12 Player Telestrations Party Game


    • More books, more players, more laughs!
    • Over 2,000 words, 12 erasable sketch books, 12 dry-erase markers, 12 clean-up cloths
    • Perfect for bigger parties, family reunions or to entertain a crowd; LOL fun for everyone!
    • Award Winning Party Game – great ice breaker
    • No Drawing Skills are Required; Stick figures & sense of humor welcome!
    (249 customer reviews)

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    Telestrations Family Board Game
    The ‘Telephone Game’ Turned Into The LOL Family & Party Game!
    The outrageously fun party game Telestrations will keep your family and friends entertained and laughing! Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes.

    Casual, family, party and strategy gamers alike all agree that Telestrations is one of the top 10 board games to add to their game collection, and game night. It’s an engaging game that can be played over and over with many different ages and types of groups/gatherings – it’s a perfect group game!

    1. Hilarious and great for all ages – a great ice breaker!
    2. Perfect for families, small parties, and friends new and old.
    3. No Drawing Skills Required. Stick figures & sense of humor welcome!

    249 reviews for 12 Player Telestrations Party Game

    1. Goldiehwn1

      Great fun for a large party!

      I bought this because we played it at a friends and had so much fun we knew we had to have it for an upcoming party at our house. Everyone laughed alot! Great for teens too!

    2. Karengoz

      SO MUCH FUN! If you need laughs this is it

      Great family fun game. Made well to hold up. The only drawback is you might need to replace the dry erase pens as you use the game frequently- not a bad problem. Had the best laughs with friends with this game.

    3. ivyjo


      Christmas gift for daughter and family. It was on their list. Entire family loves it on game night. Recommend!!

    4. Casey

      Best board game ever

      Best board game ever. Seriously. Even my husband who hates board games likes it. this is the only game we can play at Christmas time with the whole family bc we don’t keep track of points. Every one gets a huge laugh, and no one feels like a loser, which equals wins when it comes to a competitive family. It also Came quickly and everything was in perfect shape.

    5. Susan C

      Fun for all!

      This game is a family hit. We have given away five sets as gifts. So much fun and everyone can play. Laughs galore. The only problem we’ve had is the pens ran out of ink too fast. However, I emailed the company and they sent me more free of charge! Now that’s great customer service. You won’t go wrong with this game!

    6. E.C.D

      Surprisingly Fun!!

      I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to go over with my family – the game of telephone with drawings – but it’s turned out to highly requested and generates loads of laughs. The aim of the game is to draw a word or phrase and hope your art work is good enough for the other participants to recognize what it is. Not only is it surprising to see the high (and low) level of art ability, but very funny to learn what people ‘think’ they’re seeing. Once the first person draws their work the next person guesses what the drawing is, then the next person draws that 2nd person’s word, and so on. By the end you have some hilarious results. And, love the wipe off books and markers. So much better than wasting paper.

    7. Florencia

      Uno de los mejores juegos que tuve

      Es uno de los juegos más divertidos que jugué, es para todas las edades (una vez que saben leer y escribir), tenia el de 5-6 jugadores y compre este para poder jugar con más personas porque me encanto!Fácil de aprender y muy divertido!!

    8. C. Wendt

      Love the 12 player edition

      We had the first game of this with fewer players. We were having to come up with ways to add more players. Then they came out with this one for 12 players!! Fantastic. We have so much fun playing this game! We have laughed till we had tears running down our cheeks. It’s funny how one little misspelled word such as fairy and ferry can get you to laughing so hard.The more people you have to play this the funnier it gets.

    9. Laura Francisco

      Great game!

      This is such a fun game especially with a large group. The kids also love it. I wish the markers were better. The first time we used it there were multiple markers that broke or ran out. Overall this is a great game. The kids beg to play it.

    10. Alisha


      If you have never heard or played this game BUY IT NOW! This is the best game I have ever played and yes even better then cards against humanity. My mom brought this out at one of our family dinners and we couldn’t stop playing it. It so funny to see what your word turns into after it goes around the table. The next day I order it, I got the 12 player instead of the 4-8 player she has.

      5 people found this helpful

    11. kathy t gadd

      Fun game

      The more players the merrier! A little pricey but it is for 12 players.

    12. lookin for a bargain

      Fun fun fun!!!

      Love this game! So much laughter and so much communication!! The pens don’t last long so be prepared to get some new higher quality pens. Otherwise great game!!!!

    13. raggazadilotta

      New Favorite Game

      This is our family’s new favorite game! And the party pack is fun because we can play it with extra large groups. It is enough to catch onto and even young kiddos can join in!

    14. GSRGSR

      Great Game – Beware Damaged Shipment

      I bought the game because my sister took it to a family trip (10 year olds to 70 year olds) and we had a blast! Unfortunately the game box came damaged.

    15. Amazon Customer

      Great ice breaker for big groups

      This game is hilarious. Best in big groups. I think it can be played with 10 or 12 players. We always pull this out when we have a big group over. I would say it’s our go to ice breaker. Warning! Things tend to skew adult when people get laughing!!!

    16. chicago bear

      hilarious party game!

      this game is hilarious! it’s like telephone except with drawings, and every time we play it, there’s always lots of laughter. the markers can dry out pretty quickly, tho.

    17. SD

      A must have family game

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! I’ve bring it everywhere and every time someone says “I need to buy this”. It’s a mix between telephone and Pictionary and it’s a great game for all ages. I’ve played with 8-9 years old, family, friends. I recommend the 12 player because you can use it for 4 or up to 12. I originally bought the 6 player but many times someone would have to sit out. This games makes memories and is well worth a try.

    18. Debra Ortega

      Super funny board game!

      We really like this game, it is really funny and we get creative and sometimes use our left hand when it gets too easy and make up our own words haha. The only thing is the markers don’t last very long, not a big issue, we just bought a packet of markers.

    19. chocolate*bella

      Great party game…sure to share lots of laughs!

      Great game for larger groups. It’s a modern day “telephone” game, but instead of passing the word in a whisper down the lane format, you pass each person’s drawing pad around the circle. Alternating between writing a word based on the previous person’s picture or drawing a picture based on the previous person’s words, you will be sure to share a lot of laughs along the way. Buy it! You won’t be disappointed. You need this version as opposed to the 6 or 8 player box if you know you will be playing with more than 8 people. The 12 player set can be played with 6 or 8 players but not vice versa. It’s our new family favorite game. A hit with young children (my youngest is 9), and grandparents too!

    20. Mrsfavre

      Laughed so hard had tears

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       This game is a riot. I laughed so hard tears ruined my makeup. Watch my video to the end to see how fun this game is. My parents, husband and 15 year old step-son all enjoyed it. I ordered the 12 player pack and all of the pieces were there. This game is lots of laughs.

    21. Joannie

      Fun game for groups!

      This is a fun game! I have used it at school and youth group. Only minor problem was the quality of the dry erase markers it came with. Several didn’t work and the rest didn’t last long. I replaced with small Expo brand and it is much better. Everything else was as expected. Once again a great game to have!!

    22. sheelapriya

      Best game

      Pros : fun game for big group of friendsCons: markers are dry and didn’t work.

    23. Alison DeGuzman

      Big fun for a group!

      This game is a combination on Telephone and Pictionary. Super fun, quick to learn, and easy to add or drop players after game starts. We like to swap seats every few rounds just to mix it up a bit with whose drawings you’re trying to interpret. Fun for mixed age groups to play.

    24. Laurie Manning

      Great game! We love it!

      Great game and has been such a bonus during the Covid-19 quarantine. Great deal and so much fun! Highly recommend this game for a lot of laughs

    25. Bri Renee

      This is going to be a classic!

      Bought for my daughter’s birthday party next week (kids will be around age 11) but we opened and tried to play a few rounds to test it out. This game is going to absolutely be a favorite for a long time.

    26. Jackie G

      A family favorite!

      This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It is so much fun. It is great for most ages- I have 2 teenagers, and we play together with their grandparents and we have a blast. My parents had the 6 player pack, so for my daughters birthday I purchased this 12 player pack so she could play with her friends. They had a blast too. Highly recommend!

    27. JC

      Most Fun Game Ever

      We played this with 3 generations at a family reunion. Everybody loved it! You don’t have to be a good artist. The progression of the pictures and clues is so fun and funny!

    28. MarkSD

      A good laugh for groups

      The firs time we played Telestrations was with a group of 10. I was looking for a game that a large group could play, was easy to learn and play, could be played by children and adults, and each round would be short. The game was perfect! Each time we play, whether with 4 or more players, we find ourselves laughing so much that everyone has tears in their eyes!

    29. jerabisar

      The more people the more fun!

      This is hilariously fun! I always end up laughing a lot as does everyone else.The pens that come with it are pretty much junk. The ink is very light. You’ll probably want to order additional fine point dry erase markers.

    30. s&f,proud of that

      Laughed and laughed

      Fun game. Played with 6 people and it was funny to see what pictures were drawn and what guesses were made. How it works – everyone has a reusable game notepad and everyone gets a word or phrase to start with. Each person writes the word or phrase on the 1st page of the pad then flips to page 2 and draws a picture of that word. The drawing phases are timed. Then everyone passes their pad to the person to their right. Those people then make a guesses as to what word or phrase their pictures represents and they flip to page 3 to write their guess. Once more everyone passes their pad to the person to their right who tries to guess what word or phrase this picture represents and they write their answer on page 4. This process continues until the pads are back with the people with whom they started. Then the fun begins as each person shares the original word/phrase and all the pictures and guesses. Some of the guesses we very funny, but it is the drawings that are the best. I bought the 12 player pack so we got 12 pads and 12 dry erase markers along with a minute timer, word cards and instructions. It was a hit with ou 25, 26, 28 and 31 year old kids.

      One person found this helpful

    31. Shayne Moylan

      Fun game!

      Our family absolutely loves this game. We have a large family. It was so nice there was an option for 12 players. We laugh hysterically ever time we play. Get this game, you won’t regret it!

    32. K. Nguyen

      Absolute favorite party game, hands down!

      A friend of mine introduced me to Telestrations about 4 years ago, and it has remained a permanent staple in multiple group’s game nights since then. I picked up my own copy a year ago, and I’ve purchased it again as a Christmas gift.The game is a simple, fun cross between Pictionary and Telephone that is flat out amusing. Everyone I’ve introduced this game to love the poorly drawn pictures more than the well done ones. It’s gotten to the point where we don’t even care about keeping score since we enjoy just reviewing and laughing.

    33. Amanda S. Heister

      we love this game – and our friends now want to get one for themselves.

      We love this game. The seller sent it quickly and it was in great condition. We have played it with 2 different groups of people since we received it, and they all enjoyed it. People in each group stated they were going to get one for themselves. Our 10 and 11 year old guests were able to play with us as well, and they did very well. This is a game full of laughs and great for 6 or more players.

    34. Rayn Mo

      The perfect party game!

      I am not a fan of party games or board games for the most part but my family loves them. I purchased this for my mother and felt obligated to play… but boy am I glad that I did! I had so much fun! We were laughing almost non stop! It would be kind of hard to play with a smaller group (4 or less) but for a bigger group or a party I could not recommend it enough!

    35. Charity June

      Super fun game, TONS of replay value – a party game that can still be as “smart” as you want it to be

      Ths game is a super fun party game, though of course we ignore the silly scoring rules and try very hard to put the SILLIEST possible interpretations of each other’s drawings and phrases. The endless replay you will get out of this makes it well worth it, and I love having the 12 person version so that I have somethign to play with larger groups at my house. I’d recommend this game for 5-12 people; MAYBE 4 but it starts getting lame at 3.

