V-Cube 6×6 White Pillowed


    The V-Cube 6×6 White Pillowed is the sturdiest six-layered cube available in the market. It may look and play like a Rubik’s Cube, but the V-Cube’s inner workings are very different, which leads to smoother turns, more stable play, and a more durable product overall. The V-Cube 6×6 White Pillowed is an “essential” pillow-shaped version, derived from the original V-Cube 7, with revolutionary V-Cube mechanism and internal pieces.

    The V-Cube 6×6 White Pillowed has multicolored sides, with white edges. The V-Cube 6×6 has a mind-boggling 1.57*10^116 possible permutations — too long to even write out! It consists of 218 smaller pieces, with 8 of them being the visible corners, and a solid cross that supports them, enabling them to to rotate independently on based axes. Because of this, the V-Cube 6×6 White Pillowed is considered one of the best 6×6 cubes of all time.

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