TAMAGOTCHI Pix – Sky (Purple)

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    • Tamagotchi Pix is the next generation of your favorite interactive virtual pet in which you can nurture and raise your Tamagotchi character on a color screen.
    • Includes a camera to take photos with your character, cook, find new Tamagotchi friends and have your character go on playdates.
    • Touch buttons allow you to interact in a whole new way by customizing your items, bathing your character and petting your Tamagotchi character with a swipe of a finger!
    • Connect to your friend’s device to go on play dates, exchange gifts and explore together.
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    Tamagotchi Pix is the newest generation of your favorite interactive virtual pet with a sky design and purple shell. For the first time ever, the Tamagotchi device has a camera and touch buttons! While maintaining its core Tamagotchi attributes of nurturing, communication, portability, and gaming, your virtual pet is better than ever! Use the camera to help nurture your character by cooking its meals, customizing different items, exploring to find 100 Tamagotchi friends, and so much more. Plus, you can even take pictures WITH your Tamagotchi character! The new touch buttons allow you to interact with your character in ways like never before.

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    170 reviews for TAMAGOTCHI Pix – Sky (Purple)

    1. angelica bohorquez



    2. Ted


      As a long time collector and tamagotchi enthusiast, I was excited for the release of this new device. I’ve been collecting tamagotchi and other virtual pets since I was a child when they first emerged back in the 90’s. The user interface on this device is one of the worst I’ve ever encountered. The new “buttons” are the most infuriating form of input. After putting batteries in, I spent about 30 minutes trying to set the time and enter a nickname – once the on-screen creature hatched I had the same issues attempting to feed / care for it etc. Before long I set it down on the side and haven’t gone back to it since. I have no desire to care for or play with it because the interface is such a laborious chore to use. I’ve given 2 stars — one for being tamagotchi, a franchise / brand I adore — and 1 for the camera, which seems surprisingly decent quality. It’s just a shame I’ll never really get to enjoy or use any of the new features as the device has been designed in such a poor manner. Bandai really ought to look at re-releasing this unit with classic buttons asap. It’s enough of a problem for me to want to get a refund and ship it back across the seas to where it came from.

    3. Crystal Smith

      It’s ok

      I feel like Bandai missed the mark with this one. I have ALMOST every tamagotchi and it’s just… lacking. It’s cute, the way the tama takes a few pics with it when it leaves, but it’s also infuriating that it just “leaves.” I like that the games change daily, I like the touch buttons, the larger size and weight. But I feel like it’s just missing a bunch of content. Also tamagotchi promised “missions” and it’s been almost a month and they still haven’t updated that. It is a GOOD idea that it can keep the kids safe, with no internet connection but, on the downside, there’s absolutely no way to update, upgrade or add more content. My daughter and I were bored with it about 13 days later and also weren’t ready to have the tama just up and leave on us either.

    4. Conisha Harvey

      Love it!

      Soo cute and fun. The battery doesn’t last long at all

    5. Heather Hartshorn

      Waste of money

      The only reason this received a star is because my daughter was happy Christmas morning. Otherwise it is a waste of money. First make sure you have a tiny screwdriver (one for glasses works) or you will never get in it to place and replace batteries every other day. Second, my daughter and husband are very tech savvy and they even found it difficult and frustrating to set up. Third, unless you “buy” a babysitter for it all day the tiny alien pet thing will die or your child will have to constantly be tending to it every few hours. (which in turn eats through batteries) There is no sleep mode or pause mode. With advanced technology today this may bore a child with its retro ways.Again my daughter likes it. It was THE toy from Santa however as a parent I must say it is a waste of money and time. We have only had it a few days and I can already see this collecting dust in a few weeks.

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    6. rita

      My granddaughter who is six years old loves it!

      My six year old granddaughter loves it. It does use up quite a few batteries.

    7. Raechel S

      Live this purple Tamagotchi Pix

      Fun games, sharing with camera scan, lots of fun. Smooth animations. Can hardly wait to get me pre ordered confetti one too the Pix Party version.

      One person found this helpful

    8. bunneebunnee

      first tamagotchi!!

      i am loving this tamagotchi!! the issue with battery life is expected since i already did some research before purchasing the item, it is better to invest in rechargable batteries instead of buying the disposable ones as this will save u up a lot of money and time. i only have one problem, the item’s packaging came in a not so great condition, luckily the tamagotchi was not damaged at all. the box was already opened, either someone already opened it and didnt even bother putting it back properly or it was badly damaged in transit. i dont know if other buyers have experienced this but as you can see the seal was still there but i received the item with the bottom part of the box already opened. i also think that the “crack” on the plastic covering the tamagotchi is from someone trying to get the item but failed as they realized they cannot get it from there without damaging the packaging further. am not entirely sure of this one but if it is what i think it is then amazon better reconsider collaborating with aramex with shipments. this was really suspicious for me but since my tamagotchi is intact and safe- i am good with it. i am just happy that my baby tamagotchi is finally home.

      One person found this helpful

    9. jaimebalo

      Battery last 2 days or less!

      Got 2 for Christmas gifts and we have changed batteries 3 times in 10 days, this is insane!Just to clarify that my daughters don’t use it all the time, if so batteries would last one day or less.Can’t recommend it! It’s a waste of money!

    10. Jan

      Visible upgrades

      Bought 2. Battery life is horrible. Should have options to be able to plugged in, since this constantly uses batteries. The pixel needs upgrading. If it was, then they need to do more for the value. The camera quality is what you get for the price you pay. Updated options are a plus but still needs some tweaking.

    11. kerlin antonio suarez bautista



    12. Alejandra DomínguezAlejandra Domínguez

      ¡Me encanta!

      Pedí el tamagotchi para regalárselo a mi pareja ya que desde pequeño había querido uno y le fascino. Tiene varios jueguitos y puedes personalizar la casita y accesorios del tamagotchi.El único detalle es que consume las baterías MUY pero MUY rápido.

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    13. Danae Salazar

      Calidad y precio

      Buena calidad

    14. Kayla LawsonKayla Lawson

      DO NOT ORDER FROM AMAZON IF YOUR A COLLECER!!! The box was destroyed good tamagotchi though

      Ive had this tamagotchi for a little over 3 weeks and i have to say is the button are not perfect could easily be fix with a stylest battery life is the worst the camra sucks up all the battery get rechargeable batteries and you’ll be all set love the play through and love the characters

    15. Sodjamts

      Great for kids

      It so excited to let kids play. They can learn how the life goes for virtual animal.

    16. Cliente de Kindle

      A mi hija le encantó, lo recomiendo mucho!

