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Air Bubbler Playset

$13.84 $17.92
Get those bubbles blowing with a simple push of a button with your very own Air Bubbler Playset! The Air Bubbler, and two AA-batteries, does the blowing for you and will provide hours of outdoor fun for oyur little ones.

Double Barrel Surge Shooter

Combat that summer heat with two barrels of fun with your very own Double Barrel Surge Shooter! This combination water gun blasts streams of cool water out of two nozzles with some serious double stream action. Just fill the water reservoir and start shooting!

Aqua Battle Finger Rocketz

Cool off with your friends in a mighty Aqua Battle! Aqua Battle Finger Rocketz are 8” elastic-powered missiles with spongy foam tips that fill up with water. Hold onto the elastic launcher, pull the rocket back, and release a powerful explosion of water!

Aqua Battle Long Bomber

Cool off with your friends in a mighty Aqua Battle! The Aqua Battle Long Bomber is a 10.5” football with a foam head and aerodynamic tail fins! Go long for a Hail Mary SPLASH!

Turbo Bubble Blower

Don't waste your breath blowing bubbles, let the Turbo Bubble Blower do it for you! With this toy, kids can launch a stream of bubbles to run after and try to catch.

Mini Bonsai Garden Kit

Breathe in, relax, and stay zen with the Mini Bonsai Garden Kit. Let go of your work stress and tend to this small garden of peace and serenity. Perfect for at home or in the office.

3D Mirascope

You won't believe your eyes! This 3D Mirascope creates a holographic image that looks completely real - but you can't touch it.