Catan: Cities & Knights 5th Edition


    • For 3-4 players
    • 90 minute playing time
    • You need Catan (aka The Settlers of Catan) in order to use this
    • Compatible with Catan 4th edition base game and expansions and extensions
    • Adds depth and complexity
    (95 customer reviews)

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    In Catan: Cities & Knights 5th Edition, the Dark clouds gather over the once peaceful landscape. Wild barbarians, lured by Catan’s wealth and power, maneuver to attack. Their massive warships loom against the bright orange horizon. You must be strong! Barbarians attack the weakest targets and the victim of their onslaught will be the player who contributes the least to the defense of Catan. Don’t take any chances! Send your knights afield.

    In Catan: Cities & Knights, you engage in the defense of Catan and compete to build the three great metropolises. Each of these magnificent urban centers is even more valuable than a city. They’re also immune to the dangerous barbarians. Invest in city improvements, which you acquire using three commodities of trade: coin, paper, and cloth. If you improve your culture, muster your knights, and enrich your fine cities, you will be the master of the great realm of Catan.

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    95 reviews for Catan: Cities & Knights 5th Edition

    1. John M.

      love it

      adds alot to the game makes it funner

    2. Tim Chatterton

      Four Stars

      Not much to say… its allows us to play with our 5th family member. 🙂

    3. KS

      Great Extension

      Added alot of fun to the holidays

    4. Elisabeth

      As desc

      A gift

    5. Ronald Francis

      Long Live Catan

      This is a great expansion to a fun game. With a total of four boxes of Catan games to reach this point, it feels a little like moving day, but its well worth it. Playing Catan in it’s various forms has become a bit of a family obsession.

    6. Jessica Aleksandra

      Easy to learn game. Quick delivery. Excellent

      Definitely a tad cheaper and more affordable than in stores, I must say. Catan is one of my favourite board games, of all time, and I truly would advise and recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to play one of the ‘friendship-questioning/strengthening/weakening’ board games out there (equal to that of Monopoly)!

    7. Mr Phoenix

      Best version of Catan

      I’ve played all of the expansion and this continues to be my favorite. This feels like how Catan should be played.

      One person found this helpful

    8. plc

      Good game.

      My daughter has the original, and was excited to receive another version to play.

    9. Gabriel


      Muy buen producto. De verdad que vale la pena

    10. Kaonou & Chao


      This game is great.

    11. conan

      Five Stars

      Good game

    12. Scott Drexel

      Five Stars

      Love it

    13. Becca

      Favorite Catan extension!

      Our favorite Catan extension pack. It adds some fun twist to this game. **Note you have to have the regular Catan in addition to this extension to play this.

    14. David V. Cirillo

      Great expanstion set for Catan

      Great expanstions set for Catan

    15. Robert G.

      Catan is perfect.

      Catan is perfect.

    16. Barb

      Five Stars

      We love playing the base game and needed the extension for more people.

    17. Rayne Herzog

      Five Stars

      Fun family game!

    18. Zandy

      Five Stars

      A simple expansion to allow even more people in on the action.

    19. Shawn Newsome


      Great game

    20. Andrei Triboi

      Extension for expansion

      Great extension for expansion! Note that you also need the regular catan and extension for that as well!

    21. pen name

      Five Stars

      Came as expected. Thanks!

    22. DMM

      Five Stars

      My favorite game of all time and this is the best addition/extension for Catan

      3 people found this helpful

    23. Karen rojas vargas



    24. Mary J.

      Great game for families!

      Challenging directions but we love this game!

    25. Nataliya

      Five Stars

      Very nice!

    26. R. Morgan

      Great game

      Everything was great

    27. Lauren Carlisle

      Fantastic game!!

      Great family time!!

    28. Kathryn VC Cooper


      Awesome ge with several themes and expansion packs

    29. Maureen C.

      Great family game

      Such a fun game for the whole family.

    30. James

      Great expression

      Love the expression with the main game, a must have

    31. B4Me

      Expanding the fun

      This product was as described, arrived on time in new condition. Would purchase this item again if it was not a one time purchase. We now have all the expansions and 5-6 player expansions available.

    32. Sarah Haley

      Cities and Knights

      Bought this thinking it was the cities and knights expansion to settlers but it is the expansion to the expansion. Was going to return it but my husband thought we should just keep it anyways so we can play with more friends! Just make sure you read all the information before you purchase 🙂

      4 people found this helpful

    33. Marci Olmstead

      Love this game

      Love this game

    34. BartelBees

      Great family game!