      Es muy buena opción para regalo!, lo malo que al ser de pilas, estás le duran poco tiempo si los niños lo usan mucho

    17. Alierah

      So far, I’m not that impressed.

      I only just got this today and so far, I have to say, I’m not that impressed.You need to be in a bright area for the camera to work right and even then it seems to be more luck than actual photo taking that determines the color, due to the camera being very dark.I much prefer the Tamagotchi On so far, and love the breeding mechanism that Gen features. They let you have more unique pets. I also find the lack of an app to be a disappointment too.I mean I’ll keep playing and will keep it all the same but I guess I was just expecting more after the On/Meets/Mix series.I’ll update this if I find more redeeming features in the future.Update: So I took this down a star. I’m on the second generation and already feel bored. There also doesn’t seem to be any logic to the job your tama gets as one day they will suddenly just ask you if you want to make an album. This prompts a cut scene when you complete the album that has your Tama zipping off, never to be seen again.I also don’t like how limited the characters are compared to the Tanagotchi On/Meets versions. I wish they would have just continued to expand that concept but with some of the newer features too. (We can all live without the camera if it’s this quality.)Still not impressed.Update II: I ended up giving this one away around Yule to a kid who might enjoy it more than I did. It’s not that it’s necessarily “bad”, it just doesn’t suite me. I honestly feel it’s more for younger kids compared to the Meets/On that has a more mature game play with the marriage and breeding features. I ended up getting a Tamagotchi Meets Fairy for Yule and just ordered a Sanrio Meets. Well worth the high price tag.Take Away: If you’re buying a Tamagotchi for someone 10 and under, this is your V-pet. However, if you are buying for some 12 and up the On/Meets is your go to in my opinion. (11 year olds can probably go either or.)

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    18. SkaIsNotDead

      A Solid Tama

      I really like this tama. It plays like the tamas previous to the mix’s and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I’m not a fan of the touch buttons, they don’t really work that well and the camera eats the battery, The camera is fairly low quality but it’s still cute. 6/10

    19. Gabrielle Nicole Reedy

      Daughter thought this was so cool!

      My daughter likes playing with this. The buttons have a sensor and sometimes are touchy or just don’t read the finger swiping and touching it… it also doesn’t come with instructions really so it’s kind of a learn to play as you go and figure it out kind of a thing. The battery also died a week after having it too which totally sucked….

    20. Marcela Pinchao

      Dura muy poco la batería

      Me parece que es un producto muy novedoso pero lo único malo es que viene con pilas y toca estar destornillando y poniendo a cargar, sería ideal que viniera para cargar directamente.

    21. Hobbit099Hobbit099

      Fun Device.

      Having super fun with it. Compared to the other tamagotchi devices it’s a neat twist with the camera but the battery life isn’t the best. It uses two triple A’s like the others but the camera drains battery life super fast. Wish they made chargeable tamas but other than that flaw it’s great.

      One person found this helpful

    22. Michael Erickson

      Expensive junk

      My daughter wanted this so bad and we were very disappointed with it. She saved up and spent her own money. It was complicated to set up but once we figured it out it went by really quickly. The battery life is terrible. It didn’t matter which batteries I bought they didn’t last more than a day and you have to use a tiny screwdriver to change the batteries. Not the end of the world, but when you change them sometimes the battery cover holds the reset button down and if you don’t play with it constantly your character thing dies. Definitely not worth even half of the price.

      9 people found this helpful

    23. Amazon Customer

      Battery killer

      I wouldn’t recommend this toy. It needs new batteries every 2 days!! The sensors on the buttons do not work very well either. Lots of errors. I would try an older generation tamagotchi – the pix feature does not add value to this toy

    24. Fan

      Es exactamente las imagenes

      Esta muy bonito su diseño ya todo viene a color y puedes tomar fotos lo único malo es que las pilas no duran.

    25. Crystal Armentrout

      They are alot of fun but battery life is really bad

      Battery life is not very good

    26. Debbie

      It’s for kids

      Don’t know much about this product but the kids went crazy about it so that was good.

    27. yestfl

      Super fun!

      My daughter loves it. I even love it. It has tons of little activities for the kids and love the added camera. It does drain the batteries pretty quickly though (about 2 batteries every ten days or so). I wish it could be charged. Super cute.

    28. LibraLibra

      Hours of fun

      This is my first color Tamagotchi so I can’t compare it to the others (i.e., On/Meets, Smart, etc.). Unlike many other reviewers here, I personally like the touch buttons. There are a lot more things you can do on this device compared to the old Tmgc from the 90’s. I find that my character isn’t very needy which is great because I can leave it alone for hours while I’m working and not worry about it dying. The battery life isn’t great (as others have mentioned); the device lasts for about 5 days on my chargeable AAAs. I bought this when the price dropped to $66 (CAD), but have seen it at stores for $90. Pretty surprised by the price tag considering this is supposed to be a kid’s toy. For this price, they could at least give you a pair of batteries.

      3 people found this helpful

    29. Joanna

      It Needs To Be Reset Often

      The instructions say button A moves to next option, B selects, and C goes back. This is not always accurate. When setting it up, A and C will sometimes select and B will go to next option. Had to reset it several times to get it to select English. And for whatever reason the screen sometimes goes black and I have to reset it again.

      One person found this helpful

    30. Abraham Ortiz

      buen producto

      buen producto solo que en ocasiones los botones no funcionan correctamente

    31. ZHEN S.

      The battery life is horrible

      The battery life is horrible, I can’t play for a day….I bought the pink one too and is not the same way.

      One person found this helpful

    32. Rodrigo



    33. Louisa HarrodLouisa Harrod

      Amazing, love it so so much!

      Works amazing, battery life is fine as long as you buy the correct batteries recommended. Also buttons are well calibrated, just dont press them too hard or they won’t respond :)Excuse the grainy pic, looks so much better irl. There are also QR codes online so you can download food items and backgrounds etc! Going to buy another soon for my collection!

      One person found this helpful

    34. Ben


      Man this one brought me back to elementary school. Little challenging for my 7 year old niece and the buttons sometimes have a mind of their own, but she loves it and I kind of liked using it too

    35. Laura Quintero

      Las baterias duran muy poco

      utilizan baterias AAA pero se agotan demasiado rapido, aun baterias que dicen tener un alto rendimiento duran. Pilas nuevas al día siguiente ya no tienen carga.

