPG at school and wanted to find one to play at home. I’m not ready to delve completely into the world of D&D yet, but magic and dragons and fantastical creatures are a big draw for the kiddo. This game was so fun for family game night and I love that the instructions are clear and have “hacks” you can employ to tailor the game to the amount of time you have. It’s good family fun and we love it!

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    39. Tom from DallasTom from Dallas

      Great time and easy to play – learn strategy and dice counting

      Bought so my 8 yr old son and I could play and get some good 1:1 time. This is a great game and not difficult to play with the exception the child needs to be able to sort cards into 3 options: colors, numerical sequence or same number. Play is fairly quick 20-25 mins for us and his reasoning skills are going to improve because he is upset that I have beat him all 3 games we have played. He goes for the featured cards and they can make you more successful but he goes for too many. Overall great game and good theme – it’s about capturing the creatures rather than kill or destroy. If the price stays close to $15 then a great gift idea.

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    40. Kimberly

      Big hit!

      We got this because it was made by the same people as Gubs which we LOVE. This one was an even bigger hit. It’s complicated, but not too much so once you play a round and get the hang of it. Had an 8 year old get the hang of it pretty quickly. It’s a fun combination of cards and dice that you don’t see in many games. A great addition to our game collection.

    41. T. Yardley

      Become a staple in our house

      I got this for my 6 year old for Christmas, thinking she could grow into it a bit. After playing through it a few times, she caught on to the attack rules and it’s now her favorite game. While she still doesn’t make the *best* gameplay decisions with her hand, she understands enough to enjoy it and loves the different monsters. It beats playing Candyland, by far.

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    42. Chris P.

      This game is awesome

      This game is AWESOME. It is the perfect balance of simple math (monster has 7 defense, I have a +1 modifier, what do I need to roll on the dice?) to strategy (do I expend my cards to obtain points now or wait for a better opportunity?) that has replay-ability for a five year old and their parents. There aren’t too many pieces to lose either (six special dice, 2 decks of special cards, that’s it). We have played it maybe five times in a week now. Our biggest problem is our three year old really wants to play but can’t do the math yet… time for her to learn!

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    43. B. Laroo

      Instant hit in our house!

      Our kids (6 and 9) LOVE this game and the adults do too. When reading the directions, I thought it would be tricky for the 6 year old to pick up (heaps of little nuances) but she jumped in no problem. It is fun, interesting, and relies on both luck (drawing and dealt cards) and strategy (choosing when to roll and when to draw).We also love Sleeping Queens but were ready to graduate to something a little more challenging and Dragonwood is the perfect next step. I think our family has 25 or so Gamewright games and Dragonwood is our new favorite!

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    44. Jessica

      FANTASTIC family game!!

      We bought this for our 6 year old for Christmas. We love family game nights, but we like to play more involved games like Cataan and Ticket to Ride (both favs of our 6 year old). When we bought this, we really though it would be more for the kids. It is most definitely a kids game, but it’s actually enjoyable as an adult. It requires a little bit of strategy and planning, which keeps it more engaging than something like Candy Land or similar preschool games. I won’t say that it’s my favorite, but it is definitely my 6 year old’s new favorite and it’s something we can all enjoy playing as a family (including the 11 year old).

    45. Stephanie and Chris Rohloff

      great family game

      The components are made well, the cards shuffle and deal well. The game is a quick learn. Its fun, however, it can go long…we don’t shuffle the Dragons in at the bottom of the deck, and that helps. My kids love it. I would say its best for about 2nd grade and up…because of disappointment at failed attempts. Younger students have trouble with bouncing back from that. It requires stocking up on good adventure cards to be able stomp, strike or scream at villains. It requires thinking ahead and saving cards. So, it depends on what your kiddos can handle. Its a quick, fun, family game night game.

