That’s A Question!


That’s A Question! is not your usual trivia game – That’s A Question! adds a fun twist where a player is challenged with a question, and all the other players must guess on what their answer will be! A great game to play with your closest friends to test if you really know each other, but also serves as a great ice-breaker to get to know new friends!

Which would you miss more if it ceased to exist: Mountains or Pizza?

That’s a question! And it’s also the sort of question you’ll need to answer when you play this game.

Players take turns creating questions. On your turn, you ask your question and pick one player to answer. Everyone else tries to guess what the answer will be. They get points for guessing right, and you get points when they guess wrong. So you definitely want to make a question that is difficult to answer.

The answers can be surprising. You’ll learn new things about your friends — deep, important things like whether they would rather be a world-famous singer or the captain of a space ship. And you get to keep score by moving a squirrel up a mountain.

You will need to think about your fellow players’ desires and wishes. Can you ask the right question?

That’s A Question! is recommended for 3-6 players ages 15 and up, and takes approximately 30 minutes to play.

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