    36. AlisonAlison

      De buena calidad y es original

      Muy buen producto, la cámara funciona y los botones táctiles son fáciles de usar, recomiendo el producto pero como consejo si estás pensando en comprarlo, mejor usar pilas recargables ya que la batería se agota muy rápido

      2 people found this helpful

    37. Amazon Customer


      This was my daughter’s christmas present. She was so excited to play with it but it wouldnt even power on. Defective or bad battery. Very disappointing!

    38. Afrika

      Great buy! Perfect for my 6 year old on her birthday!

      My daughter loves it. Very fun to use and has enough features to make the toy last. The only downside is that it blows through batteries. It says it’s for ages 6 and up, but my 3-year-old knows how to use it as well, so I will probably buy another for them to play with them together.

    39. Sodjamts

      Great for kids

      It so excited to let kids play. They can learn how the life goes for virtual animal.

    40. Limonia Wright

      Great Starter Tamagotchi!

      One of the easier modern Tamagotchi, and fun to raise. Battery life is just a bit less than most others because the camera features, but beyond that, very fun! Has some of the most mini games of all Tamagotchi.

    41. Stephanie Barthlow

      Loved them.

      My granddaughters loved them. However, the AAA batteries run down quickly.

    42. Olivia LeopardiOlivia Leopardi

      I’m 21 years old and am obsessed. This lil guy is so cute to care for

      One person found this helpful

    43. Justine

      Fun but pricey

      So cute and nostalgic but the camera is trash!!! Not worth the extra money

    44. Jayzilla

      Tamagotchi pix is totally recommended!

      From my 9 y/o who bought this with money she earned (the first thing she worked to save up for). She wanted to leave a review. :)(As her dad, I think it’s a little pricey, but she thinks it’s worth $100).

      One person found this helpful

    45. betsy miller


      battery had to be replaced every 4 or 5 days

    46. Ly.

      Cute but defective

      Mine came defective in the way that 6 out of 10 times when I went to take a picture the tamagotchi would completely reset itself.Other than that problem its a very cute toy and would be fun for any tama lover!Pros:- Cute & colorful design- lots of customizable options for your tamas house- fun decor/dressup options where you can paint the items using colors from photos- a good variety of mini games, foods & other tamas to interact withCons:- very limited color spectrum so your photos dont reflect accurate colors most of the time- limited on final ‘dream job’ options for you tama to age in to before they leave- no marriage feature like past tamas- the egg of your next tama is chosen at random by your previous tama (not too big a deal but I prefer the marriage aspect and the 2nd gen has features from gen 1)

    47. Susan

      Battery life is terrible

      My kids have been enjoying them and I like that they can share things between two devices but the battery life is terrible. After heavy use on Christmas break they made it two days, with school day use they lasted 3. We’re going to use rechargeables going forward but it’s still going to be a nuisance changing batteries constantly (they could at least make the battery compartment easier to open since I’ll be doing it multiple times per week for two kids). This version really needs to be able to charge with usb to support the camera and color screen, it’s too much for the AAAs.

    48. Critique22


      I would recommend buying a 36 pack of amazon basics AAA batteries. It will run out in 2-7 days. Also the screen was dim for some reason, I have two others (same brand but different color). Currently I have three of these per child. Pink, blue, and purple. The battery life is really bad, and the camera is about what you would expect for a $40 toy. I would recommend to gift this to your child, as it teaches responsibility.

      One person found this helpful

    49. Hannah Head

      Could’ve been better

      It’s pretty good, but definitely isn’t as good as the On, unfortunately. The buttons are good in theory and add more fun ways to interact with the tamagotchi, but ultimately they’re finicky and unreliable especially in the mini games. I can’t use my thumb to click the buttons because it always registers it wrong. I also wish there was more colors it could register for cooking and for the colors on furniture. This definitely has its own perks, but I would consider it to have a lot less replayability and entertainment value as past tamagotchis.

      5 people found this helpful

    50. Darryl Gay

      Perfect item and customer service.

      Great item. Exactly as shown. Thank you.

    51. Cristy

      My 8 year old loves it!

      Nice bright screen, teaches my daughter responsibility. The tamagatchi hatches grows and eventually goes back to it’s planet and he sends a new tamagatchi, and it’s a different one so it keeps her engaged. Requires AAA batteries, keep them in stock or rechargeable. My daughter takes it everywhere, it has a silent option so the beeping doesn’t get annoying. Super adorable.

    52. Michelle Shepherd

      The toy my baby wanted

      Baby girl was happy when I showed her .her new toy hopefully she don’t Break it

    53. Angel BarnesAngel Barnes

      Very fun

      I’ve loved Tamas since I was in 1st or 2nd grade and they just get better the more they come out 🙂

    54. María de la Luz Zaragoza Luiña


      Fue un regalo que le compré a mi nieta y está perfecto.

    55. Jessica

      Cute but not great

      The Tamagotchi Pix is cute but not as good as previous generations of tamagotchis. The battery life is quite poor so please consider using rechargeable batteries.The touch buttons are the worst. It is easy to press the wrong button even if you are touching off center. I do like that you have to swipe the buttons sometimes for interactions.The faceplate on the pix is lack luster. The on/meets and p’s were gorgeous, the pix on the other hand is very, very plain and has an unfinished look to it.Overall I feel like the Pix was a cute idea that lacked the time and effort to be a notable entry in the tamagotchi series. What a disappointment….

      2 people found this helpful


      Malísimo, se apaga y no vuelve a encender hasta ser reseteado

      Se apaga y no se vuelve a encender hasta que lo reseteas, y las batería dura 10 min, si le pones la funda de silicon funciona menos. Fue la peor compra y muy caros por cierto

      One person found this helpful

    57. D’Metria Smith

      My daughter loves her new pet!

      My daughter is in love. She takes care of this as if it is a real pet. I’m pleased, she’s happy!

    58. BeeBee

      Absolutely adore it!!

      (box the product came in not pictured!!)Does not come with batteries, and will require a small screwdriver to open.Compared to the Tamagotchi On, there are less features! But this is okay. Tamagotchi Pix has features more comparable to that of the original Tamagotchi.Once you understand the controls it becomes extremely easy to move through.I am loving this, it thrills me to check in every so often. I highly reccomend.

    59. Susan

      Battery life is terrible

      My kids have been enjoying them and I like that they can share things between two devices but the battery life is terrible. After heavy use on Christmas break they made it two days, with school day use they lasted 3. We’re going to use rechargeables going forward but it’s still going to be a nuisance changing batteries constantly (they could at least make the battery compartment easier to open since I’ll be doing it multiple times per week for two kids). This version really needs to be able to charge with usb to support the camera and color screen, it’s too much for the AAAs.