    46. Dr. J. Gomm

      Fun to play with a 2nd grader

      Fun to play with a 2nd grader and casual players. Takes at least 45 minutes unless you have experienced and quick deciding players. Shadow cloak item is a little over-powered, but you can take it out as a house rule. Rules should probably be worded to say that the “successful capture party has to escort the creature out of the forest” so that it is clear from the first reading that you must discard them. We played for the first few times that you kept your team, and it got a little ridiculous with a 6 card attack every time.I like that you remove some cards from the deck each game, so each playthrough has a different balance of items and creatures. Also, shrieking at creatures to capture them (by shear force of will/lung power?) is a fun idea.

      One person found this helpful

    47. SU

      Fun game for both kids and adults

      Easy to learn, quick and fun game for family. I explain a bit about the probability rules for my 6-year-old girl, she is able to play with us and she enjoys it a lot. (Of coz we need to have some adjustment like adults can’t use any enhancement cards) we found some enhancements would give players over evident advantage, that’s why we sometimes took away them when I am just battling my husband and we find it even more challenging Overall, a very good game.

    48. FamilyS

      exciting and fun

      This game has been a delight to play with my 7 year old son. It’s not a boring move your peg kind of game you can really enter the story and adventure created with each play. The pieces are quality material with vibrant colors. There is strategy to be learned but also luck. It makes the game fun up until the last play. We love imagining the attack plans and having fun with it. The reference cards for each play are so helpful and make learning the game so much easier. It takes a few hands to get the idea and hang of the game just like any other game, but it is well worth it. Anyone we have shared this with has enjoyed playing it.

    49. Lamplighter13

      I Dare to Enter Dragonwood

      Love it. Very easy to learn and my 6-year-old beat us the first time we played. We were hoarding cards and being conservative while he was collecting all the easy points. In the end he won. We played this in our gaming group with adults and tweens and they enjoyed it. I’m surprise it’s so cheap to get. Other games I like are King of Tokyo, Munchkin, Survive: Escape From Atlantis, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, etc. just to give you an idea of my taste. It’s not a heavy game at all. But not too kiddy to bore adults to death.

      6 people found this helpful

    50. msoleil

      Unique twist on probability dice

      There is a lot to love about this game and I can see it already has a lot of reviews but it doesn’t look like anyone has mentioned that the dice are not standard 1-6 dot dice, they are 1-4, so players have to use a different mental strategy to compute the likelihood of certain numbers being rolled. That is a feature, not a bug, in my opinion!

    51. Luetac

      Very entertaining long term

      All 3 of my kids love this game, 12,10, 9. Even us parents enjoy playing a few rounds. We have had it for a couple years and they still love it. They wanted to gift it to another family as a birthday present. Its easy to learn when we first got it my youngest was 6 or 7, and he picked it up really fast, and it helped him with his counting and addition too.

    52. Johnathan N Hardee

      Great card game for small kids up through adults

      This is a card and dice game for 2-4 people. The rules are very easy to learn as it only took my 5.5 year old about 30 minutes to understand enough to play by herself. Every adult and child that we have played with has loved it and ended up getting their own game set. My daughter would rather play this then be on electronics which is a plus. Games usually last 15-45 minutes and teach children basic math, strategy and risk evaluation. There are several youtube videos how the game is played if you want to see it before buying.

    53. Craig J. M.

      Fun Easy to Play Game for Young kids

      I bought this game for my 6 year old son and he loves it. He often asks to play this game. My wife and 16 year daughter also enjoy playing this game. The game is fairly easy to understand, though I did find it easier to pull up a YouTube video showing the basic mechanics than trying to read through the rules which could be a little clearer written. My son quickly picked up on the basic mechanics and after one game playing as a team he picked up all the rules and was ready to play by himself. The cards artwork looks great. My only knock against the game is it would be nice if their was a little more variety with some of the low power monsters, but it is a minor thing that definitely doesn’t take away from the game.

    54. Mama Bird

      Beautiful and fun addition to homeschool game library

      My 7 yr old son and I just received this game and have played it twice already. He needs a little help to get through it, but he loves the game already. He is fascinated with the artwork and creatures enough to be trying to read and quickly add up the dice on his own. He is a fairly reluctant reader and usually avoids reading even simple things so I am delighted this has caught his attention enough to make him excited to read and quickly add as well as think critically about the simple strategy. As a homeschool family, we are always on the lookout for fun games that reinforce concepts we are learning and this fits the bill! (Having 6 dice makes for great math). The game is really lovely and simple enough to play enjoyably from the start.