    36. Tamatto

      FANTASTIC party game

      This is BY FAR my most played and most enjoyed party game. The game does require a certain language competency, also the occasional familiarity with American culture/history. But you can just get everyone playing to choose a word that would be understandable to everyone.The “rules” to “win” the game are silly and should be immediately ignored. The best way to play this game is to add AS MUCH DETAIL as possible into your drawings, and make it really difficult for the next person to guess what it is. When you receive a drawing describe it as much as you can. Don’t just write “a cat”, write “a cat eating food” or whatever. You WANT the drawings to get derailed. If that happens this game is absolutely hilarious, and a must for any game collection.The Party version is not necessary, the smaller editions are fine. Think about the highest number of people you would play this with, and choose the version best for you. Have fun!

    37. Nils

      Very fun

      My friends and I always had a blast with the 6 people version – we had a larger party, and this was even more fun with more people.

    38. StandardPoodleParty

      Laugh until you cry!

      Awesome game, fun for the entire family! I definitely prefer this over the After Dark edition, drawing a urinal cake is only funny so many times. The original is funnier as you can choose your own words and people are left wondering “is that what I think it is, noooo!”. My only complaint is the markers could be a better quality. I solved that problem by purchasing a pack of fine point expo markers.

    39. Michael A. Perez

      Why am I laughing so hard?!

      I host board game nights regularly and this game is great for gamers and non-gamers alike. The game is even better if you have friends who are horrible at drawing as that always creates some funny moments trying to figure out what they were thinking. This version is fantastic for a large group of friends but can even scale down to something smaller.

    40. Katie

      This game is fun and laughter filled

      This game is fun and laughter filled. Great for almost any age group. I bought the 12 party pack because there would be twelve of us this Christmas. My dissapointment was that two of the drawing books had a page that was not laminated and the drawing could not be erased making the game only for ten. I would love to get a replacement if possible.

    41. J Stevens

      I loved having enough for 12 people to play

      We played this game with family over Thanksgiving and it was hilarious!! We even paid money to rush the order so it would be here in time and it was worth every penny. Some people were in tears laughing so hard. I loved having enough for 12 people to play. Would highly recommend!! Only problem was the markers included…the tips cave in fairly easily. But still an awesome game.

    42. barnackle

      Perfect game for all ages!

      Hilarious game! My family spent HOURS laughing over our goofy illustrations. This game is perfect for 4-12 people and players of really any age will enjoy this game. This is absolutely my favorite game! For us, the ultimate amount of players is 7 people – 12 people takes quite a while for each round, and less than 5 is less funny because there are not as many drawings and guesses. That’s just my two cents! Happy playing!

    43. Margaret

      Fun for all ages

      Purchased this as a wedding shower gift and then purchased one for myself. So much fun and so many laughs. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy this game. It’s also a game the whole family can play… my 7 year old all the way to my 65 year old mother played. A good time was had by all!

    44. Rachel S

      Be prepared for lots of laughs!

      This game is hilarious! A friend brought it over once and we had fun with six players. It’s funny seeing what the original word is interpreted to be at the end of each round. My family loved it so much I bought the 12 player edition for our home, and then two more of the same as Christmas gifts for each of my college age kids. They said it was a hit with their college friends! Great group game for a wide variety of ages!

    45. Cindy

      I had the most fun in my life!

      This is the best game to play at a house party when you have multiple groups of friends who don’t really know how to talk to each other. It gets even better when the players are drunk, and the words are switched up with R-rates stuff. The telephone-concept makes this super fun, and the crowd just laugh at these non sense illustrations.

    46. J. Park

      Laugh-out-loud fun game!!!

      How do you go from birthday candle to a terrorist? Well, Telestration makes it easy for anyone to get “lost” in their drawings and let creativity sprout from nowhere. It’s a laugh-out-loud fun game you can play with your family, friends and/or colleagues. Whoever you play with (minus kids), add a little alcohol to the mix, then you’ll end up peeing your pants. We played this at our company Christmas party and I can’t tell you hard everyone was laughing. What makes it even better is that everyone’s artistic abilities are different, so it leaves room for the next player to take a wild guess at what was drawn.

      One person found this helpful

    47. Kirsten SH


      Bought this on a whim for our family xmas present, and I really struggled which version to buy. I finally decided on paying extra for the largest party pack, and boy am I glad I did! This game is fantastic! I really didn’t realize how fun it would be, but everyone loved it. Lots of laughs!!! Even grandpa got into it. Very well constructed and durable. All of our pens worked just fine. The boards clean up well with the little cleaning cloths. And there are plenty of cards with plenty of options to keep the game fresh for a long time. Now I have to buy another because one of my kids took it back to college! Just a great party game for all ages. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

    48. debbie gray


      This game ranked an “I love it” rating and would’ve received more stars had they been available. I purchased it primarily for after-Christmas-lunch entertainment and did it ever entertain us! I’m so thankful I bought the party pack so no one was left out! Besides just being an absolute blast to play, it’s age appropriate for everyone! We had a soldier call back and tell us how much fun he had playing the game and wanted to know again what it was called. An 82 year old grandma joined in and cackled with the rest of us. (It is hilarious!) There were two doctors who ranted and raved about it and insisted on ordering one for themselves; and my favorite….a mom emailed me whose son had suffered through brain cancer surgery, chemotherapy and a subsequent stroke, and stated she and her husband were so thankful that we had a game that he, too, was able to play. She said that so many times he is unable to join in when a whole group plays. It’s the best – good fun for everyone!

    49. Jeffrey Morris

      So Much Fun

      We 1st played this at a family gathering we were invited to. We had so much fun I immediately purchased one for our household too. It has provided loads of laughs! Absolutely laugh your face off, rolling on the floor, hurt your belly laughs! The most wonderful thing about it is … ANYONE can play! Age, Talent, Wit put aside … everyone is one the same “slate” with this game! A fast favorite in our family!

    50. Lauren

      So hilarious!

      This game is so much fun! We’ve played it with just adults and also with kids as young as 7. We all were crying we were laughing so hard. Would highly recommend. Easy to play, and doesn’t require a lot of concentration, which makes it both a great family game and party game. Just be careful with the dry erase markers, they will stain fabric…

    51. Ho-Ho-Ho

      Good game

      This is a really good game for any participants. You can play it anywhere, not just at a table and the young people have as much fun as the adults. My grandsons typically take naps after swimming instead of communicating with others. However, once I brought this game out, they were laughing and having fun – AND – NOT napping or being bored.

    52. Sheri C

      One of the most fun games I’ve ever played

      We never really played it as game. It was more like an activity because we didn’t bother keeping score. Fun with family age 9 to seniors. Fun with friends from different parts of our lives. 4 stars because the pens gave out the first time we used it, so be sure to have extras on hand.

    53. Sum1ino

      Highly recommend!!

      Such a fun game for the whole family! We played it at a hotel, after a volleyball tournament. So many laughs, not so great drawings lol and bonding time for the girls on the team. I will buy this game for anyone’s housewarming party or birthday. Highly recommend!

    54. Renee Marg


      My niece brought this game and we played it with family. We were all laughing so hard it made us cry! I actually ordered a copy of this game for myself while playing. SO MUCH FUN! BEST GAME EVER!!

    55. Sasha

      Super fun game!!

      I LOVE this game!! My problem is, the box came EXTREMELY damaged! And some of the pens didn’t work. Other than that amazing!

    56. Janis Miller

      Tons of fun — lots of laughs

      We played this at our son’s house and had so much fun we bought our own. We even played this with our grandchildren who are younger than 12! Some of your enjoyment may depend on whether you just like to have fun and don’t take it too seriously. Our 5 year old grandson played this with parental help and it was a riot. He drew the pictures after his father explained the word(s). It is fun to see how creative kids can be.As another reviewer said “Think Pictionary mixed with telephone.”At first I only gave a few stars for educational value, but learning to be creative is certainly educational so even though it isn’t a “learning toy” it does provide some educational value.Most recently we played it with just four adults, which I thought might not be as much fun, but I think we laughed until our sides hurt. We certainly had tears running down our cheeks. :DYou don’t have to be a skilled artist with this game, in fact, “unskilled” drawing can make it even more fun. You have an hour glass timer (less than a minute) going when you are drawing so even the highly skilled artist can be challenged, the best skill to have is knowing how to creatively put your idea across.The game is more about having fun and a sense of humor, than drawing skills or correctly interpreting someone’s drawing. (It can be even more fun if you are bad a both and can laugh about it.)This game is easy to set up and start playing — no huge learning curve. The rules are simple. This is not a win-lose game; it is a fun party game, even hysterical at times.Definitely family friendly.The quality is good.If you are playing with younger children the markers can get messed up, but I don’t think it would be difficult to replace them, if needed. (That is the only reason I took off one star for durability.)Do erase the drawings and words after each use. If they sit for awhile they are more difficult to erase.

    57. Joe Nickell

      Awesome for mixed group of kids and adults

      I first discovered this game when my son was 6. It was the first game that I ever found that was truly fun for both the adults and kids his age. Since then, whenever we have a group of people over, he has always had one go-to game he requests we play: Telestrations. he’s eleven now. Any parent knows that a game that remains a kid favorite for five years is a rarity indeed! I am a shockingly terrible drawer, but that just seems to make it even more fun most of the time. I would say that with fewer than 5-6 people it’s not as fun because there aren’t enough opportunities to mess up (accidentally or otherwise) the guessing / drawing of the original word. So…invite more friends. 🙂

    58. Nick Massa

      Great game! Very engaging and fun for all ages. My family loved it!

      I was recently introduced to this game at a friend’s house and really had a blast playing. I decided to buy it on Thanksgiving thinking it would be a fun way to bring the family together. I was right! They loved playing and everyone was laughing and having a great time. It’s nice because you don’t really keep track of the score because the most fun part is looking at how the pictures morph. I do not come from a family of artists, so needless to say the drawings got pretty hilarious. We kept on saying “one more round?”When we played as just adults, having something to drink while playing really changed things up. You will learn interesting things about the other players when they get the “create your own” option .I would highly recommended this game. Get the 12 player so you always have enough.

      2 people found this helpful

    59. Kindle Customer

      Remember the old game Telephone? This game rocks the concept.

      If you like a game that engages ALL PLAYERS, leaves you in tears from laughter, and requires 10 seconds of instructions, this is the game for you! I got the 12 player version so anywhere from 5 to 12 players can participate at once. My sister-in-law brought it to a family gathering and now I’m spreading the Telestrations joy. Thanks for unleashing our creative monsters while laughter brings us good joy.

      One person found this helpful

    60. Moot Pt

      Great game for family get-togethers to include everyone from beginner …

      Great game for family get-togethers to include everyone from beginner reader to age 80. Quick to learn, easy to adapt rules to our preference. We’ve had some hilarious rounds.Edited to add: Some of the markers dried out after a dozen games or so. It’s easy to just purchase some dry-erase fine-point markers to replace them. It’s still a great game, and well worth the purchase.

    61. Debra H. Templin

      Fun game!

      Wonderful game that creates a lot of laughs! We played for the first time tonight. Suggested foe all large gatherings ! One problem … only 2/12 pens worked! That was sad and I had to scramble to get something else to work.

    62. Nonnie

      good game for sleepovers

      Bought this for our granddaughter’s sleepover birthday party because she had enjoyed playing it at a friend’s house. It’s a game that can be played by a wide range of ages. Only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars is that it would be easy to do the same thing without buying the game. On the other hand, you’d need to have enough pads of paper and pencils for everyone for each round. The boxed game uses wipe-off markers.

      One person found this helpful

    63. Frank


      We purchased the 8 player Telestrations and love playing it, then I found the 12 player party pack and purchased it. This is one of my favorite games. It’s family friendly and everyone always has a great time playing it. With the 12 player pack, you can play with less than 12 players if you want. Love this game!

      One person found this helpful

    64. AJ

      Love this Game

      Love this game! I played it at a family’s house and had to buy it. I originally bought the 8 player but after having people over everyone wanted to play so I ended up purchasing the 12 player. The times I’ve played this game everyone has had a great time and lots of laughs. This game is such a hit and highly recommend it

    65. Amazon Customer

      SO fun!!!!