    60. Sara Levin

      Fun but goes through a lot of batteries

      My 9 year olds got these for Christmas and they have been a big hit but we change the batteries at least once per week. I don’t know why they didn’t make this with a USB charger instead of batteries.

    61. AlisonAlison

      De buena calidad y es original

      Muy buen producto, la cámara funciona y los botones táctiles son fáciles de usar, recomiendo el producto pero como consejo si estás pensando en comprarlo, mejor usar pilas recargables ya que la batería se agota muy rápido

      2 people found this helpful

    62. Jorge M.

      Muy buen producto, tiene buen tamaño y se puede usar bastante para entretenerse

      Me gustó el diseño para niñas y lo que no me gustó que hay que apagarlo para evitar que se acaben las baterías rapido

    63. William LoorWilliam Loor

      Todo bien

      Llego bien empacado 10/10

      One person found this helpful

    64. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Love it!

      Delivery was same day, which was nice because these tamagotchis seem to be sold out in my area! The box came intact and not damaged with no scratches or dings to the actual device.I don’t have any issues with the touch buttons, so I’m unsure as to why everyone else seems to have such a problem with them. I put in fully charged rechargeable AAA batteries and have had them in all afternoon without them dying and have been using the camera often.Everything else is simply user preference.No complaints here!

      6 people found this helpful

    65. Melissa Miller

      Very surprised

      I was skeptical about how it was compared to the ON but it’s not terrible. I’m surprisingly enjoying playing with it, even though it feels like there’s less to unlock, there are more games.

      24 people found this helpful

    66. St-jean

      It alright

      The media could not be loaded.

       Arrive on time is in great condition but the battery life sucks!

    67. D.C.ED.C.E

      In the end it’s hit or miss

      In my opinion this is a very interesting Tamamotghi with some standout issues.It does away with the gene system from the previous ON/Meets generation and you’re left with the more of the classic Tamagotchi experience of years prior.No beating around the bush here- the biggest downfall of this device is the touch button function.It’s either you end up touching what seems like too many buttons at once and you zip past the menu options etc. or you either can’t seem to swipe across so that it registers your action correctly.I’ll explain a scenario- The game selection changes daily, which I enjoy because it offers variety however it can be hit or miss.For example, there’s a “sports” game selection one day with two options: PING -PONG/FOOTBALL. The ping-pong game requires you to swipe the buttons quickly to hit the ball back and forth to your tama, which is great in theory but I can barely get the buttons to respond and the game ends up in failure almost instantly. So really only the football option is viable.This “hit or miss” idea runs across the board on this Tamagotchi, where you might be presented with what seems multiple options but feasibly you won’t get results you hope for from all the options.Another example would be the camera function that “picks” colors from what it sees but in truth it doesn’t and it defaults to a very limited palette like red or white.That probably comes from the fact that this is a toy so the camera quality is rather poor that also has the downside or sucking the life out of your batteries in no time- mine lasted about a week on lowest brightness, it’s abysmal.Bandai’s accurate move here if they want to move forward with technology like cameras and touch buttons would have been to add a USB cable charging feature. The battery days in these color devices need to be eradicated, even rechargeables are a hassle. Bandai JP has moved on we can only hope Bandai NA can do the same. This has a screw in the back and I don’t want to strip it clean due to having to open the compartment over and over to keep replacing the batteries.It’s not all bad. The device is cute to look at (the upcoming blue/green choices I think are even nicer).The animation is the smoothest one yet in all Tamagotchi devices it’s a pleasure to watch.I appreciate the decor function these are just to name a few without spoiling your fun.In the end it’s hard to move away from the “new features” such as the camera or the touch buttons.I like the ease of scanning codes for downloads with the camera but then something else like the explore option that triggers the camera instead of the different towns sounds engaging but it’s mediocre at best.It’s positives and negatives all rolled into one. I’m not sure this is very giftable to a child, it’ll result in more frustration. They might get very frustrated at not being able to press accurately.And what parent wants to change batteries constantly? Spend more money on more batteries or take the time to recharge what you already have? YYou see the marketing for this is for children but the harsh reality is NO it won’t really favor you if you’re giving this to a child at least not until they add a USB option and possibly engineer a better touch system, maybe a touch screen instead.Adult collectors such as myself will have an easier time digesting the cons. Let’s be honest here.. a big market for Tamagotchi comes from the adult collector side and hopefully Bandai will also acknowledge that aspect as well in the future.

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    68. Ghene


      Battery don’t even last for 24 hours !

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    69. Víctor Peña

      A review from an old fan

      I am a big fan of tamagotchi since I was a kid so I was very used to using Tamagotchis from the “Connection” era. this is my first new generation tamagotchi so everything feels very fresh and entertaining.The Good things:- You have many things to do apart from taking care of your tama. And not just have some trees that you can water, you can go for a walk, leaving your house is fun, you have a room to train your Tama, enter the inworld social media, you can cook,… etc.- wide variety of minigames.- Items are now (so far) permanent- you can customize your room, you can even put furniture!- there are many daily events.(water your plant, buy a raffle number, the games you can play, the weather, etc.)-the game in general feels much more complex than it was. It is already more similar to a small video game rather than a toy.The bad things:-THE TOUCH CONTROLS. apparently this is not something that only happens to me. But for some reason in this model they replaced the buttons with touch controls. at first it doesn’t bother so much but after a while it becomes clear that it is a bit unpleasant to’s very unresponsive, sometimes it doesn’t even detect your fingers, and navigating menus and playing some games becomes very tedious and slow. Comparing it to very old models, it’s a giant step backwards.I remember very well how fast and responsive the buttons were in the older generations. I could navigate menus quickly and games felt more precise. Now it’s the opposite and the more time passes, the less patience you have for the model.-I do not like that batteries are still used in the year we are in. (I know that this is done to prevent the toy from being much more expensive than it could be)-Sometimes it is not very clear what happens to your Tama, can be a bit frustrating.-The in-game item shop does not rotate items daily. I don’t know when they are going to change them so far they have been exactly the same. It’s okay to give more time to buy items but so many weeks is far is a good product and we must not forget that it is a toy clearly focused for children.Many things like camera features, daily simple tasks and mini-game design are enough and very good quality for kids to enjoy. there are even rumors that the touch functionality works very poorly because it is deliberately designed for much smaller fingers.So yeah, if you are like me, an old fan of Tamagotchi, I do not recommend this model very much. But if you are looking for a fun toy for a young child, I highly recommend it.