      33 people found this helpful

    55. Annett Ritter

      Fun Game

      I was looking for something different and my grandson and I decided to try Dragonwood. The artwork is fantastic! The game itself seemed a bit confusing just reading the instructions, however, once we started playing it was easy. This is a very enjoyable game and has variations so you can mix it up. We plan on trying out some other games by this company. Super fun and fairly quick game play.

    56. Haon the Great

      Great Math Mechanics

      This a fantastic early elementary level math/probability/push your luck game. The premise is simple: Choose a monster card you want to capture. You can theb play one to six cards of the same number, in a run, or in a flush. You then roll dice equal to the number of cards played. You then total the Dice and compare it to the monster card. Equal to or higher wins you the card. It’s simple enough for my six year old to play (with help from me) against my wife, and it clearly is teaching her the basics theories of probability and early ideas of “push your luck” versus “play it safe strategies.” Once she has another year of school down, she should have no problem playing it on her own against us. Oh, and my wife wanted to play it with me once the kids were in bed as a nice light distraction game! A huge A++ for quality math based mechanics, with another + thrown in for cute art.

      118 people found this helpful

    57. Sunshine Smiles

      DRAGONWOOD game played often & love every minute!

      The DRAGONWOOD game is so much fun to play!! I purchased this for the dragon lover in our family, & its been played almost daily on vacation. Worth the price!! Easy to learn, and great graphics/packaging. Definitely an amazing gift! Small box, so it goes anywhere in your luggage. Highly recommended for any dragon lover, or a family who enjoys playing board games!! We have been thrilled with the DRAGONWOOD game. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have! 🙂

    58. Whitney

      Great simple game for avid gamers

      This game is easy to learn and a fun game. It can be hard to find fun 2-player games, and this is equally fun with 2 players as it is with 4 players. There’s also very minimal set up, so it’s great when you just want a quick game.I’ve only played with board gaming enthusiast adults, but this game is simple enough that I think non-gamers and older children would also be able to enjoy it.The cards, dice, and box are good quality (nice portable size box for transporting) and the instructions are clear.

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    59. CKirk

      Crazy-easy game, but still tough enough to stay competitive

      I love this game because it is an easy game to bring out and kill time wherever you are and whomever you’re with. It relies on the concepts of same color cards, same number cards, and numbers in a row. There is some strategy to it, but is easy enough to get a young player up to speed in no time.

    60. Dustin ShreveDustin Shreve

      Great for the whole family

      This is an AMAZING game for whole family! My husband has been playing D&D for a year now and our children have been wanting to learn to play, so we thought we would start them off with something a bit easier and it has been a HUGE hit! We play this every other week for family game night when the baby goes to bed. We have played just two people and we have played with 4. The two main kids who play are 5 and 7.

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    61. Chriss Lagge

      A game for the whole family!

      I play this with my children a lot. The rules are easy to learn, and it’s interesting to watch the different strategies different players use. We take it camping with us, using the box lid to roll the dice (so they don’t get lost) and have taught it to many friends for quick/easy games. (Game length is dictated by how quickly each player takes their actions) Super glad I made this impulse buy!

    62. Mary

      My 8-year-old boys love this game

      …and my husband and I don’t mind it either. It’s a great family game that doesn’t get too monotonous and actually has some strategy involved. Like that the kids can play it on their own (they deviate from the rules a bit, but whatever) and that it doesn’t go on forever (I hate Monopoly….). The player moves of Stomp, Strike, Scream are a little odd considering the “magical” feel to the game, and make us constantly look at the cheat sheet to make sure we’re keeping them straight, but that’s really my only complaint if any.

    63. Michael G. Henry

      My 6-year-old can finally play board games with us.