      We played this at a family reunion and although we had some adults helping kids who couldn’t read yet and the answers were overheard, it was still super fun! The degree that some things changed was absolutely hysterical! The more people in your group that can’t draw, the BETTER!!!!

    66. robihab

      Great fun, but half the markers were dry

      Telestrations is so much fun!!! But if we didn’t have some expo washable markers around half the people playing wouldn’t have been able to join in, which defeats the whole point of purchasing the party pack 12 player version.

    67. Optimistically curious

      Terrific group game

      We used this game for a group of 10 people – ages 13, 15, 19 and up. We all had so much fun — we laughed and laughed. Think it can be used for younger kids as well but they need to know how to read and be ok with not knowing what it is they are guessing at. Definitely will be some starter words they won’t know. All in all a good time.

    68. M. K.

      Love this game and love love the party version

      Love this game and love love the party version. It’s so much more fun when more people are playing. My only gripe is the markers are pretty cheaply made. If you use too much pressure the felt gets pushed right inside the tube. It’s an easy fix, just a bummer to have to buy separate markers at this price point.

    69. Duckyfamily

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game!!!!!

      This is probably one of the best games we have ever played as a family and when friends come over!!! We have have more laughs with this game than any other. I love the you can have up to 12 people playing it at a time. I HIGHLY recommend this game for playing with your family and your friends!

    70. P

      Fun for a crowd!

      It’s a great game!The pens that come with are marginal.That’s why the lower scores.

    71. Amazon Customer Ellie

      Great party game

      Fun game for a good sized group. People of all talent levels (or lack thereof) can participate and have fun. Good for laughs without having any competition going on. We have played it with 9 year olds on up in a family setting and enjoyed it. My daughter at college also enjoys it with friends.

    72. Shawn P. Smith

      Our favority party game and a hit on game nights

      This is by far the most popular party game when we have a game night. We have the 8 player version, but so many people enjoy playing it, we decided to get the 12 player version. The premise is that you have a word that you have to draw in a book, you then pass the book to the player next to you. He or she then writes down what they think the word is based on your drawing, and then passes the book to the next player. That player looks at the word that was just written and then draws it, passes, and so on.For example, let’s say your word was “ocean.” So you draw a body of water with fish in it and then pass the book. That person looks at just the picture and then tries to guess what word you were drawing. They think the word must have been fish so they write “fish” in the book and then passes the book. The next person sees the word “fish” and draws a fish, and passes the book. They next person looks at the fish, but thinks it looks like a shark so he thinks the word must have been shark and then writes “shark” and passes. Etc..etc..Basically, it is a “telephone” version of Pictionary. The hilarity comes at the end when everyone has passed all of the books around. The goal is that the original word that a player started with is the last word in the book, but this is rarely the case. Instead, what happens is that you go through the book and look at the words/pictures and laugh when someone couldn’t figure out a word or how terrible a drawing is. Because you’re under a time crunch, some pictures get very funny.I think you’d have a great time with this party game. It comes with 12 books, dry erase markers, erase pads, word cards, and a timer.If you found this review helpful, please click YES so that others may find it more easily. Thanks!

      274 people found this helpful

    73. TRBK


      This is a very fun game for mostly all ages. The more people, the more fun. A lot of laughs!This is a five star game other than we had TWELVE dry erase markers that came with the game and after two times playing the game, only TWO markers worked. Ridiculous!We will be buying replacement markers and continue to play.

    74. NoraM

      Great game to play. Still laughing

      This game is awesome. Played it with all ages and we laughed the whole game. Easy to understand how to play and interactive. A new favorite for our family

    75. lorraine natale

      Great game.

      After playing this at friends house I had to buy my own game. I choose the party pack so we could play with up to 12 players. This is a fantastic game. We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt. I would highly recommend this game for anyone and for most ages. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    76. Melanie L

      Perfect game for those who don’t want to leave the sofa

      When someone suggests playing a game at our family gatherings, it’s hard for people to get motivated to play. This game is super easy to set up. Just hand a booklet and marker to everyone who’s already sitting on the sofa or at the dining room table and start. It’s fun and funny to see how words morph into pictures and back into words again.

    77. Mel

      Lots of family fun!

      A lot of fun for the whole family. I purchased this for a family gathering, there were 10 of us, mostly adults, but one teenager. Everyone had a lot of fun playing, and I would say most of these people were non-game people. My only complaint is that drawing area should be larger – it was a little difficult to see the drawings with such a large group. Some of the drawings were so funny people were taking pictures of them with their phones. Good for a mixed group of people. A few suggestions that made it more fun for us, during the “reveal” portion, we would state what word we started with and what we ended with before going through the pictures. Also, stating that so-and-so drew this, and so-and-so guessed this made it a lot more fun as well so we could attribute the drawings and guesses to certain people. With a group of ten people it is difficult to keep up with who drew what, but a lot of the fun is giving people a bit of a hard time for their drawings or guesses. 🙂

      2 people found this helpful

    78. jazzyproz

      Laughed until we cried

      OMG this is my new favorite party game. We (a group of 9 adults) played this for game night and we laughed until we cried and our faces & sides hurt. You don’t have to be an artist, in fact it’s best for those of us who are NOT artists – harkens back to the childhood game of telephone, but is so much better!

    79. Yergs

      Great Party Game

      This is a great party game and the perfect way to start any game night. Great for upper elementary through adult (middle schoolers and high schoolers especially seem to enjoy it.)My only complaint is that the dry-erase markers that come with the game don’t last long, so we bought our own and replaced them.

    80. Accacia

      Awesome game

      Love this game and could only find the 12-player pack on Amazon. Truly fun, engaging game for kiddos to adults. Only thing is the pens always need replacing. 3-4 pens in the box were dead on arrival. So we bought more and got back to the fun

    81. absarms

      We had a blast!

      So much fun!! The kids and adults had a blast! The game kept moving so no waiting time either.

    82. McCec

      Great game from large groups

      Love this game! Played it at Christmas party with a bunch of foreign exchange students and knew I had to have it for myself! Played it with my kids and grandkids at Christmas and it was a big hit!

    83. Amazing Amazonian

      BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

      We have been playing Telestrations as a family for years, and our original set is wearing out. So when I saw this party set with 12 notebooks in it, I bought it immediately. This game is great for all ages and can easily be played with young children as well as the very old. And due to the nature of this game, it is different every time you play. It is super simple to understand, yet hilariously fun to play. Great family game!

    84. Amazon Customer

      Don’t Hesitate! This one is a winner!

      I bought this game because we played it at one of our friend’s house parties and had so much fun. We played for like 6 rounds until people HAD to go home for the night. We were bustin’ out laughing and you end up egging on a couple of the players cause they cant draw well, and they are the ones that make this game the best! You have to guess what they drew and that’s where it changes cause they left the arrows out or they don’t know what that thing really looks like and they draw the best they can. In the end, we show everyone how it ended – how you get your little notebook back to you – then we flip backwards to the beginning word and see all the drawings and laugh. It is SO fun and it is a game for ANY party with ANY crowd (kids included!) After we took it to a different house party, that couple went out and bought it cause they LOVED it!Warning they don’t tell you about: Your sides and gut will hurt from laughing so much. Those who are already sore from a sporting event – beware. 🙂 heheheMake it better: Be prepared. If you are going to a hangout/happy hour/house party/whatever with a bunch of people that you know you CANNOT offend, take Cards Against Humanity with you. Play a few rounds with the Telestrations cards till you get them nimble. Then switch to the C.A.H. cards. They are harder and more geared towards a younger audience and you will have even more fun with them. No kids with this round though – EARMUFFS!Don’t hesitate to get this game if you are looking for a game. It has PLENTY of cards with LOTS of words to play with AND they have blanks so you can make up your own word to use. This game is REALLY fun. It is perfect for those players that hate loosing – there really isn’t a winner with this game-just fun and laughs.

    85. Dad

      This game is so much fun!! We have taken it with us to …

      This game is so much fun!! We have taken it with us to many parties and it is always a huge hit! The more people you have, the more fun it is, so I recommend this 12 player version.It’s very easy to play, you draw a picture and then flip a tab and pass your pad. Then you receive someone’s drawing and guess what they drew and flip your tab and pass your pad. Continue going around the table. We don’t worry about using the timer. Once you get your pad back, then you look back and see what everybody drew and guessed. Absolutely hilarious!! Buy it!!

    86. Rachel Floyd

      Too much fun!!!

      This game…what can I say? We LOVE it! I take it to family functions and parties….it always gets played and we always have great laughs! The twelve pack is very nice because there are not many games that can be played by such a large group. It comes with all the supplies needed and they are well made. I highly recommend this game! Even my 16 year old daughter, who hates games, will play this one willingly.

    87. Cindy

      My new favorite game

      I had played this game once before, and loved it. However, I have a very large family, and we often gather for games. I was excited to find this game for 12 players. We have played it twice and had a BLAST! So much laughter around our table, and everyone wins! This game is highly recommended if you want a fun game for a group of friends or family who love to have a good time.

    88. Busy Prof

      My family loves this game 🙂

      My family loves this game. In fact, I lent it to my sister-in-law for a game night I couldn’t attend, and they haven’t given it back yet! Played it at a party with some friends and enjoyed it so much that I ordered it the next morning. I bought the 12-player pack because my family is large, but it also gives us the option of playing with less people (you just use less of the pages in the booklets). Everybody ends up laughing a lot and having a great time.

      One person found this helpful

    89. online shopper

      Drawing pads are designed so that a table top surface is not required

      This is a super fun game – its quick to learn and great for all ages. Its like Telephone meets Pictionary. You could potentially just play the game with regular notebooks, pens and a kitchen timer but this makes things simpler, doesn’t create any trash and is easy to pack away. I particularly like that the drawing pads are designed well enough that a table top surface is not required. The 12 pack is great because the more; the merrier. This game is my new favorite.

    90. Lacey

      Best game EVER!!!

      This game is so much fun and it’s the party pack so you can play with up to 12 people!!! Great quality and came really fast! We can play this game for hours and laugh non stop!

    91. A. Hunsaker

      At least 5 people needed

      Our favorite game when we have at least 5 people over. Anything under 5 people is just not fun. Even 5 is borderline. The more you have the more hilarious it becomes. As far as playing with kids under 12 – it is only fun if it’s your own kids so you appreciate their immature interpretations etc. They often don’t have the vocabulary or life experience to understand some of the drawings, let alone words.We HIGHLY recommend this game for larger groups of people. The smaller version of this game is not worth it IMHO.

      2 people found this helpful

    92. hshoup

      The best family fun!!!

      Our family loves this game, I bought it for my grandparents too. This makes us have so many laughs!!! Its the best family game.The markers are terrible though so buy thin Expo markers too.

    93. p brown

      Love it Love it

      We absolutely love this game .Since we first played it 4 wks ago, we have bought our own copy and gifted a game to three other families.

    94. S. PadgetS. Padget

      Favorite group game

      This game is a riot! I wouldn’t play with less than 6 people as you get less rounds and less opportunity for it to change from the original secret word. Kids to adults, this game is always a great time! I haven’t played the after dark version, but this version is easy to turn dirty if playing with all adults. Be prepared to laugh until you pee!

      3 people found this helpful

    95. Chrsta Lemons

      Fun and hilarious

      I have never laughed so hard playing any other game. Fun and funny. An excellent time and very re-playable. It never gets old. Even if you were to use the same cards at a later time, the gameplay would still be different, not that it would happen any time soon with how many cards you get. Although, it would also be interesting to see how the same card would play out a second time around, especially with different people.

    96. momof3

      So Much Fun!!

