TAMAGOTCHI Pix – Floral (Pink)

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    • Connect To Your Friend’s Device To Go On Play Dates, Exchange Gifts And Explore Together. With 17 Various Games, You Can Earn Gotchi Points Or Keep Your Character Happy
    • Collect Numerous Characters And Raise Them Differently For A Variety Of Play. Plus Help Your Characters Find A Profession That They Can Bring Back To The Tamagotchi Planet
    • Includes A Camera To Take Photos With Your Character, Cook, Find New Tamagotchi Friends And Have Your Character Go On Playdates.
    • Touch Buttons Allow You To Interact In A Whole New Way By Customizing Your Items, Bathing Your Character And Petting Your Tamagotchi Character With A Swipe Of A Finger
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    Tamagotchi Pix is the newest generation of your favorite interactive virtual pet with a floral design and pink shell. For the first time ever, the Tamagotchi device has a camera and touch buttons! While maintaining its core Tamagotchi attributes of nurturing, communication, portability, and gaming, your virtual pet is better than ever! Use the camera to help nurture your character by cooking its meals, customizing different items, exploring to find 100 Tamagotchi friends, and so much more. Plus, you can even take pictures WITH your Tamagotchi character!

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    183 reviews for TAMAGOTCHI Pix – Floral (Pink)

    1. KarinaKarina

      Love it

      So cute

    2. A. McArthur

      CUTE but BEWARE: Burns through batteries

      My 7 and 9 year old daughters love this. It is a cute throwback to the 90’s tamagotchi with some clever upgrades (color screen, camera, connectivity to other tamagotchi, multiple animals, personalization of house, etc). My only complaint is that 2 AAA batteries will only get about 30-40 min at a time and then require a screw driver to change. I wish it had the ability to plug in and charge but otherwise it is a cute and fun toy.

    3. Alexandro Alvarado


      It works perfectly

    4. Kelly Gaffney

      Wow why is it so cheap? Over $70+ other places. great deal, wish i bought purple as well. I love it happy with purchase working great

    5. Niebrzydka

      My 5 year old likes it

      Very good quality. Silicone covers are pricey. Buttons not always responding. We have it for few days now and I had to change batteries few times ( little annoying to take the cover off) had to replaced them yesterday and my daughter comes to me first thing in the morning complaining batteries died again! I have meter for batteries so I know they were fully charged before putting them in. Today, I’m going to use rechargeable batteries and hopefully that’s the best solution. Replacing batteries every day or every other day it’s out of question for us.Update: rechargeable batteries are best way to go!

      4 people found this helpful

    6. Amazon Customer

      The battery is not encouraging

      The battery is not encouraging and we will have to return it. I purchased this as a Christmas gift, and from Sunday to yesterday (Monday) the battery ran out. I’m not buying batteries every week. It should be rechargeable. The ones I used back in the 90s lasted a long time. I guess the colors wore the battery on these newer ones out.

    7. I am

      Amazing toy – terrible battery life

      This is really better than the old version we used to have when kidsColors are great, characters are super cute, 100 + activities , it’s really awesome !But honestly , 1 week battery life – 10 days max, serisously ? we are in 2022, it should have usb C charger and be charged for 1 day in 20 min to say the least .. the consumption of batteries is way too much for the toy and really affect the level of interest. My daughter is literally losing interest after couple of months because she has to ask all the times for new batteries and cannot change it by herself between the screw and the clip. The tamagotchi ends up waiting on a shelf for days before we change the batteries again..I wish this was updated..

    8. esteban

      Buen producto, mal envío

      El producto cuenta con lo esperado, pero lo enviaron en un sobre, la burbuja del tamagochi llegó toda rota y comprometió el producto ya que se pudo haber golpeado muy fuerte para que se hubiera roto el plastico protector, deberían enviarlo en caja para evitar posibles daños.

      One person found this helpful

    9. Dana DalrympleDana Dalrymple

      Faulty Product

      Bought this item as a gift, but after first few weeks of use proved to be faulty. Cannot perform all capabilities as it keeps showing the ‘please wait’ prompt and then screen goes blank. Tried to return butreturn window expired and Amazon customer service won’t send a replacement. If you purchase, I recommend purchasing from any retailer other than Amazon in the chance you may need a replacement you will have much better luck.

      2 people found this helpful

    10. Claudio Heredia M


      Compra en EEUU, preparación, envió y recepción en CHILE. todo OK

    11. UsuarioUsuario

      Muy divertido

      Es muy divertido, y tiene muchos minijuegos, muchos amigos por coleccionar, puedes cocinar, hacer álbumes de fotos con tus mascotas, cambiar su habitación, comprar objetos y ponerle accesorios, es más de lo que esperaba, y mandé a hacer una funda para él. Muy japonés toda la experiencia.

      2 people found this helpful

    12. Rain

      Interesting concept!

      I love this tamagotchi! The Tamagotchi Pix has a very unique playstyle of getting close to one’s tama rather than ‘marrying them off’ like in other color releases. All in all, nice to hold and decorative.