      Great family game!

    35. Brandylee S.

      One of the Best Games I have Played

      I love this game so much, I bought 3 additions! I highly recommend this game for 13 years old and up. Lots of fun!

    36. Mandie Reese

      Must buy

      its a great addition to allow our 5 and 6th players of our 8 play.

    37. Renzo M.

      Everything was perfect! I recomend.

      Everything was perfect! I recomend.

    38. Kathy Racine

      Awesome game! Takes a bit of thinking

      Awesome game! Takes a bit of thinking, but very enjoyable!

    39. Derek S.

      Great addition

      Played last weekend with 6 players. Love it.You need the regular Catan expansion as well in order to use this, it’s just the knights and walls in the green and brown color and the flip cards for buildings.That said, it’s just a couple of extra pieces for kinda a lot of money…I’d buy it again though.

    40. Jennah L.

      Great buy

      Held in a nice compact sized box. Great purchase for a gift!

    41. Kitty C.

      We absolutely love this game

      We absolutely love this game. I bought it for the family back in December and they still play it regularly 4 months later. I recently bought two expansions backs. Seriously the best board game investment and worth every penny. I love all the different scenarios and setups you can use so that the game is always new, different and doesn’t get old.

      2 people found this helpful

    42. Will

      Our favorite Catan expansion!

      It took some getting use to because it basically doubles the rules of the original game, but once you learn it, regular Catan almost seems boring. Definitely like merging Seafarers and Cities and Knights though.

    43. S MacK

      Really fun expansion game!

      This was a fun expansion game !

    44. M.P

      Add two more players to your Catan game!

      More people to rob, more people to trade with. Fun way to play.

    45. Shopper

      Great competitor to online gaming

      I don’t play Catan but my son and his friends do. They are 20 somethings. I love that this is a board game and it requires face to fact play.

    46. JK

      Fun extension

      Very fun extension. Makes game longer but definitely more fun

    47. Robert J. Finegan

      This is the most critical expansion for Catan

      Of all the expansions, this one will add the most depth. My wife and I play Catan a lot and this expansion is almost always part of the game.

      4 people found this helpful

    48. Sherin Holm

      A fun challenge!

      If you are an avid Catan player then this is such a fun upgrade. It is a challenging but not too difficult to learn. We rarely play without it.

    49. Susan Scammon

      Fast shipping and exactly what I ordered

      Family preteen – adults love this game!

    50. Lisa Griffith

      Our family loves Catan!!

      We all love Catan! It’s our favorite game to play together! We have introduced Catan with many of our friends and family. We love the railroad option too!!

    51. Karen rojas vargas



    52. Andrew D Sauder

      This is the Catan: Cities and Knights add-on pack …

      This is the Catan:Cities and Knights add-on pack that adds two more players to Cities and Knights.

      2 people found this helpful

    53. gordita76

      Five Stars

      great game and a great way to add more players

    54. M$C

      Five Stars

      Awesome Christmas gift thank you!

    55. Andrew D Sauder

      This is the Catan: Cities and Knights add-on pack …

      This is the Catan:Cities and Knights add-on pack that adds two more players to Cities and Knights.

      2 people found this helpful

    56. ren lazaro

      Five Star

      My family loved this game so much! The game packaging and all items we received were in pristine condition.

    57. Alex

      Fun Addition

      If you play settlers and want to step up your game, it is a must have.

    58. Debras

      Love this game!

      Arrived on time. Excited to play

    59. Ian B.

      Best Expansion, more fun with more people!!

      Extension for what is probably the best Catan Expansion.

    60. Jonathan

      Catan is best game, and Cities and Knights is a great expansion

      Great product and support team! This is great if you have 4 or 5 friends who like to play Cities and Knights, and if you have time to play. The more players, the longer the game.

    61. Nicholas Paltz

      Does the Job!

      I got this expansion extension for Catan so my family (6) could play Catan: Cities and Knights. It has been well worth it! Its a small box and has everything you need to play it with 6 people instead of 4. Good pricing too! Would recommend!