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    70. Lyndsay Hobde

      Very short battery life

      Brand new batteries lasted less than 24 hours. I returned the first one, reordered the same device thinking that’s where the issue could have been. The new Tamagotchi with new (dofferent) batteries lasted only a few hours. A very frustrating experience for me and my 8 y/o

    71. Tee

      The batteries don’t last long

      The tamagotchi is fun but all the batteries last only like 7 days.

    72. maria Hernandez

      Love this

      Love it keep my kids from running all over the house and my kids love them they always tell look mommy my baby got bigger

    73. M Fortune

      Finicky. Buttons and camera poor!

      The buttons overall on all tamagotchi PIX devices are just junk. They don’t sense right and gameplay is frustrating when you’re pressing one side and it’s detecting the other. The camera is such poor quality and doesn’t detect more than red, (for colors like red, pink and purple) blue, (occasionally shows when color is DARK blue) and gray for literally anything else. This also makes gameplay frustrating. Overall, old tamagotchis like the ON and meets are better quality than this. Battery life is also horrible. Don’t waste $$

      One person found this helpful

    74. seville

      This thing really kills battery. Brand new batteries dead in 24 hours.

      My kid have this for less than a week and we had already change batteries for 3 times, Energizer batteries, not some kind no brand batteries. Sometimes it last for 2 days and sometimes less than 24 hours.I wanted to return it but my daughter doesn’t let me do that.I am not going to keep buying batteries, just hope one day she will get board on it and stop playing….Really not recommend this product.

      One person found this helpful

    75. Caroline Pena

      THE BEST ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

      I love it whoever like is getting so mad about the battery life it’s literally fine it’s pretty good and I love it super cute!!!

    76. Tony Roemmele


      Bought my daughter this as a Christmas gift. Growing up with the original tamagotchis these are on a whole other level! The batteries die entirely too fast and make it to where you can’t use certain features but it’s still fun.

    77. Fan

      Es exactamente las imagenes

      Esta muy bonito su diseño ya todo viene a color y puedes tomar fotos lo único malo es que las pilas no duran.

    78. FrugalMom

      Poor sensors

      The sensors on the buttons were too frustrating. Returned.

    79. jody

      Not worth it

      $50 is too much for the thing which doesn’t do anything much.

    80. Jeff Jewkes

      Can’t recharge

      If you get this be prepared to replace the batteries every single day. In fact sometimes twice a day. Not worth the money. My girls don’t even play with them and it’s only been a few weeks because I cannot afford four new batteries every day

      One person found this helpful

    81. Tina0325


      The button sensors are not too respinsive. I prefer the actual buttons.

    82. Elizabeth Rodriguez Rangel

      Me gusto mucho el concepto llego en buen estado

      Me gusto el concepto pero no tiene mucho chiste, las pilas se las debora es mejor usar recargables, no existe la función de casarse ni nada solo es el tamagotchi atenderlo y algunas características de la camara, le haces sus muebles y su comida y no tiene aplicación como los otros anteriores. Bueno, pero hasta ahi

      2 people found this helpful

    83. Daniel DDaniel D

      I have yet to open the item.

      Item covered in disgusting blue greasy substance and it got all over my hands upon opening the package.

      One person found this helpful

    84. Fernando Eugenio Baldovinos OlguinFernando Eugenio Baldovinos Olguin

      Compra Entretenida

      Mantiene entretenido a los niños

    85. RT

      great toy

      it’s a great update to the old school tamagotchi but drinks batteries. A set of batteries will last about 6 days of regular “don’t kill my pet” play.

    86. Candy B.

      Very cute

      This new version of the tamagotchi is extremely cute, colorful and full of different characters to collect. The battery life is not the longest, so it’s a good idea maybe to invest in rechargeable batteries. Anyways, I really love the game, there’s alot of things to do!

    87. Lee F

      Great toy

      This is a cute toy. My daughter loves it. It has a lot of mini games and they change everyday so she doesn’t get board. It has a camera and she loves the different characters in the game. Good graphics and the battery life is ok.

    88. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Love it!

      Delivery was same day, which was nice because these tamagotchis seem to be sold out in my area! The box came intact and not damaged with no scratches or dings to the actual device.I don’t have any issues with the touch buttons, so I’m unsure as to why everyone else seems to have such a problem with them. I put in fully charged rechargeable AAA batteries and have had them in all afternoon without them dying and have been using the camera often.Everything else is simply user preference.No complaints here!

      6 people found this helpful

    89. Easily Spooked

      Gift with Rechargeable Batteries

      I love my Tamagotchi Pix, it’s everything I could ask for from a Tamagotchi, but if you’re gonna order one of these, order a set of AAA rechargeable batteries with it. Otherwise you’re gonna be using up batteries every week. Amazon has sets of batteries with the charging station, get that with the Tamagotchi Pix. Don’t bother getting the silicone covers, they don’t fit because they shrink in the warehouse. I have multiple Tamagotchis, and this one is my favorite so far. 10/10 highly recommend.

      One person found this helpful

    90. Lucky

      The package came damaged as helll

      Was originally going to keep this brand new in package but the package came so battered, I decided to just use it as is. Very sad that it arrived this way, but overall the pix works fine.

    91. Jay

      Love my tamas but this I have a few things to say

      I love tamagotchi though this generation is a bit weird. I preferred the Tama ON honestly. The buttons don’t input correctly, I’ll be pressing a and it’ll press b or c – things like that. The camera steals all the battery life and the ‘story’ within the game is quite short and a bit boring. Still, I did enjoy this version but the price for the content isn’t worth it.

    92. SabySaby

      Artículo muy lindo y de buena calidad

      Sería mágico tener disponible el instructivo en español para bajarlo sobre todo para el Mercado mexicano y latino gracias.

    93. Gerardo

      Buen juguete

      Hasta el momento (2 semanas de uso), todo bien. Un juguete muy entretenido y de buena calidad. El único detalle es que consume muy rápido las baterías, le duran aprox 4 a 6 días (Utilizando baterías recargables Duracell 900mah).

    94. RomanRoman

      Producto en muy mal estado y usado

      La caja del paquete está aplastada y el producto viene suelto, con el tornillo de las baterías maltratado y hasta con papel de regalo y cinta de que el producto es usado y devuelto

    95. Larson’s


      I NEVER write reviews, ever. The buttons do not work properly and it ordered one and thought it was defected so I ordered another one because I was so excited to get one. The SAME thing! I looked upYouTube and they were having the same issues on the reviews on YouTube. Not worth 60 buck!

    96. Happy Buyer

      Perfect presence for an 8 year old

      It was wished for and daughter loves it

    97. Cliente Amazon

      Produto tem uma excelente qualidade!!

