Without Fail by Exploding Kittens


  • Spice Up Game Night: With 150 cards, Without Fail offers a wide variety of challenges that will keep the fun going all night long. Each card presents a new and exciting task, whether it’s defusing an exploding kitten, outsmarting your opponents, or strategically playing action cards to gain the upper hand.
  • With its unpredictable gameplay, unexpected twists, and hilarious challenges, From navigating treacherous paths to overcoming outrageous obstacles, every moment is filled with excitement and laughter.
  • No two games are alike, thanks to the vast array of cards and the unpredictability of players.

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Without Fail by Exploding Kittens
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Without Fail by Exploding Kittens

Without Fail comes with a set of contents that ensure endless laughter and friendly competition. Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need for a memorable playing experience. The game includes 1 blindfold, 1 notebook, 6 cups, 1 sand timer, 40 point tokens, 1 tee token, 1 ball, and 3 dice. These are designed to enhance the gameplay and create a dynamic and interactive experience. Every component adds to the laughter and competition.

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