    13. Amazon Customer

      Floral Pink has a defect

      Ordered a pink tamagotchi pix and it had a defect. To activate the device, you click the top camera/shutter down, and it was never consistent. It would work sometimes, but most of the time, I would have to click it numerous times before it would turn on. It also ran down the battery at least 2x faster than my other pix. Returned the device and received a replacement pink tamagotchi pix and it has the exact same issue. Never had this issue with the purple one my other child has. So disappointing.

    14. Sam I Am

      Death Is Not Fun

      The emotional impact of coming home to find her character was now a gravestone and crying ghost was pretty intense for a six year old. There was no going back and reviving her dead character. She had only been going to school and doing normal kid things, so I guess she hadn’t checked on the toy for about 36 hours. She then blamed herself for killing the little creature. This was after her first creature accidentally got sent into outer space because she pushed the wrong button and couldn’t reverse that either. An adult might think this was hilarious, but I can’t get over the twisted programming. I would never recommend this. EVER.

      3 people found this helpful

    15. akumatung


      The packaging is very good , the items are the same as the description .

    16. Victoria

      Battery life sucks

      It’s an Ok version of the original. The battery life dies in days and so we had to buy rechargeable AAA’s. It has a bit of a learning curve in the beginning for my 7 year old but now she has the hang of it.

    17. Jessica Pease

      Needed a replacement day one

      This was a gift and I actually had to call for a replacement. Put batteries in it but it wouldn’t stay on. Hopefully the replacement doesn’t having issues.

    18. yasmari

      Battery died not even a week later

      I bought one of these for my daughter for her bday and she loves it. The buttons can be a bit tricky to manage since they aren’t labeled. You have to read the directions many times before we got the hang of it . The battery life (doesn’t come with batteries) was very short. Put new batteries in on Saturday and we had to change them last night, which was Wednesday.

      2 people found this helpful

    19. David

      Buy lots of batteries because you’ll need them.

      You literally have to change the battery every two to three days. Should be rechargeable but instead uses a AA battery which doesn’t last long at all. My daughter likes the toy but it’s hard to figure out and set up at first.

    20. Marilou

      My Niece is happy! Definitely an up grade from the old school Tamagotchi!

      This was a gift and definitely giftable!! Cute, colorful and takes good photo.A little on pricey side for me, but over all she’s happy and that’s what matters!!

    21. BonbonSweetums

      The battery life still sucks.

      I’m indecisive about what I want to rate this. I like it, it’s cute. But the battery life on it is so insanely short. Just like the previous one. Makes it really hard to say it’s worth your time and money.

    22. Humberto

      Gasta rápido las baterías

      Se lo regale a mi hija de 7 años, lo disfruta aun después de 6 meses, el problema son las baterías, no importa de marca compres solo te durará como mínimo 3 semanas no más

    23. SuziQ

      Great product all around

      Great product fast shipping and saved 30 dollars from the Walmart price

    24. KariLynn ‘Khandi’ Myers


      This was a gift. At least the child has not lost interest yet.

    25. Alexandro Alvarado


      It works perfectly

    26. Lauren

      Love the Tama Pix

      I really like some of the new features of the pix. The shell is cute enough, but could be a little more creative. The only thing I didn’t love was the price differences and/or fluctuations. I really wanted the green shell, but it was always $60. I didn’t want to spend that, so I decided on the purple. I forgot about ordering it the one day that I planned to and the price jumped up an extra $10 by the next day. I waited some more to see what the price would do and finally found the pink on sale for less than $35 and just bought it.

    27. Jamie Snow GillisJamie Snow Gillis

      Very adorable!

      I had pre-ordered the Tamagotchi Pix in green but when I saw the pink one was on sale, it was too tempting to pass up! I’ve had it for about 24 hours and absolutely love it so far. I’ve been a collector for years and have quite a few in my collection, and this is one of my favourites so far. The buttons can be frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun. It does remind me of the Tamagotchi On a bit, but with more on-device features and without an app or gene mixing. It’s slightly larger than the On but is smaller than the Tama-Go. Apparently the battery life isn’t great, but Amazon has rechargeables at a great price, so definitely grab a pack to go with your Tamagotchi Pix.

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    28. Kindle Customer

      Cool toy but batteries dies fast.

      Only thing I don’t like it the battery dies so fast. I have to put new batteries every two weeks.

      One person found this helpful

    29. buki

      A great addition to your Tama collection, but…

      I purchased both the pink and purple shell. The tama itself is fun to play and has different games to play and goals to achieve. I will be purchasing the other two shells once they are released as I am a collector. At first I found the buttons to be a little bit difficult. Once I figured out how best to touch them, they were alright. The issue I have comes with battery life. The pink shell plays amazingly and I haven’t had any problems with battery life. The purple shell on the other hand will kill the battery within the hour without having been played at all. I have noticed it gets rather hot, something that I’ve never experienced with the pink Pix or any colored versions Bandai has released in the past. I still would recommend this tama to anyone that collects them or would like to give it was a gift. Just be aware of the battery issue and test it beforehand.