      I bought this so that my youngest son, who is 6, could play board games with us instead of always being left out of the more robust games. It is a lot of fun, and he LOVES it. At 6, he completely understands all of the mechanics of the game, if not some of the nuances of strategy. It doesn’t hold a lot of depth for seasoned board gamers, but it is fantastic for younger kods to play with older siblings and adults, and is a fun little short game if you don’t feel like digging out a bigger game for the evening.My son and I even played a round at Eat N Park while waiting for his older brother’s soccer practice to end.Highly recommended.

    64. Stacie

      Take a walk through a mystical forest!

      We have hundreds of games, so believe me when l tell you, this game is amazing! Played with kids 7, 10 & 11 and they all loved it. They’ve just recently outgrown Sleeping Queens that we’ve played to death. Dragonwood is the perfect next step up. Thank you Gamewright! There’s a reason l have almost all of their games. They know what they’re doing in game design. The dice are gorgeous, the card art is great. You really feel like you’re walking through a magical wood capturing spooky spiders, finding enchantments and battling a fierce blue dragon.

      260 people found this helpful

    65. Ashley Wood

      Family fun night

      This game is fun and easy to learn, plus there are varients to make it easier or harder. I bought this for my almost 8 year old as a good transition to older games. I’m happy to report it’s been a huge success, and even my 5 year old plays it with minimal help. This game is fun for all of us to play as a family.

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    66. HushStrike

      Great Strategy & Fun for Family & Friends Alike!

      After playing Dragonwood over 30 times in the first week, I think it is safe to post a review. First of all, this game is extremely easy to learn from the instruction manual, and even easier to teach others how to play. I have played this game with my wife, my two sons (11 & 9), and 3 other friends who are into strategy games. It is so easy to pick up and play. It is a good mix of deck building, random dice rolling and strategy. It stays fresh enough that you can keep playing, without boring, at least for 2-3 times in a setting. The art style is simple and elegant, and a great attraction to anyone who is into medieval style. The game experience is equally fun for 2-4 players. The instructions include 2-3 variants as well for more experienced players. I have not attempted those yet but look forward to doing that soon.

      34 people found this helpful

    67. cody181

      Really fun game to play with the family

      We were first introduced to this game at a family reunion last summer by my eight-year-old nephew. I thought it be fun to buy for my girls and my family. Really fun and easy game for the family. I have four daughters ages 11, nine, seven, five.

    68. TXMommy4Boys

      Great game for little adventurers.

      Our boys received Dragonwood, Dungeon, and Pathfinder as Christmas gifts. They are 4, 6, 8, & 16. Our family loves board games and we really wanted to encourage their storytelling skills and imagination. This game was very easy to learn and teach to each of the boys. Although the 4 year old played on my team, he would make up a story to go wit each attempt to capture. Although we used the words capture, the boys eventually told stories that went beyond just capturing the characters on the card. We also named each of the cards a special name of their own – The Enchantress, The Wizard, the Dark Knight, The Light Night, & The Elf. It made for consistency across the stories being told by each boy on his turn. The pictures are fantastically illustrated and the cards have a very nice feel.I did notice that another review complained about the directions for this game. I found the directions very clear and well illustrated. Our boys who are all solid readers, still preferred to reference the picture in the directions of what constitutes a Strike, Stomp, or a Scream. Once we had the basic directions down, we added the bit about telling a story to coincide with the cards being played and acted upon and we had played 3 games before bedtime just that first night. When I came home from work today, I found that the boys had been playing this game all morning on their own! This is a really fun game.

      120 people found this helpful

    69. Shane Waggoner

      Very fun family game, quick and easy to learn.

      Just finished our first game of this. My son and I loved it. It feels like a streamlined version of Munchkin with random chance (dice rolls). My wife hates Munchkin. She desperately wanted to hate this too, but ended up really enjoying it because of the mix of cards and dice and simplicity. Gameplay is very straightforward and by the second or third turn you’re going without having to figure out the rules anymore. Gameplay for three people learning the game was about 20-30 minutes. Offers good replayability because of the random chance element and after the first game it is apparent there is some strategy you can wield.