      I got this game for our family to play at Christmas. We had 11 people ages 9 to 58 play and everyone loved it. The things that get messed up in translation are hilarious. It is a little harder for the younger kiddos, but for the most part the words are very easy for them to understand and draw.

    97. Classic Movie Mom

      A Great Group Game for All Ages!

      Great group game for all ages! You’ll have to help kids who can’t read, but their drawings are hilarious. Our grandkids beg to play Telestrations more than video games! We have a large family, and it’s a fantastic group activity.

    98. Jason w.

      Fun for all ages

      We love this game! Great family game night with my 9, 13, & 15 year old. Fun to play with all adults too! We laughed so hard at some of our terrible art & crazy guesses! A few friends bought this after playing with us one night! Good clean fun for the whole family! We had so much fun laughing & drawing that we didn’t even keep score! A must have game!!

    99. Kindle Customer

      Remember the old game Telephone? This game rocks the concept.

      If you like a game that engages ALL PLAYERS, leaves you in tears from laughter, and requires 10 seconds of instructions, this is the game for you! I got the 12 player version so anywhere from 5 to 12 players can participate at once. My sister-in-law brought it to a family gathering and now I’m spreading the Telestrations joy. Thanks for unleashing our creative monsters while laughter brings us good joy.

      One person found this helpful

    100. Cheri B

      Perfect game for family party game night!

      I bought this game with the intention to play it at family Christmas and it was a huge hit! it is very simple to learn and everyone loved it! it is a great game for all ages. Our entire family got so into it and loved it! 10/10 would recommend. I will say the more people you have the more fun it is, but it is enjoyable with a small or large number.

    101. Amazon Customer

      Great game for large age range and family friendly

      We love this game that is great for the family and friends. We played with adults friends and some teens. Our reluctant male teen had a great time. At a future time he encouraged other family members to play when we had a family get together. Easy to play! Great for laughs! Young and old can play!

    102. kv

      Always a Hit!

      This game is always such a hit! My best friend owns the standard version of the game and loves it. I bought the party pack to play at her bridal shower. I simply created my own pool of bridal themed cards and used the same rules. Now I have a great game to play with the family and an easily adaptable game for bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, holidays, etc.!You can combine sets to play with more people, just be aware that your booklets won’t get all the way back around to you if you do it that way. (This was my main reason for buying the party pack. The standard version I think only had 8 rounds. This one has 12 and can get around a group of 12 or less completely.)

      2 people found this helpful

    103. nik

      This game is so fun for almost any group!

      Buy it!!! Seriously, what are you waiting for!? Buy it! We actually have the 6 player set and the 12 player set. I recommend the 12 player personally. You can always use less of the drawing pads if you have less players, but this is a great game for a larger group. This really is our go to game for groups. My daughter had a party with a bunch of eleven and twelve year olds and they got hysterical playing this. Then my son had a bunch of other boys over (ages 12-14) and they got hysterical on a whole different level. I laughed until I was almost crying st one point. Both times I had parents asking where I got the game. I had another parent ask to borrow it for her 16 year old sons party. It was enough of a hit that she bought her own and said two other parents asked her where to get it too. One of my son’s friends saw me at another event and was excited to come tell me that he’d seen it at the store, explained to his mom that it was the best game he’d ever played and they had gotten it and it was there new favorite. I’ve taken this to other gatherings and could seriously go on and on about how much everyone loved it. It’s one of those that seems to always be a hit. We don’t actually even bother keeping score. We are too busy laughing to even care.

      38 people found this helpful

    104. Seth

      Too much fun

      I bought this 12-player version to take to work and play with coworkers. It’s great fun. Too much fun? The laughter and conversation tends to make our group a little loud, but we only play at lunch. It doesn’t matter if you can draw or not. In fact, having a few horrible drawers in the mix makes it even better.

      One person found this helpful

    105. Nancy C.

      So much fun!

      This game is so much fun! We heard about it from friends and decided the party pack was worth the additional few bucks. Turns out the first time we played, we had 11 people, so we were really glad we did!The instructions make it seem much more complicated than it really is. We decided just to try a couple of dry runs and figured it out immediately.

    106. Mandee Black

      Fun Game

      This game is a riot! We have had a blast playing this game, super easy to learn and fun with a family of all ages. My only hang up is some of the markers didn’t work well and we’ve only played it a dozen times & the number tabs are not holding up super great. But it’s a total blast.

    107. Lin

      The markers SUCK. Do yourself a favor and just buy a …

      My only complaint about this incredible game: The markers SUCK. Do yourself a favor and just buy a 12 pack of Expo fine point markers now, because the ones the game comes with last about five minutes. Other than that, I cannot recommend this game enough. I’m not even going to knock a point off of my rating for it.This game blows Cards Against Humanity out of the water. It never gets old or stale. I highly recommend the 12 player version so you can play with more people! You can combine it with other packs for an unlimited number of players, and just play as many turns as your smallest pack (8, usually), for maximum fun!We like to play with the friendly rules, where you get a point if:1. Your phrase goes all the way around2. You guess the picture correctly3. Your picture gets guessed correctly (So the book owner may get two points, one for getting guessed initially, and one for all around the table)4. We allow two bonus points, one for best guess, one for best drawing, or two for drawings if everyone guesses the same thing.

      5 people found this helpful

    108. K. Perry

      Such a fun game night game!

      I played this game once several years ago and ever since I wanted to buy it and finally got the chance when I got an amazon gift card. It took awhile to purchase simply because it IS pricey. But its worth it especially with around 9 players simply because the end result is so much funnier. Its also a game that is super family friendly OR you can make up your own words/phrases and can play with adults. It came arrived super fast, its made with such quality materials, and I am so excited to finally play after all these years!

    109. InJesus’Hands

      Highly recommend!!

      Highly recommend! We’ve played this with 4 people to 12 people and it is absolutely hilarious! (We do not play for points, only for fun.) We laugh so hard our faces actually hurt! We make it even more funny by making ridiculous guesses which makes the next person have to draw a ridiculously funny picture. We’ve played with people ranging in age from 3 years old to 70 years old. Everyone loves it. We take it to family get togethers and have had game night with friends.

    110. Rinne V

      Great for Family Get-Togethers

      Really fun game – bought it for Christmas and New Year family get-togethers, so we would be interacting rather than everyone starting at the tv. The only caveat was I didn’t realize it’s ages 12+ so my 10 year old didn’t know some of the words. But there are multiple words to chose from on each card so we let the younger ones chose a word they did know and it worked out fine.

    111. Viviane Silva


      This game is a GREAT icebreaker!! I’ve brought it to many parties, some I knew all the people and others with people I didn’t know. I haven’t yet found ONE person who disliked it. Even ‘no-gamers’ gave it a try only to laugh copiously at the end of a turn. Most people who played it want to know where I got it from and intend to buy it someday.In my experience, it’s best enjoyed at the beginning of a party, for some rounds, disregarding the rules for points and time (not competitively, to better adjust those who are not familiar to board games). After people laughed a good while, then we advance to other more engaging games. Of course, if you’re playing it with competitive players, then do embrace all the rules!!I’ve also played the “After Dark” version, but I like this one better. I prefer when innocent things get out of hand (because of what’s inside of us) than having to draw more adult themed things right away.Also, I’ve played with people whose native language is not English and it still worked well. One quick google search of the word and we were good to go.

      2 people found this helpful

    112. Amazon Customer

      Such a fun game!

      We played this on a girls’ night and it was so much fun. This is a fun group game of drawing and guessing that will have everyone laughing. I loved that so many people could play and the game didn’t get confusing. I ended up coming home and ordering the game for our upcoming trip and family game nights as I happen to have a large family. One great point is as long as you can read, draw a stick figure, you can play the game. I highly recommend this.

    113. Ashlyn Garrison

      Fabulous group game

      Definitely buy the party 12 player version of the game! This game is fun and simple. It always brings lots of laughs. The more players, the better the game gets! There is a way to keep score, but we usually just play a few rounds for fun because it’s weird to keep score of this telephone game meets Pictionary. If you enjoy games and laughing, you won’t regret this purchase.

    114. Chance

      This is a GREAT party game for friends or families

      Get the 12 player not the 8 player. You will want to have the ability to play with more people. It is super fun! Best thing is there is no “down time” while you wait for the other players to go.

    115. Heather

      So much fun!

      Such a fun game to play. I only wish that the dry erase markers were a little better quality because 1 or 2 games and they are already running out. Overall a great purchase though and super fun to play for game night.

    116. Ali Brown

      Best Game Ever

      Came still shrink wrapped. This is my all-time favorite game to play. It brings out the laughter in any group of people! I played this for the first time while meeting my husband’s (then boyfriend’s) whole family. It was an awesome way to immediately help me to feel included in a bunch of inside jokes and to warm us all up to each other. This game really breaks the ice… Or just entertains over and over again!You really do not need any artistic ability. We bought the 12 player pack because we wanted to be sure we always had enough. You can still play this one with less people, though.

    117. Delta High School Library

      A complete blast!

      Telestrations is fun for parties and gatherings. I played it with my students to build confidence and social skills and it was a great time!

    118. DK Carp

      this is the BEST family game

      OMG, this is the BEST family game. We played at Thanksgiving with 12 of us, the youngest being 6 and we made memories to last a lifetime. Then I took it to two other Christmas parties with adults only and, it was wonderful. I would add photos but I would have to draw them and you would NEVER guess what they were. Strongly recommend for any group.

    119. JTC

      Great light, fun party game.

      This is one of our go-to games for large groups and parties. Everyone likes to play it, it takes 1-2 minutes to explain to new people, and it’s always hilarious. We tend to combine this game with Cards Against Humanity cards which has also worked out great. Also generally we don’t play with any kind of scoring or winning/losing. The fun comes from seeing the incredible journey that everyone’s words went on as they worked their way around the circle.

    120. shoe_girl!

      LOVE this game!

      This game is so much fun! We bought it after our kid came home from college during the pandemic and has to take classes from home. We need stuff to do with stay at home orders, and this is fun! It’s best if you have at least 4 people, and we have a family of 4. It’s a game for up to 12. This would also be an awesome party game! It’s kind of like a circular game of Pictionary that is hilariously funny! If you’re looking for something completely different and fun, this game is a blast! It might make the time you’re stuck at home be a bit more enjoyable if you have a family of 4 or more.

    121. Amazon Customer

      Great game for most ages! Players need to be able to read.

      We purchased this after our teenage daughter played it with a group of friends and told us how much fun it was. We bought the party pack so that we would have lots of cards to play it at a family reunion. It was a hit! The only reason I marked it down to 4 stars was because half of the dry erase markers didn’t work when we opened the box for the first time to play.

    122. Susan

      Hilarious family-friendly fun!

      Such a fun mixture of Pictionary and the childhood game of Telephone. With enough dry erase pads for 12 players, it makes it fun for a crowd. This has quickly become a favorite with our family and friends. Get it!!

    123. Nicole

      Greatest game ever

      This is honestly the greatest game ever. I play it with my high School kids at work, my family and friends, and my children. Everybody loves this. This game will definitely get the most laughs and the best time! This is like an artistic telephone game. We don’t play for any points, we play differently than the rules suggest. We just play for a fun time.

    124. V

      Family FUN !

      Loads of fun no matter your artistic ability, stick figures or a mini masterpiece ! Always a lot of laughs when we see where we got derailed and where that ended up. Even our 9 year old Grandson was able to join in with the adults and play along. We got the 12 player size after our Daughter introduced us to this game with her 6 player game. We do a lot of family gatherings and we just go up to however many are playing…some of the 9-12 pages have not been used yet even, but it will be even more laughs when we get that many players. It’s a combo of Blank Slate (which is a family favorite) meets Pictionary, played individually. We are either drawing or writing our guess as everyone gets a booklet passed to them to do the same thing. We like to close our drawing booklet as we hand it to the original person, so when they reveal page by page they get the same surprise ending as us !