      15 people found this helpful

    30. Brady

      Arrived broken got a new one in return

      It arrived broken but they replaced it it arrived the next day. The tamagotchi itself is kind of annoying to use its hard to get use to the touch screen buttons. The service from the company 4/5. The product itself 3/5(go buy a tamagotchi from Japan or the ones from Walmart they are better.

      One person found this helpful

    31. R. M. Stone

      Daughter loves it

      This thing goes thru a set of batteries every 4 days. But my daughter loves it, so I guess I need to invest in rechargeables.

    32. Engitshun Magee

      Absolutely Love

      I absolutely love the size of it

    33. Jasmin

      Great but bad Cam!

      It’s okay, but not more.Bad cam, low battery life and no new game play.

    34. Jessica

      Don’t buy off Amazon

      I like the Tamagotchi Pix. The animations are fluid, there are a ton of games that change daily and the cooking features the camera to find different dishes, which is a lot of fun.I have heard the button sensitivity is inconsistent between devices. Some are more responsive than others.Also, rechargeable batteries are recommended as they go through batteries fast.With that said, I would NOT order this on Amazon. The box was smashed (for a collector the box is important), the faceplate was knocked out of place by being handled so poorly. Also, the screen and front plate were covered in tiny scratches. They offered me $13 as an apology…

      93 people found this helpful

    35. Pawel P.

      Died after 2 days. Black screen ….

      Died after 2 days. Black screen ….

    36. Jeannette santos

      Don’t buy

      Loved it, it was cute and just how when I was young but stopped working after 3 days put new batteries didn’t comeBack on and tried to reset it nothing wish it had a longer life

    37. Niebrzydka

      My 5 year old likes it

      Very good quality. Silicone covers are pricey. Buttons not always responding. We have it for few days now and I had to change batteries few times ( little annoying to take the cover off) had to replaced them yesterday and my daughter comes to me first thing in the morning complaining batteries died again! I have meter for batteries so I know they were fully charged before putting them in. Today, I’m going to use rechargeable batteries and hopefully that’s the best solution. Replacing batteries every day or every other day it’s out of question for us.Update: rechargeable batteries are best way to go!

      4 people found this helpful

    38. Rebecca

      Not good for young children

      I had to change the batteries almost immediately. This toy is very hard to use. I do not recommend it for young children, it is not user friendly

    39. Leagh Weidick

      Stock up on batteries with this thing

      Bought one for both my girls (11 and 13) for their birthdays since I grew up with the original tamagotchi. They love them and it does everything it says it does. They love the picture taking ability and being able to link them to each other. Only complaint I have is the battery life. Most modern devices can be charged but not this one. If runs on 2 AAA batteries and it’s just eating up our large pack. I changed it only 4 days ago and it’s already dying. Aside from that, it makes a great birthday gift. Just hate it’s not chargeable.

      One person found this helpful

    40. UsuarioUsuario

      Muy divertido

      Es muy divertido, y tiene muchos minijuegos, muchos amigos por coleccionar, puedes cocinar, hacer álbumes de fotos con tus mascotas, cambiar su habitación, comprar objetos y ponerle accesorios, es más de lo que esperaba, y mandé a hacer una funda para él. Muy japonés toda la experiencia.

      2 people found this helpful

    41. Christian Barbosa

      Battery dies super fast!!

      The battery dies wayyy to fast… the touch buttons don’t always work when you touch them

    42. Data Pro

      Dumbest electronic toy ever created. Avoid!

      My daughter wanted one so bad based on an online review. It was a terrible nightmare just getting it setup for first time use. She played with it for 2 days, and now thinks it is stupid. The controls are terrible even if the concept had been fun. Save your money and avoid this toy for your child. No idea on the battery life, since it was only used for 2 days.

      One person found this helpful

    43. Marta Mierzwinski

      Yes, it’s Worth it !

      Super adorable, my daughter is beyond in love with it. This is also a great birthday present idea for little girls. Very durable, the camera sucks but for the price, it’s ok. I’m even going to get one for myself

      2 people found this helpful

    44. Mnda


      very hard unscrew to place the battery. do not recommend

    45. Eve Y.

      Love It!

      A new way to play, my daughter loves it. The package arrived promptly and the tamagotchi is perfect.

    46. alex

      Battery life is horrific

      Well when it is on my daughter likes it but goes through batteries like crazy and is constantly dead. The touch screen buttons are a little glitchy too. I had one when I was young .. so I was so excited to see some old style toys to become popular again. But Do not waist the money on this

    47. lizzie elrod

      Bandai Your Audience isn’t adults

      bandai should stop trying to focus on the child aspect and focus on us adult collectors. We make up most of the sales yet they focus on the children who buy these toys then the parents sell because the child won’t play it.

