Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies


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As if surviving the post-apocalyptic world wasn’t difficult enough, two teams with conflicting objectives are locked toe-to-toe in the The Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies expansion – includes 2 new variants and brand new items, survivors and crisis!


In a post apocolyptic world where most of humanity is either dead or have turned into flesh-craving monsters, The Dead of Winter is a meta-cooperative survival game that puts you in the shoes of one of the last colonies of survivors solving crisis as a team: find food, supplies and kill zombies, all just to survive to the next day!

The Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies adds a whole new twist to the original mechanisms of The Dead of Winter, introducing two brand new unique variants to the game! The Warring Colonies variant pits two sets of teams against each other, with each team trying to reach their own main objective in order to win. Battling for territories introduces a brand new fighting system introduced in the Warring Colonies variant, which includes the use of tactic cards, bullet tokens and 12-sided combat dice. Joint-colony crisis cards forces players to work together at times in order to survive! The Lone wolf variant involves one player being on a team by themselves in their own lone wolf den, carrying out missions that can affect both teams.

The Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies includes: 15 new survivors, 50 new crossroad cards, 43 new items and 11 new crisis cards, enhancing your post-apocolyptic world experience, and offering brand new strategies and tactics toward victory and survival!

The Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies is recommended for 4-11 players, ages 12 and up.

Note: The Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies is an expansion game. The Dead of Winter: A Crossroads game and Dead Of Winter: The Long Night are required in order to play.


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