      Comprei para minha sobrinha e chegou antes da data prevista! Veio muito bem embalado e funcionado perfeitamente! Produto de qualidade!!

      One person found this helpful

    98. kevinC20kevinC20

      Calidad del producto excelente

      Esta lindo el tamagotchi pix, llegó en buen estado y rapido.

    99. Caroline Pena

      THE BEST ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

      I love it whoever like is getting so mad about the battery life it’s literally fine it’s pretty good and I love it super cute!!!

    100. Chris&Krista


      Battery life is awful. Way overpriced. Kept shutting off after a pic was taken.

    101. Hector Perez


      Llegó bien

    102. CO158Q31920N


      Excelente para regalar

    103. Denzil E. Alleyne Jr.

      Engages my 10 year old

      My daughter loves her Tamagotchi. She had an older model that she kept up with for years and asked for the newer model. She loves the newer and older models. My only complaint is there’s no power off button

      One person found this helpful

    104. Agnes Kozyra

      My daughter loves it

      Kids play

    105. alfonapplepie

      Great little device

      Brings the old anxiety from the 90s back in modern form. I was just a LITTLE late in feeding my second Tama, and she died. 10/10

    106. paola catalina

      Buen producto

      Me gustó mucho el que sea touch, hay que saber usarlo y presionar los botones . Los juegos son entretenidos y sus personajes adorables. A mí parecer el único punto en contra es la batería . Dura muy poco

    107. GabrielaGabriela

      Blast from the past!

      Last time I played with a tamagotchi was like 15 years ago so I was super excited to buy one again. Super cool how they make them in colour now, and this one even has a camera (terrible quality but really cute idea). Been playing it for about a week now and I’m loving it, mostly because of the nostalgia. When I first used it to set it up, the three buttons weren’t working/responding to my touch which got me worried but then it started working after a few tries. Now they work fine, but Im not sure I like the fact that they’re not the push down physical buttons that the old tamagotchis had. I actually really like how bulky this tamagotchi is compared to the old smaller ones, but that’s just a matter of preference. It’s not as heavy as you’d expect it to be for the bigger size, it’s still pretty light. Wish it would have came with a keychain, because I might decide to buy one separately. Even in my busy adult life I’m able to find little moments to checkup on my pet, because I was afraid it would die while I was at work (12 hr shifts and I don’t bring it with me) but it’s perfectly fine, just needs to be cleaned up and given medicine. So what I’m saying is that even if you can’t commit to playing it all day like we did as kids, it’s still fine, which I’m really happy about. I totally recommend this toy, especially to people who played it as kids.Also just to add, the batteries lasted me two weeks and then I had to change them (without losing my current game), I’m now using rechargeable ones and it works fine.

      7 people found this helpful

    108. Julia Ann Metzger

      At least this one gets taken care of!

      My daughter had other Tamagotchi’s in the past, but we decided against her better judgment, and to let her have the color picture one to see if she would actually continue to take care of it, and she is! It probably has a lot to do with the fact that you could take pictures with it and that it’s in the color screen. The only complaint I have is that we have to change the battery every week! But I guess that’s the price you pay to have all those fun gadgets to it!

    109. Sharisse Roberts

      Good but not the best.

      It is amazing but the screw is so tiny it is easy to strip! Everything else is good.

    110. Fairuz TakumiFairuz Takumi

      New experiences with a tamagotchi

      The media could not be loaded.

       I’m not sure why some people said they are having issues with the touch buttons. It works like a charm to me. I like how they change the games in the arcade everyday. The explore function allows me to find new meetable characters by pointing the camera to different backgrounds. Cooking and customizing furnitures also are new unique features for the Pix. QR code communication is a really good way to connect during this pandemic situation. I really hope there will be new version of pix in the future

      25 people found this helpful

    111. michelle

      Go with the original

      An overpriced headache. Just buy the $20 one and call it a day. The excitement of taking a picture with the pet will fade fast for your kiddo. Not worth the price and the tiny screw on the back is almost impossible to get off, as if it was almost completely stripped when we got it.

    112. Hkwashere

      Eats batteries like crazy

      I’m not sure why they chose to go with battery powered vs usb, but this thing eats through batteries like crazy. My 10 year old was gifted one for Christmas and LOVES it, but loves it so much that it’s going through batteries DAILY. Absolutely not worth the money considering how much battery power it takes. Hopefully the next generation of tamagotchi will have a new power source other than battery.

    113. Lisa

      NOT user friendly

      I had a Tamgotchi as a child that I loved so I was excited to get this one for my 9 year old daughter. This is by far the least user friendly toy I’ve seen in a while. The touch screen buttons are ridiculously difficult to use. I’ve read the directions repeatedly and it seems each button does the opposite of what it’s suppose to do, maybe it’s defective. My daughter loves the idea of it but becomes frustrated and gives up. Normally she’s pretty good at figuring out most toys even if her parents can’t. I would not recommend this.

      2 people found this helpful

    114. Alfredo

      Muy chafa

      Es bastante complejo para un niño, materiales de mala calidad en fin un retroceso a pesar de tener componentes más avanzados. Un gran desacierto el que no tenga botones

    115. Alyssa CannonAlyssa Cannon

      It had a scratch on the screen 🙁

      I opened it and it had a scratch on the screen already 🙁

    116. Linda


      I Love it

      One person found this helpful

    117. Jamie

      Serious Quality Issue

      This is not about seller and shipping – its all very efficient.The problem is the tamagotchi pix itself!Serious quality issue.1st tamagotchi pix – screen suddenly has this line that cuts across the screen just after a few days of playing it. Got a replacement – theres a dot, a dead pixel or dust im not sure what and it is super annoying to see it there when i am playing it! Bought another one hoping to get a perfect condition pix, once again, there are dust underneath the screeen and cannot be wiped off! This is not acceptable if a product is brand new!Conclusion – not for OCD person who expects a new tamagotchi in perfect condition. I give up. Content wise and its features such as touch buttons and camera are great. I would recommend you to get one if you are not OCD about a perfect screen.

      2 people found this helpful

    118. Juliana LizarazoJuliana Lizarazo

      Awesome product for collectors and kids

      I’m starting on all this collector stuff, since I was a little child I always had the 90’s version of this awesome tamagotchis, super happy to see they are always evolving and creating futuristic virtual pets! As a collector and as kid that might want this for Christmas, let me tell you, this totally worth it! <3The only thing you should take into account it’s the battery life, since it has a lot of brand new features, since tama ON the battery life is really a disappointment, I bought this 3 days ago and I was with it less than 2 days and the battery was completely drained. A good recommendation if you want to play constantly with this tamas is to buy rechargeable batteries, that’ll be your only problem.This Tama version doesn’t have app option, I was expecting more for the price.. but it still awesome.The delivery took 3 days, a total record for me, amazon never lets you down.5 STARSS but the battery, if you are purchasing.. enjoy it!