      5 people found this helpful

    48. Jess


      i saw a lot of mixed reviews regarding the touch censor buttons and camera, the touch buttons work perfect for me, it’s an adjustment if you’re used to the buttons but it really isn’t hard once you get the hang of it & it makes for a lot of cool new game play and interaction!as for the camera, don’t expect iphone quality on a toy, it’s pretty comparable to a DSi camera & that’s expected.i have had some issues with the colour recognition, it seems to have a bit of trouble doing that. like i kept trying to take pictures of pink items (to get pink dye, since you can build and dye furniture on here) but it kept picking up the pink as white.. i think you just need to get it in good lighting.overall i’m super happy with this purchase, i received it brand new in the box & in perfect condition!

      One person found this helpful

    49. Tomas Rivera Rosa

      Cool item!

      Nice little toy

    50. Laura Stephany Orozco Pantoja

      Es lindo pero si método de carga no es el mejor

      A mi hija le encantó, aunque es de pilas y se acaban muy rápido…Debería tener otro método de carga

    51. TLGTLG

      Can’t they make this rechargeable?

      Need to replace battery every couple of weeks or so. Would have been way better if this was rechargeable so that you will not have to open with a screwdriver. There is no tiny screwdriver included in the purchase. As for the game, there’s enough variety of activities to keep an 8yo occupied for a few mins several times a day. The photo and cooking option is a good addition.

      One person found this helpful

    52. mimi

      The box came broken, so I’m upset

      Battery drains quickly.

    53. MonaMona


      The media could not be loaded.

       Amazing!!! This i ordered this on a Wednesday and it came on a Friday, but however it wasn’t turning on. Turns out that one was broken, so i returned and got a replacement, and the replacement works like a charm. Super cute, and easy and fun to play with. I recommend this for all ages. However there is one thing to note that isn’t really an issue, but people reading the review should know that in petting mode that you unlock when you’re an adult, you can enter petting mode when pressing the B button, but you can’t exit it until the screen turns off and when you turn it on again, it will have exited. That’s all, thanks for reading my review! If you’re considering getting a tamagotchi, the pix is great!

    54. bonnie

      Great for 7 year old

      This was a big hit for my animal loving, picture taking daughter. They’ve made some changes to the original version one including the ability to take pictures. You can take pictures of food and feed them to your pet. The unfortunate part about that is that the battery declines much faster the more pictures that are taken. My daughter took a ton of pictures so it drained very quickly and we had to change batteries within a week time frame.

    55. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Tamagotchi is great; delivery not so much

      Delivery driver left all the buildings packages sitting in the lobby when Amazon said “package delivered to a safe place.” No attempt was made to use the intercom or knock on my door. Box was quite damaged when I opened the package.The toy itself is great and the whole family is enjoying it!

      3 people found this helpful

    56. FishHuntNW

      I remember kids having these growing up

      My daughter is at the age where she is into taking care of things. This was such a great idea for her, and gives her something to take care of. My only issue with it is the buttons are a little hard at times to work. The swiping action isn’t clear sometimes and for a kid can be a little confusing. The images are good but the built in camera is a little weak. Good for a kid but it’s is 2023 and I expect a little more… Super fun for my daughter she loves it!

    57. Marina Neri Mejía

      Muy bonito y moderno

      Me encanto el diseño y el color

      2 people found this helpful

    58. Spencer Jensen

      Fun toy My daughter loves it, few draw backs

      Pros: It’s fun and keeps you busy with new things to do-Cute and very interactive-Screen display is very nice and colorfulCons: It needs a battery and it won’t lasted longer than a day or so of off and on play. To top it off the battery door screw is abnormally small and annoying-Taking the first picture is impossible to do alone as the camera is on The back of the unit opposite side from the screen.(best to have someone take it for you)

    59. Abigail

      great toy but….

      This is a great toy! Its fun, there are lots of things to do, you can take photos, play mini games, shop, and harvest! But you do need to replace the batters frequently. I have probably changed 6 times since i got it for Christmas. That is most likely because it will turn on by itself if it needs something. Not only that but i keep getting the same tamagotchi character… but never the less it is a fun toy that I have had lots of fun with!(tip! when your tamagotchi becomes an adult get his or hers happy level to full and something cool will happen when they go back to the tamagotchi planet )

      One person found this helpful

    60. iPad Fan

      Battery instantly running out

      I bought this for my daughters 6th birthday and having massive issues with batteries. It is instantly running out after 10 mins so I’m going to have to return if and break her heart. It says if I order another one it will take over 3 weeks. I’m beyond devastated for her….

    61. Hollie Rouse


      The media could not be loaded.

       SUOER AWESOME! we got it for my 5 yr old daughter for Christmas and she loves it! It looks complicated, but once you start playing with it, it completely explains itself and gets easy. It continues to do more and more stuff as it goes and as you play with it. Make sure you set the time and date so that at night it sleeps when they sleep. I can’t put into words how awesome it is. Gives them something to take care of and play with at the same time! You continue just to play, feed, take outside, take pictures, unlock stuff etc. as it grows and does more. She has been so attentive to it. So glad we got her and her little friends one all for Christmas so they can play together and also, it connects together! We haven’t did that yet. It’s only day 2 since Christmas, but so far it has done so much stuff! I hope my video and review helps someone!