      One person found this helpful

    125. Kindle Customer

      FUN, FUN, FUN

      This game is a blast, order to play with extended family on Christmas and we had so much fun we played with a new group of people on New Years Eve had just as good of a time. If you want to laugh until it hurts play this game. Three days after we played we were still texting about a drawing in the game. Would strongly suggest getting the 12 player game as you can play with less people but not more. The only bad thing is the dry erase pens are falling apart and we have only played twice, I think the company could have provided a better pen as that is the main item used in the game.

    126. Susan

      Hilarious family-friendly fun!

      Such a fun mixture of Pictionary and the childhood game of Telephone. With enough dry erase pads for 12 players, it makes it fun for a crowd. This has quickly become a favorite with our family and friends. Get it!!

    127. ArieArie

      Buy it already!! Too much fun!!

      This game is so much fun!! Just buy it! You won’t regret it. We already had the Telestrations 4-6 player and that was a blast. We needed the 12 player when we get together with extended family. It seriously is the funnest. You will laugh the hardest than you have in a long time!Good for the 2020 coronavirus blues.

      One person found this helpful

    128. Charmel

      Great party game

      We love this game! It is best played with a good sized group. We usually have at least 6. I have decided it is also great to have mixed age groups as we all see things from a different perspective. We played this at Christmas with my mom, sister, and 5 of the grand kids (ages 9 to 18) and we laughed so much. A couple of times we had to the 9 year old what a word meant but other than that this was a perfect game for mixed age groups.In this game each player is given a secret word they write in their book. The book is then passed to the left and the next person tries to draw that word. Pass again and the next player tries to guess what was drawn, pass, draw the new “guessed” word, pass until the book gets back to the original owner. Then share how your word “Hawaiian shirt” became the word “boy angel.” Or “space capsule became dead spider. It is a blast!

      8 people found this helpful

    129. R. Reed


      This is such a fun game!! Have played it many times, always a laugh fest. Glad I decided to get the 12 player version as it is so fun to play with more people. We have a five year old in our group and she loves to play, and it is easy to include her even in the adult game playing.It is great for travel, holiday get togethers, breaking the ice with people you don’t know.

    130. Amazon Customer

      Family Entertainment

      This game is fun for when the family with all ages is gathered. Fun for young and old. Even got the non game playing relatives involved and the young children loved being included and able to participate. Interesting to see how each person interprets drawings. Quite funny at times.

    131. Semra

      It’s a sure fire hit

      I’ve played this with colleagues, friends and family covering all ages and walks of life. It really brings folks together laughing, enjoying each other and bringing a little mischief to the table as well. Everyone gets the spotlight . Makes people scratch their heads and go what? People ask to play it over again, which is unusual for a lot of games. Don’t have to be good at drawing… in fact that makes it more fun for people. Activates the imagination. Be prepared to have to buy replacement erasable ink pens cuz they get used up LOL.

    132. Sally M Dorak

      Best party game

      This is the best party game. It gets friends and strangers laughing and having a good time. You can be the worst artist in the world and still have a great time with this game. I have a copy and have given this as a gift.

    133. BJ

      A great party game!

      If you’re looking for a great party game, this 12-player version is fun for a big group of all ages! You don’t have to be great at drawing to really enjoy this- just remember to wipe the pages clean (cloths included) of the dry erase marker or you may have permanent pictures!

    134. Mark H

      Fun. Absolutely hilarious. The most serious person you know will laugh with this game…

      Friend introduced this game to us. I think it is best with 6+ people… more the better… more opportunities for mutations in the message.Large deck of words and phrases so it will take you a LONG time to wear out this game. The pens will need to be replaced before you run out of fun. Every time we play this at one of our gatherings, we have a BLAST! It’s like telephone… but everyone gets to see how the message changed over time. You also see who the budding artists are.FUN FUN FUN! I’d give it an extra star or two.Products are sturdy and durable. Unless you actively try to rip it apart, the game should survive the youngest/oldest of players.

    135. CSMars

      Fun party game!

      This is the game of telephone on steroids because you need to use your artistic skills as well! I love board games but many limits participants to 4 or 5, and many take a long time to set up and play through. These 2 reasons mean those board games are not great for large group of people who might want to wander in and out of playing, that’s where Telestration comes in! I got the 12 player version on my friend’s advice and so far we’ve played with 8 people once and 7 people another time. I think the ideal is probably 8-10 people because that allows enough time for the word to organically mutate into something ridiculous – and that’s the best part of the game! Also since each round is only 10-15 minutes, you can add more people when they come over to see what all the laughter’s about!

      16 people found this helpful

    136. ArieArie

      Buy it already!! Too much fun!!

      This game is so much fun!! Just buy it! You won’t regret it. We already had the Telestrations 4-6 player and that was a blast. We needed the 12 player when we get together with extended family. It seriously is the funnest. You will laugh the hardest than you have in a long time!Good for the 2020 coronavirus blues.

      One person found this helpful

    137. DENu2k

      The game is easy to catch on

      Played this game with my family over Christmas break, consisting of adults and children as young as 5 and we all had a blast. The game is easy to catch on, and it’s quite funny to see some of the pictures people try drawing. The pieces included in the game seem to be good, high quality so it should last us a while. The package came on time without any problems. I would definitely suggest this game for any party!

    138. Caroline Stone

      Haven’t laughed so hard in a while

      This game is so much fun. I play it with my family and it’s impossible not to be laughing 90% of the time. I’ve played it with a group of 10 and the ages ranged from 7 years old to 65 years old and we all had fun. It didn’t feel like anyone was left out. Great game!

    139. Ruth McQuown

      Great Game

      An all time classic game!!! I already have the 8 player version of this and had to get the 12 player because our family gathering got a lot bigger!! 🙂 It’s fun, creative, and interactive for all the ages!

    140. Diane J.

      Fun new gamw

      I bought this game for myself and several as Christmas gifts. It is a really fun game bringing people together with lots of laughs and teasing.

    141. Amazon Customer

      Best game for parties!

      I love this so much, I featured it in my Guft Guide! This is a party game and one last carry over from my Amazon list. It causes fits of laughter no matter who you are or who you play with. It’s a combination of Pictionary (without everyone staring at you while you draw) and the old fashioned game of telephone (with all of the miscommunication hilarity) all rolled into an easy to play game for all ages (must be able to read). We played it with our whole huge family on New Year’s and had such a blast! To see what else is featured on my Gift Guide, visit!

      One person found this helpful

    142. TimsLady

      Great for large group of people.

      What a great game! Very easy to learn to play in less than 5 minutes. Absolutely hilarious, plays best with large group. Can be played with large age range of people. We had lots of hours of very enjoyable play time with family over Christmas. Game play is simple you are either drawing or guessing what drawing is, which results in some very funny answers. I would suggest buying your own dry erase pens. The ones that came with my game were shot after our first round. Granted we had some drunks pressing a little too hard. Bought 16 pack of dry erase pens at office supply store for about $12. Other than that game was totally awesome.

      One person found this helpful

    143. Erin

      The perfect family game

      I made up my own Christmas themes for the game, and it’s become a hit for young and old alike in my family. It really brings us together. So many of us play it that we run out of boards and start using pencils on notebooks. I think this is a great game for families with a wide range of ages getting together. I dint play it with my game group, but I think it’s just right for large families.

    144. Rad health

      Dry erase markers are terrible

      The game itself is fun and our group of 10 enjoyed playing but the included markers are bad. Low quality,more than half were dry, do yourself a favor and order better quality dry erase markers at the same time so it doesn’t ruin game night!

      One person found this helpful

    145. Negmon

      Awesome party/ family game

      This game is great! All components are well made, books erase easily and markers last a good while. The game itself is fun. Draw and picture, interpret someones picture, and draw someone’s written interpretation. Of course as this goes on, things get messed up, don’t translate how you think they will and some people are just very literal. All this leads to lots of laughing and enjoyment as the books are read to the group. Everyone is laughing at some point in the game.If you are deciding between the regular game and the 12 pack, get the 12 pack it is always better to have extra. I was surprised how many more times we used more then the 8 would have allowed us to use.Compare to Scribblish ( I have played both multiple times). The game concept is the exact same as Scribblish is modeled from telestrations. For me and my wife, Telestrations is better because1. Passing the book in a group circle works better then the scriblish way because you don’t get the same on multiple times.2. The books work better then the roll ups. You get a bigger drawing surface, and we have never seen previous pictures, which has happened on the roll up if it slides out a bit.3. The words work a bit better then phrases. Although you wouldn’t think so is can be harder to keep a word going then a phrase (but this is really pretty minimal difference).Hope it helps! Get the game you and your group will love it!

      4 people found this helpful

    146. TD

      Favorite game!

      I got this game after playing it at a friend’s house a few times. Not gonna lie it’s expensive but so so so worth it. Telestrations reliably makes me laugh until I’m wheezing– playing is such a joyous experience. I went on a camping trip with a group of 12 strangers and we bonded so much while playing. It’s the perfect party game for close friends and strangers alike, and it’s nice to play something that’s just fun, not competitive (there’s definitely some sort of scoring system in the directions but I never use it).Just one thing made me take off a star– the dry-erase makers dry out super fast, and you’ll probably have to buy some new ones after playing like 7 times.

    147. Jennifer

      So much fun you’ll cry

      We play this game with adults and our grandchildren (ages 6-13). We laugh so hard!!Only downside… some of the pens dried up right away and I was unsuccessful in gaining replacements through company’s customer service.

    148. cindylouwhozit

      So much fun

      A great game for a handful or large group of people. Can’t draw well? That’s half the fun. This is the only game I have everplayed that doesn’t matter if you keep score or not. It is just a good time and a lot of laughs.

    149. Ann Marie Shelton

      Great game….but be prepared to purchase replacement dry-erase markers!

      We ordered Telestrations to use at our autism resource center for different activities, including some social skills groups. We received it and used yesterday for the 1st time. I would give this super fun game a solid 5, if not for two issues. The first being no instructions were included with the game, thankfully most of them are contained in the books, so we were able to figure it out (hope we did not miss anything). Second the 12 dry-erase markers are poorly made and had to be replaced. Ordered a 12 pack off reliable dry-erase markers today for right at $12. The teens and adults involved had a blast. Would be great for get togethers with family and friends. Kids are already looking forward to playing again. I also see it helpful in building vocabulary!

      2 people found this helpful

    150. Ninj0hn

      My favorite party game, 12 player pack is a must have!

      This is by far one of the best drawing games. It is even better when people “can’t draw”. I have had some resistance in the past getting people to play it, but since there really is no clear way to win everyone just has fun with it. The cards are pretty entertaining, but I feel the most fun lies, when you chose a broad topic and have people write a word from it. We have had some insane words or scenes that led people to actually getting it right. I also recommend the 12 player version because it has more tabs then the 8, and you would be surprised how often you end up with more then 8 players at parties, or events. Even if you have less it still works. I would also recommend getting some different markers in my 8 player version they dried up very fast even though they had the lids on when we were not using it.

      2 people found this helpful

    151. Amazon Shopper

      Fun game !

      We already had the game, but wanted this version so more people can play ! Fun times !

    152. L. Jones

      Great Family Game

      This game seems to go slow at the beginning but, OMGoodness, a barrel of laughs when you start revealing the drawings! My dad, who isn’t much of a game player, loves this game! Great for kids and adults to play together!

    153. Team TortoiseTeam Tortoise

      More fun than dumpster diving

      Played this game at a friends house a couple of years ago and bought it for my family the next Christmas. It was a big hit. We even took it on a family cruise and made friends with other kids on the ship by playing this game. It was a cross-culture hit!We decided that we needed to buy a bigger set and had a great time playing it this summer.You don’t have to be a great artist – in fact the worst you are, the more fun the game. Everyone in my family – ages 8 and up – has a great time playing and we can play for hours.

