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Are you a true horror fan? Then put your macabre knowledge to the ultimate test. In Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition you need to know the bloody details from some of the most well known horror and thriller series including; Jaws, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, and many more. Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition is it’s own gory version of the classic Trivial Pursuit game. In it’s own wedge box that contains six hundred horror trivia questions on one hundred cards, as well as the classic Trivial Pursuit coloured die representing the different categories.

Players take turns rolling the die and answering questions on cards in the categories corresponding to the colour rolled on the die. If answered correctly, place the card on the bottom of the deck and draw a new card and answer a “wedge” question. If you get it right keep that card and repeat that process until you get an answer wrong. First player to collect six cards wins! Try Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition to see if you survive or become a victim.

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