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The world is quickly changing! All over the world, railroad tracks are being built to connect countries and continents together, and the massive ocean that was once a problem will no longer become an obstacle. Get ready for an unforgettable journey, as you embark on an epic railroad trek throughout the world with Ticket To Ride: Rails & Sails! Ticket To Ride: Rails & Sails takes the familiar gameplay of Ticket To Ride and expands it across the globe.

Ticket To Ride: Rails & Sails is a cross-globe adventure where players collects cards of various types of train cards that enable them to claim railroad routes that connect cities across the globe. Like the original Ticket To Ride game, players will score according to their tickets they acquire at the start of the game. If they’ve created a continuous path between the cities listed on the ticket, they will score points on that ticket; if not, then they lose points instead.

Ticket To Ride: Rails & Sails adds brand new mechanics to your Ticket To Ride gameplay experience including train and ship tokens, and split card decks of trains and ships. Use the train deck to claim train routes and ship cards to claim a ship route.

Some tickets include tour routes of multiple cities instead of two. Players can score extra points if they are able to build a network that matches the tour routes exactly listed on the card. Scoring extra points can also be scored through building harbours throughout your railroad journey; players may build harbours in any port city that they connect one of their own routes to. Points are lost for each one of your harbours not placed on the board.

If you don’t feel like travelling the globe, Ticket To Ride: Rails & Sails features a double-sided board featuring the Great Lakes of North America. Gameplay slightly differs depending on which side of the board you choose to play on.

Ticket To Ride: Rails & Sails is recommended for 2-5 players, ages 10 and up.

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