      2 people found this helpful

    154. Steven Bee

      Great party game

      Great party game. Much fun. Several of my friends purchased after playing mine once. Get the “largest” version of this game possible (at my time of purchase, 12 player was the Max offered). This game plays well with more players. There’s really no limit to the # players. Minimum # of players for a fun game is probably 6. Your mileage may vary

      2 people found this helpful

    155. H. Godfrey

      I was about to die from laughing so hard!

      We played this game yesterday with our uncles and aunts and grandma and cousins. It was a big hit!We laughed so hard!!!!! – we had to turn down AC way lower because everyone got so hot and were sweating from laughing!It was sooo fun and all ages enjoyed it. I wish there were bigger pack. I think more people will make it more fun.We even played it with our 5 years boy who doesn’t read yet but with help, he played and with his imagination, it turned out great.I highly recommend this game for a party or even for a family night.I am glad I found this game!!!!

    156. Valerie M.

      Even the family members with poor eyesight or who had trouble reading were able to …

      I introduced this to my family at a reunion, and I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so hard. Even the family members with poor eyesight or who had trouble reading were able to team up with another player and join in the fun. We played with the relaxed rules.Only con: some of the markers that came with the set weren’t good.

    157. Narah

      Great game, terrible markers

      The game is great – we love it & find it so fun. But we’ve only played about 4 rounds and already we’re down to only 5 working markers. That’s ridiculous. I just hopped on Amazon to buy some expo markers and Amazon asked if I wanted to review this item. Clearly I said yes. This is actually my first Amazon review. That’s how annoyed I am. So consider yourself warned.

    158. Josh Frantz

      Great game… honestly, can be played on plain paper without purchase, but this product really helps keep things organized

      Bought this for a new year’s party. I don’t usually shell out for deluxe editions of games just to add more people, but this one is worth getting the big party pack. Honestly, this game needs 8+ to actually be any fun. I played once with 6 and it felt like that really wasn’t even enough people. Prior to purchasing, I played a homemade version of this game on scratch pads and loose paper and people kept getting confused about which page went where after a few turns of passing stacks around. The dry-erase spiral pads in this game really do help keep things organized (each page is labelled for turn order). After I brought it to the party, I had several other friends purchase the game as well. I’ve personally never actually attempted to keep score, because with my group of friends, people sometimes sabotage the chain on purpose for laughs. There are a few people that, if handed a drawing of a fish, will decide that writing “fish” would be too boring so they make up some ridiculous paragraph that vaguely relates to a fish for the next person to draw. I would not recommend this game for a very competitive group or a group of less than 8 people.

    159. Rachel Montesinos

      If you like games buy this

      This game is fun for all of the age groups in our family. As long as you can read, you can play. It’s almost more fun to see where the word went wrong. I use these books for the after dark cards for adult play.

    160. John

      Everyone loves this game!!!!

      Anytime I have pulled this game off of the shelf it’s a guarenteed good time. The only reason I don’t play it every single time, is because I like to provide people with a variety when doing game nights. But for sure if you are planning on a game night with a large group, or a family get together, or even just some fun thing to do at the office. This game will NEVER disappoint. If you can’t draw (like me), it just makes the game that much MORE entertaining. So even if you aren’t an art major don’t feel bad, everyone will have lots of fun no matter what.

    161. Kayla R Weinzatl

      Super fun game

      Super fun game! Only got it a week ago and have played it at 3 Christmas outings and everyone laughed pretty hard. Played with adults only and with kids and adults only was actually more fun to my surprise. Though still fun for the kids. One if the dry erase markers already dried up but not too big of deal as you can buy those anywhere.

    162. SmartShopper

      Laughed so hard we cried!

      I had never heard of this game when a relative asked me to pick it up to bring to the holiday party. Once I figured out that it was a combination of the old telephone game and Pictionary I thought there was definitely potential for fun times and I wasn’t wrong. Hilarity ensued especially when the less artistically talented family members had a chance at drawing.We had teams of about 8 people each so 4 people would draw and 4 people would guess. It’s amazing how wrong things can go that quickly! We were in tears half the time looking at some of the pictures and the guesses that they lead to. I highly recommend this game as a group activity. No one wanted it to end!

      One person found this helpful

    163. Melipie

      This game is fantastic – especially for smart a@@ teens and goofy tweens

      We always start out with the purest of intentions to render the suggested simple word on the provided cards into a work of erasable marker art, but by about the 4th round we have transformed words like “keyhole” to phrases like “unhappy gorilla protozoa.” Have you ever had to draw unhappy gorilla protozoa? It’s not easy, but I guarantee you that you will never laugh as hard as when you play this game.I have been playing it with my children for 6 years now, and it is one of the few games that they will never grow out of.I have also played this game with a room full of adults and we laughed until we cried.Enjoy.

    164. mathteacher

      lots of laughs

      Bought this for the family to play on Christmas day. We ended up playing for over two hours! We started off as a group of six but each time we started a new game someone else joined in. We didn’t use the point system; we basically just played for fun. It was a riot! It’s most fun when you have people who are NOT Picasso. My son (14 yrs) and his friends also played on New Year’s Eve. We could hear them laughing all the way downstairs.

      One person found this helpful

    165. SarahLaughed22

      Simple but provides hours of hilarious fun!

      This game is hilarious and fun! No one sounded too excited about it when I was explaining how to play, but once we got started we didn’t want to stop! We stayed up past midnight two nights over a holiday weekend because no one wanted to put this game down! It is simple to play and doesn’t have any complex rules so within a minute of opening it you can be playing. We played with ages 8-53 and I wouldn’t recommend including the kids on this one. Some of the concepts were difficult for the 8 year old to draw/guess and he got bored with it. We let him be in chargel of the timer instead of playing and he was happy with that job. My husband isn’t a big fan of games because he gets really competitive, but he was able to relax and enjoy this game. No artistic ability required – one of our players was an art student but most of us struggle with stick figures and it only made it more interesting! I took the advice of other reviewers and got the 12 player pack and I’m glad I did. Once others see how much fun the game is, they want to join in too. It wouldn’t be easy to alter a smaller version to work for more players as each dry-erase booklet has a set number of pages depending on which size pack you get. Buy this game, you won’t be disappointed!!

      14 people found this helpful

    166. Michael Sanford

      Just Get It!!!

      We have a large family. 6 “kids” ranging from 30-12! Some significant others in the mix as well. It’s not easy to find games that everyone can play simply because of how many of us there are and our wide age range. This game has been perfect! Even my 70 yr old parents love this game. So many laughs!!!

    167. Artemis

      Great game!!!

      Played this at a party and ending up buying my own version right away. This is an absolutely hysterical game that the points don’t even matter. The worse a person draws the funnier the game becomes! Whoever thought to combine Telephone with Pictionary is a genius. This has quickly become my go-to party game because it can be played by all ages. The best game I have played in a while.

    168. Lovell-y Family

      This game is so much fun to play in a large group

      This game is so much fun to play in a large group! You don’t have to keep track of points if you don’t want to. We enjoy playing with family, playing at work socials or anywhere we can with kids as young as 5-6 years old. The whiteboard & markers are nice touch making it easy to pass and play. Definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes to have a good time.

    169. Jeff

      Excellent game.

      Super fun, great for family gatherings. Our only negative is half the markers were dry upon opening. Get fine point erasable markers. We loved this game!

    170. O.G. Readmore

      Fun for all generations! Spare markers recommended…

      We took the plastic wrap off this game at a recent family reunion. Our youngest player was 9, and we played with cousins, aunts and both grandparents. We shared many laughs and had a great time. This game is very fun, and we kept going “just one more round…” past my sister’s bedtime!Two of the markers were defective. Their tips fell inside the market before making a single mark on the tablet. Luckily, we were able to improvise, but you might want to have a few spare markers on hand just in case you actually need them all.I will be bringing this game to the next event, and plan to arrange a game night with some friends soon… just so I can play this game again! Love it!

      One person found this helpful

    171. Casey

      So much fun

      This game is such a hit at parties! We have never laughed so hard. The dry erase notebook is great so as to not waste paper.

    172. Dave Wathen

      Great game! Would be nice if it came with some ‘replacement’ pens

      We LOVE this game! It’s a hit with everyone we’ve played with – it doesn’t matter how great or terrible of a drawer you are – honestly, the worse you are, the funnier the game can be! The only issue we’ve had is that two of the twelve pens that came with it are already smashed. Granted, this is probably user error (someone forcing the cap on incorrectly) but it’d be nice if they had a few backup pens that came with it, so if you find out there’s a smashed pen right when you start playing for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time, you don’t have to exclude someone because there’s a non-functioning pen.HOWEVER – if you want to prepare yourself for this issue, dollar tree has 3 fine point erasable pens for a dollar so now we have backups galore!

      One person found this helpful

    173. Jmfv27

      Perfect large family game!! Highly recommend.

      SUPER fun game. The more people you have the more fun it is! I think with only 4-5 people this game would not be near as fun as if you have a group of 12 or so. We had so many laughs with our family. We do not play for a winner, we just played for fun and it was truly a blast. This will be a game we play for many, many years to come.

    174. Claire J.


      Best family game at Christmas!!

    175. mhp_1

      Fun but missing a page

      Played it for the first time this past weekend and generally lived up to the reviews. Can definitely see that the funny level goes up with the number of players. I took off a star because one of the booklets is missing a page 10 …so we’re limited to 11 players instead of the 12 I paid for – so quality control can be stronger. I guess I can insert a new piece of paper each round but it’s not the same.

    176. LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa

      Family bonding Game

      We had a lot of fun with this board game. My cousins visted us bringing this game and we had a blast with it. It was exciting and challenging at the same time and so I bought one for myself and played it with my family– it is a very interesting game.

    177. Mariah L.

      Great game for large groups

      This is a great game! I was debating on whether or not to get the 8-player or 12-player since I have a pretty big family, but I settled on the 12-player in the end so that if we did have a bigger crowd, everyone could play. There was about 7 of us that played the first time. We didn’t play with any point system because all of the fun comes from looking at everyone’s interpretations of everyone’s drawings. It was great and we were always laughing after every round. Definitely going to play at more parties and introduce it to my friends.

      2 people found this helpful

    178. Tak

      EXCELLENT party game!

      Love this party game! Never fails to entertain and get a lot of laughs. Perfect when you don’t want anything super competitive or likely to cause fights / bad blood between people, too (like some of the hidden role games or other PvP board games).I recommend buying extra dry erase markers, separately, because the pens that come with the box are pretty small and can dry out quickly.

    179. Elizabeth H

      We love this game! 100% Recomend

      My family absolutely loves this game! 100% recommended. It is super fun, and guaranteed to provide lots of laughs at any party. We play this game with family and friends quite a bit. This is a game that both kids and adults will enjoy. There is a scoring system so there can be a winner, but sometimes we just like to play it without keeping track, just for the fun of it. The game came in perfect condition and all the books and markers worked perfectly.

    180. Michael Schmidt

      We played with a group of 12, age 11-73 …

      We played with a group of 12, age 11-73 and laughed until we cried. We didn’t keep score at all and everyone flipped through their books at the end of each round to show the progression. At the end of 4 rounds, with 11-12 players each time, I think only 3 words made it through and ended the same as they began. The results were ridiculously hilarious.

    181. Erica Hooper

      This Game Is Insanely Hilarious!!

      I ordered this game because I played it at one of my friend’s house. It is sooo funny!!! It’s fun for family night, couple’s game night, etc. The only thing I didn’t like was that the markers they came with were extremely cheap and barely worked for long. But the quick fix is to get your own dry erase markers and you’ll be good. I love this game!

    182. SL

      Hilarious and fun

      Prepare to laugh until it hurts – this game is so much fun

    183. Kensie Burnside

      So many laughs!