      4 people found this helpful

    70. R Webster


      My husband, daughter, and I love this game. We recently played with my sister and her husband. We ended up sending them a copy because they loved it so much. My 7 year old often beats my husband and I. It is an easy to learn, family friendly game. I love that it also has her reading and doing math as she tries to catch each monster. In my opinion the cards are not scary which is nice as she can be sensitive. I could not recommend this game more.

    71. Amanda Middleton

      Fun game for the whole family!

      Read the instructions carefully, there is a small learning curve to the game. I played it with my 6 year olds and they loved it. It’s good for them to learn strategy and percentages without even realizing which is really cool! It can get competitive and fun too. Love how you can have a shorter or longer game depending on how much time you have. Calculate 45mins minimum per game

    72. Goosepeck

      Kids new favorite game!

      This game is so fun! My boys got multiple card and board games for Christmas, including Harry Potter Clue (which we love), and Dragonwood one is their favorite!The object of the game is to collect as many creatures (with different point values) as possible and end up with the most points. You do this by drawing cards then “attacking” the creatures with runs (i.e. 3,4,5), same number or same color. Once you get one of those sets of cards you roll the dice to see if you can roll high enough to reach the number on the creature card and “capture” that creature.The cards are beautiful and fun for children’s imagination. It’s a small box which is great for storage. We definitely recommend! My 7 year old easily understands and plays this game. I’d imagine even some sharp 6 year olds could play if they have the patience to learn.

    73. DMT

      Another Winning Strategy Game

      Our family likes fantasy games–D&D, storytelling, Castle Panic, et cetera. Our kids love dragons and I sewed them dragon costumes a few years back. We heard good things about this game and decided to get it for ourselves. I am glad we did. It is great to teach kids strategy via games because it promotes thinking ahead and thinking of possible outcomes. (#lifeskills) This is also a very fun game.I would, however suggest to get some nice wooden card holders for the kiddos. They will help in all sorts of games.I recommend this very fun game, and not just because I have won once or twice. 🙂

    74. Villa

      Loved by kids and adults

      We love this game. The combination of cards and dice, of strategy and luck, its perfect. We play board games every Sunday, and this has been our go to for about a month now. The artwork on the cards is cute, the monsters are creative, and gameplay is relatively simple. We’ve found that if you want to add more players, just add shuffle the deck a few more times. The instructions say that the game ends once both dragons are captured, or once the deck has been played through twice. We’ve had up to 6 players and just decided to shuffle the deck 3-4 times.

    75. iloveamazon

      Amazing, fun game

      This game is super fun! My seven year old loves it too. We’ve played it multiple times since it arrived and we keep wanting more. We have been very happy with Gamewright Games overall. This is such a great game to play to spend time with the family. What’s great about this game unlike other games is that no one can steal your points that you worked hard to earn. Anyone who plays sleeping queens or monopoly deal knows what I’m talking about. We truly love this game and are so glad it’s part of our collection!

      3 people found this helpful

    76. TheDaveL

      Very cool game!

      I tend to be a ‘heavier’ gamer (I really like complex games…), and filler games don’t hold my interest most of the time. My wife got this for me for last xmas, and we’ve played it 2, 3 and 4 player now several times. What a cool game! It is light enough that it is easy to teach, but it has enough meat to it that we enjoyed it very much (anyone that has played it with us, as well). The age rating on the box is perfect. My 6 year old daughter would have a hard time with decisions that would have to be made, but I can see an 8 year old doing just fine. The youngest that I have played with, though, is my 13 year old son, so that thought is pure speculation (and, of course, every kid is different!!!)….All in all: Highly recommended!!!

    77. Omega Man

      This is awesome for its simplicity.

      This game is just perfect for remaining simple jet still being awesome and educational. It still involves luck but you have to decide what risks make the best sense to take.It’s simple enough for younger kids to learn, and it will teach them risk vs reward decisions and when to hold back for a turn or two waiting for a better less risky opportunity to strike. Any kid old enough to add single digit numbers can play, and not only will they get better at adding single digit numbers but they will learn to think in simple probability terms that they would not normally learn in school until encountering it formally in high school.

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