      44 people found this helpful

    62. Elena D

      Yes! This is an awesome toy!

      The toy is awesome. It has a camera. It has a lot of great features. Batteries go too fast… I wish it was rechargeable. 🙁

      One person found this helpful

    63. R. Daniel

      Good item for the kids

      Great item to keep the kids happy

    64. VSG

      Muy bonito, pero agota muy rápido las baterías

      Muy bonito, a mi hija le encanto, pero la batería dura muy poco; probaré la opción de instalar baterías recargables

    65. Kristy kaplan

      Fun made me feel like a kid again

      I’ve had to change out the batteries every day I love it but make sure you have rechargeable batteries

    66. Aubrey Ray

      Battery does.not last long

      My 8 year old daughter LOVES it. But buying batteries all the times is annoying.

    67. Daniel

      My mom let me buy this it was 48 or 47 dollars

      I like this tamagotchi very much i like characters their super cute!!! But I hate the battery’s my dad or my grandpa has to change the battery’s and one time weWent camping some of my family members said they like it. And why I bought it because i never had one well thats all.

      One person found this helpful

    68. Kristy Morales

      Horrible item.

      Bought this as a Christmas gift for my 7 yr old who has been begging for one. She was so excited. Went out and bought brand new batteries and she started playing. Not even 10 mins later it turned off. Couldn’t get it back on. Had to reset it. She played more and then later that night went to bed. This morning it won’t turn on and won’t reset. Is it defective? If not, the the batteries drain within a day and that is ridiculous. Now I have a very upset and disappointed 7 yr old.

      One person found this helpful

    69. Kristie

      I can’t get the screw out to insert battery

      This product is cheaply made. I’ve been trying for 3 days to get the screw out to insert the battery. It should not be this difficult. My daughter has yet to even be able to play with it due to this problem. 10 out of 10 DO NOT recommend.

    70. JR

      Battery life is terrible. Waste of $40

      Battery lasted through 2 hours of play intermittently. Screen, options, animations awesome. Wish the battery lasted. When you do replace the battery you have to restart the game all over so who has a chance to even let it grow? What’s the actual point of it then? Such a waste of money. If I hadn’t thrown the box out in the mad rush of christmas wrapping cleanup, it would have been returned the next day. So disappointed. A charger for the toy would have been a good thought. The screw was nearly impossible to get out, no I’m not 4 I know what tools I need to open a toy, so it isn’t “user error”. I found the trick was loosen as much as possible, the stick something thin-i used tweezers and pry open-no harm is done since the screw isnt actually in anymore, screws back in good after that. I wasted more time removing the screw than my child did actually playing the game.

      One person found this helpful

    71. Amazon Customer

      Devours batteries

      It’s a cute toy, but having to replace the batteries every 3 days is garbage. This toy should be rechargeable with a cable, cause we are flying through batteries. And no my kids aren’t on them all the time. Wish I’d known they’d eat through batteries like this before purchasing.

    72. Chantelle


      How cool – my first colour Tamagotchi.I actually only went through one lifecycle with this because I found the camera a little bit OTT. The battery lasted 2 weeks. I can’t afford to buy 1000 batteries and rechargeable just don’t do the job. A fun gimmick for a week or two but a grand addition to the collection.

      One person found this helpful

    73. Itzyali Segovia

      Súper interactivo

      La durabilidad de las pilas es muy poca con el uso

    74. JiaJia

      Es simplemente perfecto

      Lo único malo es q usa muchas pilas

    75. Brilynn’s Mom


      Gift for my daughter’s birthday. She loved it!

    76. Ariane

      Still haven’t figured out how this works

      This tamagotchi has a lot of options that I am still trying to figure out. Maybe too many options. The tamagotchi seems to never be happy. Overall its a cute little toy but might be too complicated for a younger child.

      One person found this helpful

    77. Jackie

      Difficult to explain how to use to my 5 year old granddaughter

      This was a Christmas gift. Difficult to explain instructions to a 5 year old. Would not recommend for a 5 year old. She became disinterested in playing with it because of the difficulty.

    78. James A. FaulknerJames A. Faulkner

      Expensive but worth it

      The media could not be loaded.

       Great but expensive

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    79. Wicked_Wisteria_Apothecary LLC

      Great picture

      My daughter loves it and the picture is so much better than the older version. But I would buy rechargeable batteries to save money, as they do not last long.

      One person found this helpful

    80. Dulce NavarreteDulce Navarrete

      Producto utilizado

      El tamagotchi viene en una bolsa, no viene en su empaque original, el botón de reset viene pintado,no trae mica protectora de pantalla. Viene rayado de atrás.

