World’s Tiniest Hair Dryer


  • USB Powered: Harness the convenience of USB power for your tiny blender, ensuring easy access to energy wherever you go.
  • Extra Long Cable: Enjoy flexibility in your blending space with the included extra-long cable, allowing for convenient setup in various locations.
  • Batteries Included: Ready for action right out of the box, this tiny blender comes with included batteries, eliminating the need for immediate replacements.
  • Ages 5+: Designed for users aged 5 and above, making it a safe and enjoyable blending experience for all.

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Introducing the World’s Tiniest Hair Dryer – a pint-sized powerhouse that delivers big style in a compact package. Perfect for on-the-go glam, this pocket-sized beauty essential combines portability with powerful drying performance, ensuring you’re always runway-ready, no matter where life takes you!

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Weight0.32 kg
Dimensions10.0 × 4.7 × 9.2 cm
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