    62. Ignacio

      Five Stars


    63. S. Alvarado

      A must have if your group loves C&K

      This is an excellent extension if you have more than 4-players that love the extra depth C&K adds to the game. This particular 5-6 player extension gives you the knights and city wall pieces for brown and green team, along with more commodity cards and 2 more Defender of Catan VP cards. Oh and 2 more flip card charts for the city upgrades. Well the other 5-6 player extensions give you more hex tiles, wooden game pieces, or various cards, this box seems to give you the least amount of new pieces. Regardless, this is an essential add-on for the BEST expansion for Catan.Of course be aware that in order to use this set you need:-Base Catan Game-Catan 5-6 Player Extension-Cities and Knights ExpansionEvery 5-6 Player Extension requires that you own their respective Base expansion PLUS the Base Catan Game with the regular Catan 5-6 Extension.

      3 people found this helpful

    64. Sara

      Catan expansion good

      good game but didn’t realize it is an add-on to the base game… so have to purchase that now.

    65. Kearsten Fletcher

      Easy to learn

      Got this expansion so we could add more players, easy to add on to the original game.

    66. Michael L

      Five Stars

      Necessary if you like Cities and Knights and usually play with more than 4 people.

    67. Scott Drexel

      Five Stars

      Love it

    68. Jenni

      Great game for the family

      Fun game my son lived it and we allOkay it in my house. It’s great for allAges

    69. April

      Five Stars

      Love this game! Plan on collection all of them!

    70. WRB

      Love it. Just wish the user better materials to make the game.

      Only gripe with Catan games is the cheap components. Otherwise, fun.

    71. Jennah L.

      Great buy

      Held in a nice compact sized box. Great purchase for a gift!

    72. Kathy Racine

      Awesome game! Takes a bit of thinking

      Awesome game! Takes a bit of thinking, but very enjoyable!

    73. Billy

      Good extension

      I love the Cities & Knight expension and this extension can let me play with more players.

    74. WAFredricks

      Five Stars

      As expected

    75. Gabriel


      Muy buen producto. De verdad que vale la pena

    76. Cathy Coronado

      Five Stars

      Got it as a present

    77. Jeremy Melf

      Best Expansion by FAR

      By far my favorite expansion in the Catan series. Not too difficult and adds interesting elements. My favorite part is with the base game when it is nearing the end you can pretty much see whose going to win. With this it adds a few more strategic elements that can help you keep it a bit more secretive.

    78. Sherry Biel

      Product was brand new – as described – with all …

      Product was brand new – as described – with all parts – and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you.

    79. Daniel & Tina

      Five Stars

      What can I say. YAY CATAN!!! Came on time.

      One person found this helpful

    80. Captain Murphy

      It is what it is. More fun for everyone

      It’s more parts for the expansion.

    81. B.W.

      Five Stars

      Great expansion that adds lots on new play.

    82. T. Orth

      Five Stars

      We had great family fun playing this game this past Christmas.

    83. alh

      Catan continues

      Great addition to an already great game. Lots of strategic play.

    84. Nataliya

      Five Stars

      Very nice!

    85. Karen

      Five Stars

      Great family game. Our family loves this games and play whenever we are all together.

    86. Cari Platt

      Catan is great

      My boy’s ages 14-24 are obsessed with this game. I just bought the expansion pack and “Cities and Knights” because a friend of ours said it completely changes the feel of the game which is sort of fun for the guys. If you are gamers you should definitely get this game.

      2 people found this helpful

    87. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      Awesome game

    88. Stin

      Best Catan Expansion

      This is my favorite Catan expansion. While normal Catan can be fun, it feels a little too left to chance. While this expansion still has many chance-based elements, I enjoy how it feels how I have more control over the development over my cities, land, and army.

    89. Beldin

      Adds the extra stuff you need.

      We play with 5+ people, so these 5-6 expansions are a must. If you have Cities and Knights, and play with 5+ people, just buy this. If you do not have 5+ people, then there is no real advantage to purchasing this.

    90. Dominik Katko

      Five Stars

      Great game, I really like it!

    91. SJV

      Great family game

      My kids love Catan and the expansions are a fun way to add a little change to the game and more challenge!

    92. TN Cook

      I love Cities and Knights. This lets more of us play.

      I love Cities and Knights. This lets more of us play.

    93. Zandy

      Five Stars

      A simple expansion to allow even more people in on the action.

    94. Kindle Customer

      Advanced expansion

      Fun expansion, a lot more difficult to learn than the others.

      One person found this helpful

    95. Regina Ratner

      Five Stars

      We are big fans of the Catan games.

      One person found this helpful

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