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It is time to extend your influence to the small kingdoms ruled by petty feuding lords. Bring them into the folds of civilization by putting them under your banner. But beware; neighboring rulers are getting the same idea. Dominion’s 2nd Edition Big Box brings you not only the original deck building game but also the Dominion: Intrigue expansion. Along with enough cards for up to six players to play in a single game or eight players to play at two separate tables.

Dominion Big Box 2nd Edition brings back the classic deck building games with even more cards. Players begin with an identical basic deck and a selection of cards to buy in the center of the table. As your deck improves you will have minions, new buildings, an improved castle and, coffers full of treasure. The game ends when the last province card is bought. Players then count the victory points in their deck and whoever has the most points wins.

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