      5 people found this helpful

    119. Blessing


      Battery dies really fast. It’s alright though still a nice device

    120. Prudence

      It needs to be taken care of

      My granddaughter loves but it’s over priced

    121. Jorge Montano

      Needs batteries

      For 2022 it should have internal battery, not AAA batteries.

    122. Ryan

      Doesn’t come with batteries

      We didn’t realize these don’t come with batteries so we had two disappointed girls on Christmas.

    123. dee


      daughter loves it

    124. Michelle TsuiMichelle Tsui

      The electronic pet you always wanted!

      I purchased this when it was around $40 so I feel like it was a steal! My first ever tamagotchi was the V4.0 and it was definitely a childhood staple. I was bored one day and decided to see what new tamagotchis were out. I chose the pix because of the interactive camera function as well as the touch buttons. So far I’m on my third generation and I liked the game interface. One thing I don’t like is the battery life sucks.. I had to get rechargeable batteries and swap them every 4/5 days. Overall this is a great toy for adults and kids, it definitely brought back some childhood memories.

    125. Maurice Coenegrachts

      All went okay

      The game arrived in good condition

    126. Allison RAllison R


      The first one I ordered was faulty ; Amazon sent a replacement and it is perfect. I’m happy with my purchase. It’s quite the step up from the connections so it’s nice as a collectors item or something to play with daily.

    127. Valerie M

      Bought for Christmas, already crapping out

      Bought this for my daughter for Christmas and after 3 days, the demo battery crapped out and now with actual batteries the dang thing won’t power on. It sucks because my daughter loves her Tamagochi. Sending it back.

    128. Angela M. Dennis

      Cute little virtual pet!

      My daughter likes this virtual pet but you definitely have to spend a lot of time with it. If you don’t take care of it then it dies. It is hard to make it happy all the time too.

    129. Joan O’Keeffe

      My 8 yr old gr. Granddaughter loved it

      Very popular for with kids

    130. Ashley


      I can barely get the buttons to work 90% of the time. Why did they switch from physical buttons to touch!?

      One person found this helpful

    131. Britany

      Possibly the worst toy ever bought

      When I received this gift the Tamagotchi box had already been opened. When we put batteries in the Tamagotchi it did not asking any questions that it’s supposed to ask to set up your pet. It automatically started with a teenage pet. Also, it it just dies and will not turn back on until we restart it again. We even switched out the batteries and it just keeps turning black screen and not turning on until you push the restart button. It’s either the worst toy or the worst Amazon seller for selling a defective toy!

      One person found this helpful

    132. Boyers3

      No way to turn off

      Since you can’t turn this off, it eats through a ton of batteries. Other than that, my granddaughter really liked it.

    133. Claire

      Battery doesn’t last

      With normal use (every other day or so), I’m having to replace the batteries almost weekly. That’s ridiculous. I’m not sure if it’s the picture feature that drains the battery so quickly but it’s impossible to keep up with.Also, there should be a pause function so the tamagotchi doesn’t die while my kid is in school. It’s not as fun to play with when you have to revive it or rehatch it every couple of days.

    134. Labiba MalikLabiba Malik

      Fun experience!

      I didn’t have a tamagotchi growing up. I was more of a DS kid. I got this and expect myself to not properly care and forget it. But I’ve been hooked, I know it for kids but what a cute little thing. Camera can be a bit odd with colours but you just gotta figure out. It burns to batteries like crazy. I’d recommend getting rechargeable ones. Baby phase is a bit high maintenance but it last a few hours. Teenage stage and kid stage are fun. Honestly, what a blast.

      One person found this helpful

    135. Crystal Smith

      It’s ok

      I feel like Bandai missed the mark with this one. I have ALMOST every tamagotchi and it’s just… lacking. It’s cute, the way the tama takes a few pics with it when it leaves, but it’s also infuriating that it just “leaves.” I like that the games change daily, I like the touch buttons, the larger size and weight. But I feel like it’s just missing a bunch of content. Also tamagotchi promised “missions” and it’s been almost a month and they still haven’t updated that. It is a GOOD idea that it can keep the kids safe, with no internet connection but, on the downside, there’s absolutely no way to update, upgrade or add more content. My daughter and I were bored with it about 13 days later and also weren’t ready to have the tama just up and leave on us either.

    136. JW

      Keep the regular buttons PLEASE

      It’s definitely not my favourite tama version.Pros / likes – I like that the games change every day and there is a lot of options do to with your tama. I’m only on my 1st gen so I’m sure there’s a lot more interactive stuff I’m in store for.Cons / dislikes – the touch buttons are awful. Awful. Awful. Press A action B happens etc. It’s really frustrating. Cool idea but awful execution. Trying to press all three buttons at the same time to get the bathroom action to happen has yet to work for me – always goes to clock.The camera idea is really not fun. Obviously catered towards children but I just think the whole idea does not need to be there.

      2 people found this helpful

    137. Amazon Customer

      So Fun

      This was a Christmas gift for my 7 year old daughter. The interactions are so fun. I think I play with it just as much as her.

    138. Miguel Aceves

      Consume muy rápido las pilas!!

      Esta muy bonito y lo de las fotos es un buen detalle, las animaciones y escenarios muy bonitos pero consume demasiado rápido las baterías. El primer cambio de pilas lo tuve que hacer a los tres días de jugar el tama y el segundo a la semana del primer cambio!!!! (Pilas de buena marca btw no genéricas) Tache en ese sentido y le quita todo el atractivo anteriormente descrito y dan ganas de dejarlo y ya

      6 people found this helpful

    139. Adam Davis

      Low battery life

      The battery life is not good at all… You only get a day or so out of it and then the batteries will die..

    140. Customer

      Stopped working after 1 month. Tamagotchi Pix – Sky (Purple)

      We replaced the batteries three times and it still does not work. Screen is dark. Return window closed. Only worked for one month. My daughter is sad. =( =( =( =(

    141. ENRIQUE VIba

      Muy entretenido juguete

      Es un juguete que varía mucho el precio. Termine pagándolo más caro que en publicaciones recientes

      One person found this helpful

    142. David Adame Ramírez

      El mejor precio

      Buen producto excelente precio .