      Played with our bigger family of six and we had so much fun! Really loved it, and I am excited for the holidays to bring this to our family gatherings! However, not a game for small crowds. In order for this to be truly fun you need atleast 5+. The more the better and more enjoyable this game is. I am a little worried about some of the supplies such as markers or notepads wearing out…. but right now they all work perfectly and we truly love playing! 🙂

    184. spanishcastle

      Best. Game. Everrrrr.

      THIS IS THE BEST GAME YOU WILL EVER PLAY!!! People are obsessed with Cards against Humanity….but while that game is fun the first one or two times you play it…it gets boring and the “shock appeal” quickly fades.This. Game. Rocks. It rocks to play with your children. It rocks to play with family. It rocks to play with your dirty-minded immature friends while drinking too much beer.You will laugh until you cry, and that’s a promise!!

    185. Bunge

      Perfect Family Gift

      We absolutely LOVE this game! It’s so much fun and adds hours of fun. We’re glad we got this 12 player one so we aren’t limited by the number of players we can have. It’s also a super easy game to play! So long as my kiddo know what it is they’re reading, they’re able to play this game. Definitely a great game to gift, to keep, and to play!

    186. Amazon Customer

      Best Game, Lots of fun!

      Was introduced to this game after a dinner party with friends. We had so much fun we bought our own. Recommend playing with at least 8 players. Fun to have a mix in age when playing too. Adults & kids makes it so funny! We laugh so much when we play this game. Will buy again as gifts for friends we love it so much.

    187. Bill A

      Terrifically Fun Adult-Child Party Game

      Great fun! Lots of laughing. Multiple generations playing together, ages 8 to 80. Terrific holiday game. Not too involved or lengthy. No real winners or losers, just really funny drawing attempts and misunderstandings.

    188. Shiver Me Twinbers

      Hilarious Fun!

      After playing this at a friend’s party, I bought it as a gift for my mother in law. The first time we played it as a family, the adults were having so much fun, laughing so hard, our kids came out from the room they were playing in and told US to be quiet!! They joined us for the next game, and with the adults pairing up with the youngest ones everyone had a blast!

      One person found this helpful

    189. Angela Dyck

      I had high expectations and they were met!

      Every year we get a game to play at Christmas with the family – 12+ of us! We’ve played Smart Ass, Apples to Apples, Wits and Wagers, and this one wins as the most fun ever. The first time we played we needed to read the instructions and we’re not a “subjective scoring” type of crowd – we need clear winners – so we may have modified the scoring a bit. But it is an amazing game! We’ve since played with a group of 12 friends and it was equally as fun. Everyone agreed that it’s the best party game they’d played. The best part is reviewing the pictures after everyone has drawn and guessed. BEST PART!

    190. Michael Jennings

      Best party game EVER!!

      This is hands-down my favorite party game of all time. This is the classic telephone game to the extreme. It combines drawing, guessing and more drawing as your original word passes around the table.The idea is that you get a word to start. You draw the word/phrase and pass the book to the next person. S/he guesses the what you drew and writes down the word. The next person draws, the next person guesses the word, the next person draws, etc.Hilarity ensues as you complete each round by going around the table and reviewing the evolution of everyone’s word.

      One person found this helpful

    191. Sabrina Martinez

      Best game in a long time. Like the telephone game meets Pictionary.

      This game is hilarious, everyone can play from grandparents to grandkids. We were introduced to it on a trip to England to visit friends. I immediately bought it when we got home. I’ve used it during girls night parties AND holidays with the family. My favorite game ever, you can’t go wrong. One small complaint is the markers don’t last long, but we just replaced them with expo ones.Get this game, you won’t regret it.

    192. R. Asaro

      Telestrations is the Best Game Ever

      This is seriously the best game, it is a must have! It will have you laughing so hard your stomach will hurt. I have taken it to numerous occasions since I got it in June and it has never been anything short of a great time! After playing, everyone is always asking where they can get it. Even though the game is the same either way, the party pack is a must! You don’t want to short yourself on how many people you can have playing at a time!

    193. Amazon Customer

      Great game

      This games was hours of fun. We laughed so hard we cried. My only complaint was that three of the pens were not working. Otherwise, the game is a blast!

    194. E.C.D

      Surprisingly Fun!!

      I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to go over with my family – the game of telephone with drawings – but it’s turned out to highly requested and generates loads of laughs. The aim of the game is to draw a word or phrase and hope your art work is good enough for the other participants to recognize what it is. Not only is it surprising to see the high (and low) level of art ability, but very funny to learn what people ‘think’ they’re seeing. Once the first person draws their work the next person guesses what the drawing is, then the next person draws that 2nd person’s word, and so on. By the end you have some hilarious results. And, love the wipe off books and markers. So much better than wasting paper.

    195. Rose Pose

      Excellent Game for both Young & Old Alike – with HILARIOUS results

      This game is AWESOME! It has quickly become everyone’s favorite at our regular game nights we host. We ended up buying the party pack after buying the regular edition because everyone at our parties all wanted to play this one (usually we have two groups playing different games). It’s great for a wide range of ages, too and both young and old can play together. We have found ourselves all laughing until we cry the results have been so hilarious. We haven’t even bothered keeping score, it’s just fun to play and it never gets old as the results are different every time. I highly recommend! And don’t let people whine, “but I can’t draw!” That is the whole point and a huge part of the fun. ;D

    196. Avatargirl

      Fun game

      Such a fun game. Several markers didn’t work tho.

    197. Busy Prof

      My family loves this game 🙂

      My family loves this game. In fact, I lent it to my sister-in-law for a game night I couldn’t attend, and they haven’t given it back yet! Played it at a party with some friends and enjoyed it so much that I ordered it the next morning. I bought the 12-player pack because my family is large, but it also gives us the option of playing with less people (you just use less of the pages in the booklets). Everybody ends up laughing a lot and having a great time.

      One person found this helpful

    198. Linda Lee

      Party fun!

      I purchased this larger edition for a game night I hosted with a large group of 16 adults. We had great fun with this game. Everyone caught on quickly and we had a lot of laughs discovering how the message changed as the books rotated around the circle.

    199. Greg

      Get only if you like to laugh at yourself and others!

      This game brings out the kid in you. Even families that don’t get along, will be laughing so hard, they’ll be crying. the only negative that I have is that the pens could be a better quality. I went out and purchased a box of Sharpies.

    200. AHuff

      Most laughter ever!

      This is our favorite family game! Even my non-gamers love it because of the laughter that ensues from people’s drawing skills and interpretations of said drawings.It’s the childhood game, Telephone, but through illustrations…best game ever!If you play it right, your cheeks will hurt from so much laughter! Highly recommend for fun, kid-friendly game time!

    201. Chelsie Lorene LaVrar


      I love this game! It is great with a huge group of people and things get wild! Was shipped quickly and packaging was in great condition. It was a happy purchase and I recommend this game to any who have game nights. It will make the night.

    202. Kindle Customer

      A lot of laughs

      Played with family and with friends ages 13 to 78. The fun comes when each person presents their book to the group. We do a page by page presentation where the young people especially put on an added show. We laughed a lot and had a great time. The game itself is very easy. The markers that come with it could be a little more sturdy but they are replaceable. The rest of the game is well made and there are plenty of cards to keep the game fresh for a long time.

    203. K. Palmer

      used at a family reunion

      I have used this game in a large group setting and a 4 group setting. Both times, the initial reaction to this game was confusion. People were not sure this was going to be any fun. Then we get started, they get into the rhythm of guessing and drawing, and their whole attitude changes. This game really is fun. It’s hilarious to read the clue and then see the drawings at the end of the game. Sometimes the clue can get off track by a less than artistic drawing (like mine), and then somehow, it comes back at the end. I like this game because there are no wrong or right answers, you really do not have to be a good artist, and young and old can play together. Perhaps no child under 10.

    204. Jennifer Golden

      Great for family and friends

      My family plays this game all the time. We had the regular version but sometimes there were more than 6 people who wanted to play so this party version is great for us. I highly recommend this game!

    205. Maggie Mae

      Great group/family game

      This game is a lot of fun to play with a group and is great for families with kids of all ages. It tests your drawing and guessing skills. We liken this game to the drawing game of telephone. You start with a word, illustrate it, and pass it on to the next person to guess what it is. You hope it makes it back to you as the original word while you are relying on future guessers and drawers to keep it the same. It brings laughter and silliness. We love playing this game.

    206. Sophia Rose

      Telestrations takes a long time with 12 players. I prefer the 8 player edition.

      My dinner guests love this game. However, I also own the 8 player game which works better for my situation than the 12 player party pack. The 12 player game takes too long for an after dinner game during which time some guests get restless. Whenever I have only 8 guests and play the game for 8, everyone is thrilled.

    207. Steven Taylor

      Really fun game

      Most fun game we’ve played recently as extended family. Eat to learn, lots of crazy drawings and imaginations on display!

    208. Jenger

      Great fun- markers could have better life.

      My students absolutely love this game, however the markers do not last very long. I hope they sell replacements for these

    209. FB in VA

      … a friend’s and thought it was a lot of fun. There were varied ages playing and it was …

      I had played this game at a friend’s and thought it was a lot of fun. There were varied ages playing and it was fun for everyone. Having read other comments about defects, I tried every pen and checked every page of each booklet and everything was in good working order. It came quickly and in perfect condition. It is a good addition to game night.

      One person found this helpful

    210. Stacy L

      So much fun!

      This game is a ton of fun! I’m glad I bought the party pack, we’ve had up to ten players at a time. Everyone laughs so much! The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because three of the markers don’t work – one was missing the the ink altogether. Just had to pick up some spares. But the game is just hilarious!

    211. Eric B.

      Best game ever!!

      I loved that this game was for a BIG group! It’s our second game and very well made,because we use it so buy extra erase marker’s! Have fun!

    212. Enoch Hill

      Best Game for the Widest Variety of People

      I actually originally owned the 8 player version and having played it so many times decided it was worth it to get the larger set to be able to play with more people. EVERYONE seems to enjoy this game, whether they generally like games or not. My father’s artwork is constrained to stick figures, if they have knees that’s fancy, and even he loves this game. I know you can play it on paper, but this saves so much time and paper to use the dry erase pads. If you’re not familiar with how the game is played, it’s essentially just like it sounds. A mix of telephone and pictionary, players take turns alternating between drawing and guessing a drawing. One great aspect is that no one is waiting, all people participating draw at the same time on different pads and all guess at the same time. The 12 player version has also improved a couple features over the 8 player version in presentation for the dry erase pads in addition to them being longer to accommodate 12 rounds, additionally the timer is noticeably shorter in this newer version which is an improvement in my opinion.One downside of the original version I owned is that the dry erase markers ran out of ink rather quickly, one of them didn’t work on arrival. We haven’t played enough to know how these new ones will last. Although it’s no big deal to purchase more separately. Apart from that this game really is fantastic.Highly recommend it!

    213. Paul

      Communiation is Tough

      We all use the phrase “I see what you mean.” but it’s pretty touch to show what you mean with your own drawing skills. This is a terrific game to show how difficult it is to communicate and how much you must consider how the other person thinks before you try to communicate. This game is based on the idea that a team of people try to communicate an word or phrase given to a member of the group as it is translated from words to pictures to words to pictures around the table. Like the old “Telephone” have where you use language to pass on a story from on person to the next (with all the errors that can accumulate) the addition of drawings in the translation process cn make it really tough and hilarious. Hilarious because after everyone has passed the words and pictures around the table, we all get to see how everyone has handled the word or picture they were given. Artists don’t necessarily do well in this game. You will have a ball.

    214. Mom of 3 Monkey Boys


      GREAT game! Especially for those who don’t like games! We played at my sister’s and afterwards my husband – who does not like playing games, especially with in-laws – said we should get it. No sitting around a table – everyone sit where they want in a room, no pressure to be great (non-great leads to lots of laughs), excellent for conversation and just having fun. No “winners” or “losers,” just fun. Perfect party game. I recommend for yourself and if you need a gift for someone.