    81. Lizzy Lou

      Thought my girls would love this, they did not

      Nostalgia won me over and I got these for my 8 and 5 year old as Easter basket gifts. They were interested for about a day, I took care of them for about a week, and now they are dead in a drawer. Definitely more fun in a pre-tablet world and there isn’t a real place for them now.

    82. Bunny BatesBunny Bates

      Absolutely Love

      adorablee!! i love it so much ive had it for a day and im obsessed! battery life seems pretty good as of right now. I did have some difficulties removing the back to add the batteries but i figured out you have to kind of snap it out of place! anyways I love it however it might be a little overpriced l but its still a great toy!

      One person found this helpful

    83. Jeane with an ‘E’Jeane with an ‘E’

      First Impressions by a life-long collector + Updates

      ************** UPDATE *****************I’ve had a few more generations of tamagotchi and so far it’s been pretty good. I’ll add some more impressions:- It does have an ok replay value, as you do get to unlock different characters / items etc.- I do like the ending aspect – the tamagotchi will select a career and go back to Tamagotchi Planet, selecting a new egg for you to raise.- The camera not as good at distinguishing colors from the picture and the color choices are very limited- I feel like the ‘phone’ option had a lot of potential but at the end didn’t really deliver- The battery life is about 5 days on regular AAAs, with medium brightness and sound on. This is improved with higher capacity rechargeable batteries.Overall still pretty happy with the tamagotchi, and am looking forward on getting another to connect.******************************************************************************============ Original Review ============================First off, I’m a 30-something tamagotchi collector (since 1998 or so) so this review is from my perspective.I’ve been running the new Tamagotchi Pix for a few days and I thought I’d share my first impressions so far.1. Screen does scratch easily, so screen protector is recommended.2. Buttons are the biggest negative on this version. Though the touch buttons are a welcome innovation, it’s very buggy. When I touch one button, about 20~30% of the time, the next button will be pressed (which means if I want to ‘Accept – B button press’ it will ‘Cancel – C button press’ instead. The swipes will sometimes not get registered either, making games more cumbersome to play and get a good score.3. Other basic interface is similar to previous newer generation color tamagotchis, which may or may not be good, since there is familiarity but also nothing impressively different.4. Camera quality is as posted above (pic of our dog), it is what you’d expect on a toy.5. The interactions using the camera are cute (like taking pictures of food to use it for cooking, exploring the ‘real world’) but there could be more of them perhaps.6. The ‘wake’ interaction can be a bit annoying but I suppose it’s to conserve battery (would be nice if they’d change it to re-chargeable internal batteries). The screen will go dark after a short period of idle and you’ll have to press the camera button to wake the tamagotchi, which displays a loading screen, then the tamagotchi itself.7. QR code functionalities are pretty awesome.I haven’t tried the connection functionality since I only have 1 tamagotchi at this point.Overall, it has enough new functions that I feel is worth buying / collecting but I do wonder if there would be future iterations that fix the obvious issues this has and if it would be worth waiting.I’ll update this review with further impressions soon.

      146 people found this helpful

    84. JuanAlberto


      Las funciones que tiene el Tamagotchi son muy entretenidas para mi hija, hay que comprar buenas pilas porque se las acaba muy rápido

      One person found this helpful

    85. Gerardo A.

      Used it for a day and a half, and so far we have changed the battery twice

      My daughter got it for Christmas Day, so far we have changed the battery twice (used it for a day and a half)

    86. Ashley Reed

      Dies every two days

      The battery life is awful. The color finding on the camera is the worst. Blue always comes up as red. My daughter still loves it minutes the battery life but it atleast saves your character during battery changes.

    87. Rhiannon Monroe

      Order was fine but I hate the new buttons

      Everything about this tamagotchi is so cool except the new buttons. They’re kind of like a touch screen and it’s really hard to use. You wind up pressing the wrong buttons a lot and I think a lot of kids would have a hard time with it. It’s honestly bad enough that I’d suggest releasing a second version with actual buttons, I’d probably buy that.

    88. Fernando Rivera O

      es bueno

      la bateria se acaba rapido, es mejor con recargable.

    89. SaraSara


      A mi hija le encanto

    90. Amanda hart

      Way to hard to use-not real buttons

      Irritated, extremely difficult to use with the stupid “buttons” my kid doesn’t use it after hours of trying to get the hang of it, she gave up.

    91. Krystal

      Everything daughter wanted kills battery too fast

      We ste constantly changing the battery even if she doesn’t play it. She only gets it on the weekend and so 5 days she doesn’t have it and the batter still dies

    92. Kyle

      Button not sensitive

      I got 2x for my kids, but feel little disappointed because button are not sensitive and sound too low, my kids always miss some notification.

    93. ruby

      a friend 🙂

      i got the tamagotchi pix as my first ever tamagotchi and after having it for many months i think it was a great choice. it’s simplistic compared to some of their other earlier colour screen models but holds my attention and interest better than the classic tamagotchis would. it’s easy to earn gotchi points playing minigames throughout the day even while multitasking, and there’s a lot of fun to have with the camera feature (but dont expect a hd photo n_n;) keep in mind im a college student and not a kid and i find entertainment in the simplest of things. may not hold a childs attention as well as it holds mine lol

      One person found this helpful

    94. Cassandra


      Bought this for my sister and she loved it 🙂 the camera is a little fuzzy but I wasn’t expecting it to be incredible

    95. mandy

      Daughter loved, battery life sucks.

