Three Cheers for Master


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The master has finally conquered the world, but he didn’t plan for after achieving this goal. Now he’s getting bored, and when he’s bored minions die. Keep the overlord entertained in Three Cheers for Master the only way you know how; cheerleading!


2 in stock

Great news, your overlord has conquered the entire world! Bad news, now he’s bored and when your master is bored, somebody dies. In Three Cheers for Master, you play a foreminion who has decided that the best way to stay is alive is to make the largest pyramid of demonic minions possible to cheer up the master. However, these minions tend to get a bit bloodthirsty and aren’t the greatest at cooperating. Build the tallest pyramid to try and score more points than your friends and evade the master’s ire!

Prevent a massacre by carefully playing each minion, watching for where it will attack and from where it will block. With a variety of different types of minion cards such as hungry, weak, flying, heavy, and more, strategy is key. One bad brawl and you could be left with only one minion standing, but with the right placement, you may not even lose a single minion. If you don’t a safe move for your pyramid, that’s okay, just place that heavy guy on your friend’s tower and watch it crumble; the play zone isn’t limited to your tower.

Along with the minion cards, Three Cheers for Master has special cards that you can come across while drawing. The big hairy fight card will cause initiate the brutal battles, and the master is here card ends the game, but other cards will let you deflect opponents’ cards, switch minions around, move a minion, or more.

Three Cheers for Master is a devilishly amusing card game for 2-6 players ages 13 and up. Gameplay is approximately 20-40 minutes.

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