    215. Leticia Zamora

      Great game

      The game is awesome, good for the whole family

    216. Jeffrey B

      Such a fun game!

      Played with relatives. Ridiculously funny. We laughed till it hurt. It pulled in those in my family who aren’t fame players and those with short attention spans. Somehow – just fun!

    217. John R. Surdu

      Hilarious Family-friendly Fun — and great for adults too!

      This is an excellent game, suitable for a wide range of ages. It is also clean and can be played with children. Play it with people who draw poorly, and the results are even more fun. We sat around after Easter dinner and played this game for hours. At points we were laughing so hard we were crying and falling out of our chairs — literally. Buy this game.You wan the 12-player party edition, because it gives you more flexibility than the 6-player normal edition.Buy this game!

    218. Sophie N.

      Great party game

      This is a very popular game among my friends and I’ve gifted this a couple of times. I recommend getting more dry erase markers as standby because they get pretty good use.

    219. Melissa Hackett

      Awesome office teambuilder or

      game to play with friends/ family. I have played this before, but bought the large pack so I could use it as a team builder at work. My colleagues enjoyed themselves and learned about communication breakdowns, harassments, assumptions, and more at the same time. It is definitely a keeper for use at home and in the work-place!

    220. DebBog

      Hands Down A Family Favorite

      This has BY FAR become a family favorite game! It’s great for those holiday get-togethers! It’s simple…it’s for all ages…and it’s freaking hilarious!It’s based on the old telephone game, where communication breakdowns occur as you pass something on to your neighbor and you don’t quite seem to end up even close to what you started out with.It’s easy to play. Each player get a dry erase book and starts off with a word to draw. You pass that drawing on to your neighbor, who guesses what your drawing was. He passes that word to his neighbor, who draws what that guess was, and passes it to his neighbor, who guesses what that person drew, and passes that, and so on, until the book ends back at your hand and you see how your word hilariously evolved!I purchased this product at full price and am reviewing this just to let you all know what a great game this is!

      2 people found this helpful

    221. Lori D.

      A super fun game for all ages

      This is a great family game that everyone will enjoy. It’s guaranteed to make everyone laugh. The materials are well made and the game is fun for all ages. Even if you don’t have 12 people playing, you can still get the 12 player set. I bought this just in case we may some day have a group of 12 people but we usually play with 6-8 people.

    222. FlowersInSpring

      Great game and gift

      – I bought two of these, one for myself and one for a friend. No shipping or damage issues.- One of the markers in my pack didn’t work, otherwise the game and accessories were in great condition.- It’s a really fun game, quite hilarious depending on who you play with.- Playable for all ages above like 8 or so. An older kid could easily understand the concepts of draw then write then draw.4.5/5 stars

      One person found this helpful

    223. Kimberly Wynn

      Really fun game

      Really fun game, obviously tough to play with smaller kids, they can’t really “help”, or “be on my team”, because they end up saying out loud what you are either trying to draw or guess, and that gives clues to people down the line. BUT, for kids old enough to read, it becomes pretty hilarious. Our favorite so far is “flip-flop” somehow turned into “kick a baby”. Flip books and dry erase markers seem to be holding up well, 12 players takes a while, 6-8 is about as many as you want to play, but with 12 player pack it is easy to split into a couple groups if need be.

      One person found this helpful

    224. Ashlyn Garrison

      Fabulous group game

      Definitely buy the party 12 player version of the game! This game is fun and simple. It always brings lots of laughs. The more players, the better the game gets! There is a way to keep score, but we usually just play a few rounds for fun because it’s weird to keep score of this telephone game meets Pictionary. If you enjoy games and laughing, you won’t regret this purchase.

    225. Brandon Berth

      Fun game

      It’s a fun game to play with family or friends. Especially with a no holds barred group of friends that can get pretty raunchy.

    226. MW 210

      Great family game!

      It was all anyone could talk about during and after Christmas for all ages! The only only issue I have is the markers don’t seem to last very long considering it’s been used on two occasions and I already had to throw out a few.

    227. Jeff

      Fun game for up to 12 people

      FUN game! Great for a few up to 12 people; larger numbers are better. This game can be purchased with smaller maximum number of players; I recommend getting this larger maximum as it allows you to play with less people as well as up to 12. We’ve been to a gathering where there were nine people who wanted to play and the version that was brought was only up to eight people, and meant that someone had to sit out.One great thing about this game is that even with 12 people, everyone is busy and having fun the entire time; you’re not waiting for your turn to come around after getting through the other 11 people.

    228. Bunge

      Perfect Family Gift

      We absolutely LOVE this game! It’s so much fun and adds hours of fun. We’re glad we got this 12 player one so we aren’t limited by the number of players we can have. It’s also a super easy game to play! So long as my kiddo know what it is they’re reading, they’re able to play this game. Definitely a great game to gift, to keep, and to play!

    229. Ja

      Tons of fun!

      Great fun for the whole family! I play this game with people from 8-80! Tons of laughs! Easy to understand and play!Once used, the markers dry out fast, and 2 of the note pads I received did’t flip without being bent up.

      One person found this helpful

    230. Dustin Kikuchi

      If you like fun, get this game!

      Upon first explaining the concept of this game to my group there was some hesitation. 30 minutes later some of us were having a hard time breathing from all of the laughter and everyone was having a great time!This 12 player pack is THE version of the game to get. You may not always have 12 people, but when you do you’ll be glad you have it and it still plays fine with smaller player counts!

    231. mnmom

      Great Family or Group Game

      Family friends introduced us to this game. It was a lot of fun and we thought it would be great for family gatherings so we purchased the 12 player party pack. I’ve used it for other group gatherings as well and kids & adults have had fun playing this game together. We have also purchased the smaller version as a gift for friends. We’ve played it mostly with adult/kid mix. The younger kids drawings can be hard to decipher but that was part of the fun. Some of the words may be slightly difficult for the younger players to draw or know what to draw but they still had fun. Also part of the fun is each person showing which word they started with and where it ended up.

    232. Kamalei

      So much fun

      So fun the play with all of the kids and adults! Great for party. Love this game!

    233. Slhogan

      Each round varies from “That was fun, let’s play another round” to “Falling out of …

      You literally cannot go wrong with this purchase. We’ve had it for a few years now, and it’s STILL the most popular game during parties and family get-togethers. Each round varies from “That was fun, let’s play another round” to “Falling out of your chair, gasping for breath” laughter. I’ve seen it equally successful whether the players are preteens, teens/college-age, adults, or older adults. Even grumpy people who claim they hate to draw and hate to play pictionary get in on the fun and have a blast.

      One person found this helpful

    234. ness

      No stop laughing

      This is such a fun & funny game! I got 12 teenagers to not look at their phones for (2) hours!! They were just having good old fashion fun, laughing and having a good time. If you like to laugh you should buy this game.

    235. boys mom


      Bought for hubby’s birthday party. Always brings laughter. My friends always talk about buying this for themselves. Wish they sold extra marker packs.

    236. Kandence

      The Drawing Version of Telephone

      We originally only had the 6 player but recently bought the 12 player game because it’s so much fun and we wanted to make sure that we had enough for everyone so we didn’t have to team up lol. It’s a great and fun game and it’s hilarious to see what other players come up with! It’s basically telephone with drawing and it’s awesome.

    237. Gandalf Greyhame

      you can play with as few as six or eight (Get below 6 and it’s still fun, but not as much so)

      This game will potentially split your sides with laughter. Intended for up to twelve players, you can play with as few as six or eight (Get below 6 and it’s still fun, but not as much so). It will be the life of about any party I can imagine. Haven’t laughed that hard in I can’t remember when. Definitely worth the money, and definitely a delight to play!

      2 people found this helpful

    238. Duckyfamily

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game!!!!!

      This is probably one of the best games we have ever played as a family and when friends come over!!! We have have more laughs with this game than any other. I love the you can have up to 12 people playing it at a time. I HIGHLY recommend this game for playing with your family and your friends!

    239. Nichole Cranfill

      Fun for the whole Family!

      This game is loads of fun! We bought one for my niece for her birthday and she had tons of fun with it. We played a few rounds with her and we busted up laughing by the end of each game. It’s like ‘pictionary’ mixed with ‘catch phrase’. Everyone picks a card, then a color (either yellow or blue) then roll the dice to pick the word on the card. You then write the word down on your note pd and then pass on to the person next to you then they have to draw a picture describing the work without saying what it is. After that then they pass it on to the next person and they have to guess what the picture is and write it down on the pad. It keeps going until the notepad returns to their original player. In the end the person who guesses right or comes close earns a point.

    240. Not my real name.

      Fun for the whole family

      Played this game at family event with people ranging from 11 to 80. Great fun! Easy to learn. Lots of laughter.

    241. laurie

      Great for family, friends, groups- easy to learn

      Absolutely love this game. Went to a friends and they had the 6player game. It was easy to understand the rules and no one got mad at each other it was all laughs (ages 7, 10,10,12 and 35,37). I purchased the larger set for 12 players to play with various youth groups and camping groups. My 6th grade Girl Scout group loves it and it is so easy to play and comes with everything you need.

    242. lookin for a bargain

      Fun fun fun!!!

      Love this game! So much laughter and so much communication!! The pens don’t last long so be prepared to get some new higher quality pens. Otherwise great game!!!!

    243. Trimomcia

      Awesome, fun game!

      My family plays a LOT of games for hours on end… Telestrations is hilarious and so much fun for the entire family. This game will give you a tummy-ache and make you cry from laughing out loud so much. Telestrations is one of my all time favorite games, and I have a double closet filled with games to choose from! I enjoyed this game so much that I even bought a 2nd one for my oldest daughter to have at her home. I promise you if you play Telestrations once and you’ll be hooked too!

    244. Amanda Winn

      Fun for friends and family

      We absolutely love playing this game with friends and family. You will get lots of laughs. Perfect gift to give as well.

    245. AJ

      Such a fun game!!!

      This game is so much fun and laughs are almost guaranteed! We played this with family and decided to get our own. The 12 person one is great just in case you have a bunch of people. Of course with COVID and limiting social gatherings might make it harder to get a lot of people to play but it’s so fun to see how one word got to another word and where the drop in communication was.This is definitely a family friendly game. I don’t even recall reading the rules and we just explained the whole concept within a minute. You may want to get some dry erasers that you can buy on Amazon too so you’re not having to use paper towels/wipes each time.So much fun and look forward to the next time we get to play with our family and friends!

      One person found this helpful

    246. Bailee

      Recommend to everyone!!

      I’m not one to love board or card games but this is a game I could play for hours! You’ll laugh till you’re out of breath! This is the best game I’ve ever played and I recommend to anyone who loves to have a good time! Great for all ages pre-teen and up!

    247. Philly



    248. Elizabeth Gordon

      Perfect group game for all generations

      This game is hilarious! It’s the perfect group game because people of all ages can play it together and have fun. I’ve played it with young children (as young as 9 or 10) and with my grandparents, and it’s been just as enjoyable (if not moreso) no matter the range of the players’ ages. I love it because you have the entertainment/laugh factor of charades, but it’s a lot less threatening/intimidating for people who can’t think on the spot or don’t like being the center of attention. Introverts and extroverts alike will enjoy it. Before knowing that a marketed game existed, I played it with pen and paper. The dry erase flip books make it easier to play over and over again, just make sure to erase your drawings after each round as they will be a lot harder to erase the next time you pull out the game, even if it is just a day or two later.

    249. Curt MacNeill

      Fun for All!

      This game is great! It’s fun for family game night, or with friends. I got it for family game night for our all adult family so that goes to show that it is fun for all ages. It was kind of confusing to start, but once we got going it was super easy to know what to do. I love that it is for 12 players too!

      One person found this helpful

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