      My daughter and her friends had so much fun with this tamagotchi. At $40 I expected the battery to last longer than 4 days.

    96. Al

      Hard to use

      For the price I thought it would be way better. was hard to figure out at first. I have only had a few weeks and had to change the batteries 3 times already!! Had I kept the box I would have returned it.

    97. EugD

      Expensive, battery lasts 2 days, lost interest fast

      Eh…it’s not really fun. Bought this for my 6 year old who was begging for one. It’s an expensive toy that doesn’t provide much in return. The battery dies almost immediately and they toy just isn’t very fun. Her tamagotchi lasted a couple days and became a child…only to be forgotten about and left to literally die. Sort of tragic for a six year old. Thankfully, she’s so disinterested in the toy that it’s no big deal. Waste of $60.

      One person found this helpful

    98. Nick

      Do not buy

      I bought this for my daughter as a birthday present. We put fresh batteries in it. It worked for all about a day of that. It wouldn’t turn back on after that. We tried to reset it, but still, nothing. Not worth the time or hassle of buying these. Not the same from my younger years. These are trash

      One person found this helpful

    99. Customer

      Cool update for collectors

      So I adore tamagotchis, and it came down to a choice between this one and a pre-loved one that would take weeks to arrive. Glad I chose this one.I liked:-It’s very cute (even though it’s pink)-Many new features – such as swiping – not just the camera (which works surprisingly well)-Clarity and quality of screen and smoothness of animations – blows the old one away-New touch buttons (I have looong nails but have no problem using them.)-Characters are amusing-Games are fun and you can win-Ability to share on social (not that I will, but it’s cool to have)Not wild about:-No towns to unlock and visit (“Explore” is not a destination vacation to me). Miss the towns.-The fact that the tama will go back home in a week unless I tell it not to-No twins – love twins-The pic use is limited; doesn’t work the way it is depicted on the marketing material

    100. Sabrina BolanosSabrina Bolanos

      Fun for tama lovers

      This is a perfect gift for anyone who has ever loved tamagotchis… the aesthetics are everything.

    101. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

      Tamagotchi is better than ever!

      I love Tamagotchi and I have a wide range of versions. To name a few, I have the originals, the Angelgotchi, the ocean and bug themed ones, all of the Connections, and a lot of the Japanese color-screens such as TMGC+C, iD, iDL, P’s, and m!x. I have the On as well.In my opinion, this is a fantastic and engaging version that is sure to hold my attention for a long time. It might not be the absolute best, I’m not sure yet–but it’s excellent, and that’s what matters.GOOD:- The smooth animations are a welcome upgrade, and the character close-ups are nice and big.- There are a lot of games. The biggest problem with previous color-screen Tamagotchis is that there were very few games. This one has 6 at the arcade, 2 under the play button, and others in other areas of the device. The games are really fun and varied and the arcade only has 2 games at a time, so it’s fun to see what games will be available each day.- The room backgrounds on this version are some of the greatest in my opinion. I especially LOVE the broadway background.- There are goals and little things to do each day. Unlocking all the items, trying to cook all the foods, and meeting all the characters… It’s going to be fun trying to reach all the goals. And there’s a daily lottery, and you can grow fruit by going to your garden each day (instead of having to go to the Farm like on the On).- Photos are a really nice gimmick. Meeting different characters depending on the color detected by the camera, taking photos of two things to make a recipe depending on the colors, and taking photos to get colors for painting items. Oh yeah, customizing the color of accessories and adding furniture to your room are nice features too.- The camera is better than I had expected. The colors on the camera aren’t very bright, but it can take pretty decent quality photos for the size, and they look good if it’s an outdoor photo. See the photo I attached of my cat on the porch… she doesn’t look happy though, lol.FLAWS:- The battery life is pretty bad. It seems to vary a lot. I put in batteries and they died within 24 hours. Then I put in more batteries from the exact same pack and they lasted 5 days. I think it depends heavily on how much the camera function is used.And what do I think of the touch buttons?I was terrible with them at first. But now I have gotten used to them and I find them very comfortable and convenient. When it comes to the A and C buttons, I mostly just touch the general left and right parts of the front plastic instead of touching the circles specifically.

      55 people found this helpful

    102. Josi

      Cute but it should be rechargeable

      Battery life is ridiculous! My daughter got it for Christmas and in 2 days it was over. I’ve asked her to quit taking so many pictures and it still just lasted a week. Honestly, this is a bummer. It should come with a charger and be done with it. This is really a set back. I was going to get her another one in blue but I’ve given up.