    143. Brenda V.

      Bonito regalo

      Esta super. Yo tube uno hace añales y quise regalárselo a mis hijas. Les encantóEs de pilas lo cual no me gustó. Debería ser recargable.Y le faltan más acciones de juego.Pero a mis hijas les encanta.

    144. VirnVirn

      Super cute! I loooove it!

      Super cute! I loooove it! Downside is battery life, need to replace after few days. Also bought silicon case susceptible to scratches.

    145. Juan Carlos Alavez

      Muy bonito y funcional

      Se gasta las pilas muy rápido, tuve que comprar pila recargables

    146. Lynnay Grogan


      Nice game but battery life is short. Need new batteries often.

    147. Jamal


      We did get the item thank you

    148. Cliente de Kindle

      A mi hija le encantó, lo recomiendo mucho!

      Es muy buena opción para regalo!, lo malo que al ser de pilas, estás le duran poco tiempo si los niños lo usan mucho

    149. selenarain

      Great gift!

      Bought as a gift for my 8 year old niece. She loves it! My sister says they play with it together all the time and it’s just like the originals but with cool new features (like a camera). I checked every major store and this is the best price.

      One person found this helpful

    150. Mariia

      Awesome toy ❤️

      My daughter loves it. Nice toy.

    151. Armando Narváez

      Lo recomiendo ampliamente

      El producto llegó antes del tiempo y en buen estado. Muy bonito. Realmente lo recomiendo.

    152. Brenda Taylor

      Childhood memories

      This little toy has been with my granddaughter since Xmas. Over the past 6 months it has been to church, school and the beach. She is definitely attached.

    153. JessicaKesey

      Don’t spend money on this

      The product did not even work for meIt also requires batteries and make sure you have some screwdrivers that are tiny at home because I also had to buy screwdrivers. Then after all of that it was almost impossible to put the battery and I can’t even imagine doing this for a small child. I’m simply a 90s kid that was excited to get this product. And I have a Nintendo switch I am suggest your parents invest in that instead of this. They are a child of games for kids five and up. On the switch that is almost half as much as this product. It was a true disappointment cause I was really excited. Maybe I just got a bad one but it was almost impossible to press the buttons? I’ve been using computers since my childhood and I was not able to get past the set up of the date and time on this mini machine here!

      6 people found this helpful

    154. neal

      Battery doesn’t last long

      Battery has been replaced twice since Christmas. It hasn’t quite been lasting one Tamagotchi life-cycle. The camera seems to take the most juice. My son was complaining that he could still play it except parts that required the camera. Shortly after that, it complains of low battery when turned on at all. I guess we didn’t know what to expect.

    155. UrMom!

      My kid loves it!

      Kid loves it! Battery life isn’t great but if you use rechargeable batteries, it isn’t too bad. The data saves so that battery changes don’t mess your pet. We got a silicone case for it, just for protection, from butter fingers. Lol.

      2 people found this helpful

    156. JL7

      She really loves her dream Christmas gift

      Got it on sale (I believe it was Cyber Monday late night)Super happy to get a colored screen one for her. She is absolutely loves it. She was so happy and rolling on the floor when she opened her gift on Christmas day.

    157. Amazon Customer


      Kind of hard for younger kids to get all features. Small toy easy tossed to side, didn’t capture kids interest.

    158. Viktor de Landazuri


      Es un producto entretenido, de buena calidad e interesante. Pero sin duda hay que tener en cuenta que usa baterías AAA y las consume con muchísima velocidad. Si estás atento y dispuesto a cuidarlo. Es posible que las baterías no duren ni una semana. Habrá que tener en cuenta comprar unas baterías recargables al hacer el pedido. Por eso hay que estar atento al precio del producto y tratar de conseguirlo por debajo de los 45 dólares, para que valga un poco más la pena.

      14 people found this helpful

    159. Wife and mom of 2

      Not working correctly

      My daughter just opened (dec 3, 2022) this and it is not staying running. We have switched out two sets of batteries in and it stops running 🙁 wish i could retun it but bought it in July it was on sale. And its 6 minths later 🙁 Really bummed i wasted my money. 🙁

    160. oscarlim712

      Idea for Christmas

      Childhood toys for Christmas!

    161. brian phillips

      Grand daughter loves it

      Grand daughter loves it

    162. Lisa Klentzman

      Black screen of death

      I barely had this for a full 24 hours and if I don’t constantly use it the screen turns black and I have to reset it everytime. I’ve already changed out batteries mind you I barely had this a day yet and it’s practically unusable.

      One person found this helpful

    163. Amanda L.

      Super fun but drains batteries within 6hrs

      My daughter loved this tamagotchi and we love how many options there are for game play, but it drains batteries so quickly! We bought rechargeable batteries as the manufacturer recommended and it still uses them up within 6hrs even when it is “asleep” and my daughter isn’t playing on it. Very frustrating that we have to unscrew and change batteries so often. That part is really disappointing. If it is going to use batteries up that quickly, it should be able to be plugged in to charge.

    164. Jess


      Buen artículo para regalar a tus hijos, sobrinos e incluso para un adulto, es entretenido

    165. Ashlei de la cruz

      Loved it!!

      Love this little thing ive been wanting to go back to my childhood looking for a Tamagotchi and found this and really love it, its super cute and super fun…just that the battery life sucks on this 🙁

    166. Stephen Tyler

      Granddaughter loved it.

      This was a Christmas present for my granddaughter and she loved it.

    167. Lauren Ingram

      The batteries die on a weekly basis.

      Its environmentally irresponsible and a huge money drain and hassle to constantly have to change the batteries.

    168. Angeles Silva

      La cámara funciona mal

      The media could not be loaded.

       Mi tamagotchi me llegó hoy 3 de enero, apenas lo abrí y empecé a poner mis datos y cuando abrió la cámara todo se veía en negro, después de un rato empezó a dar imagen pero es intermitente como si se apagara la cámara y todo se ve en negro. Pensé qué tal vez al tomar la foto saldría normal pero la realidad es que sale toda en negro, solo cuando presiono el botón en el momento justó sale la foto como debe ser. Me gustaría saber si aplica alguna garantía:(Tenía muchas ilusiones con este juguete

      One person found this helpful

    169. OliverOliver

      Perfeito, muito feliz com a aquisição

      The media could not be loaded.

       Demorou um pouco para chegar, mas tranquilo a caixa chegou intacta sem amassos e bem embalada, produto perfeito mais uma peça para minha coleção.

      One person found this helpful

    170. Caryel


      Excelente producto para coleccionar o regalar

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