    103. Scott


      The installations are to small to read, so we don’t know how it works

    104. A. Franklin

      Buttons difficult

      The buttons are sometimes too touchy and other times don’t work. Overall, about what I expected. My 7 year old is struggling a bit with what to do but likes it.

    105. Ranay B

      Our granddaughter loves her Tamagochi.

      Loves it

    106. Angel Cdgl

      Excelente juguete

      Encontrar y reencontrar este juguete de la infancia me hizo desear comprarlo para mis hijos. A diferencia de el Tamagochi clásico está versión cuenta con más actividades y objetos que al ir avanzando de nivel se van desbloqueando. Hasta este momento llevamos 4 generaciones de Tamas y en cada uno de ellos encontramos sorpresas agradables, el juguete requiere de dos pilas AA que efectivamente hay que remplazar cuando pierden energía, esto no significa que se pierda el avance del juego que se lleva, una vez reemplazando las baterías da la opción de continuar o iniciar de nuevo, la preocupación de cualquiera es que se invierta más tiempo en el juego y se desatiendan obligaciones por mantener al personaje, esto puede no ser así ya que al “madurar” se habilita la opción de contratar una niñera, esta opción se encuentra en el icono de teléfono y seleccionando la opción canguro, lo que hace fácil que dejen el juguete mientras van a la escuela o estudiando el tiempo que necesiten. Pueden encontrar mayor información en la página de tamagochi ( hay una versión traducida al español) donde viene el manual, los personajes y actividades a realizar para conseguir ítems para sus personajes…Sin duda un excelente obsequio para los pequeños y no tan pequeños

      5 people found this helpful

    107. Angelica


      El artículo llegó dañado, no tira la foto. Si lo dejas de tocar por 10 segundos se apaga y hay que reiniciar con el botón de reset.

      One person found this helpful

    108. Ming Leah


      My daughter asked for a Tamagotchi for Christmas which is super nostalgic for me as I had one growing up. So no complaints here about taking care of it when she’s at school! The features are great but I wish the buttons were a bit better designed.

    109. Jayaprakash N. Velecheti

      Not worth buying

      This doesn’t work and very frustrating for the kid. Tries youtube videos but it’s functioning doesn’t match with any and after a point it just says error. Waste of money

    110. Rachael K

      Great gift for a kid

      My 11 year old loves this. I gave it to her for her birthday and she plays with it all the time.

    111. David & Chrissy


      I really had high hopes for this. The battery doesn’t even last 3 days!! Who wants to keep buying batteries and restarting the game??? I really wish I would have returned it. I dont recommend this at all.

    112. Melanie

      Drains battery

      My daughter loves her tamagotchi but we keep having to change batteries. Not sure if it’s defective one. We put good quality batteries but need to replace way to often.

      One person found this helpful

    113. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      The tamagotchi toy needs the battery changed two times a day

      The tamagotchi toy is fun but it drains the battery

      One person found this helpful

    114. Hernan Agudelo



    115. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      The tamagotchi toy needs the battery changed two times a day

      The tamagotchi toy is fun but it drains the battery

      One person found this helpful

    116. Janay dossie

      Love it

      My daughter really love this toy. I got it for Christmas only con is the battery life suck but we usually keep batteries so no problem here

    117. PotterFamily07

      But extra batteries

      We had to change batteries within 2 days of purchase. I guess you’re not supposed to play with it multiple times a day. My child is enjoying it but as a parent it seems super old fashioned and overpriced.

    118. Lizzie_dh

      Ok but could be better

      Overall pleased with product, however a suggestion to improve… would be better if it was charged with a USB cord… the battery life is not sustainable, have to use rechargeable…

    119. Tiffany DTiffany D

      Packaging came damaged

      Won’t know until after Christmas if the damage to this caused any side effects will keep you updated

    120. Leimanu

      My daughter loves it

      It’s such a cute toy. My 11 year old loves it. Only downside is that it drains batteries. Rechargeable batteries are worth it.

    121. Cliente de Amazon

      Muy bonito y entretenido

      Muy buena calidad, en tamagotchi nace y crece pudiendo hacer muchas cosas con el, tiene hasta un canguro que lo cuida cuando no puedes atenderlo .Lo único malo es que gasta muchas pilas, le duran 8 días aprox, es buena opción ponerle pilas recargablesA mi hija le gusto mucho

    122. Mónica HM

      Duración baterías

      Las baterías le duran muy poco y no hay posibilidad de cargarlo , únicamente es por baterías

    123. Brittany Nicole Roach


      Battery needs to be changed weekly. Can get pretty costly.

      One person found this helpful

    124. Amazon Customer

      Great product, but battery life is terrible with energizer and duracell

      My daughter enjoys the product but the battery life feels like I’m changing them every 2 days. I feel this would be a much better product if they had either a rechargable feature or some way to make the batteries last longer. It’s not like we are using the cheap batteries either, we have tried duracell copper tops as well as energizer max and cant seem to get more than 3 days top out of them. We tried rayovac but it died literally the next day. She is not leaving it on constantly either, she checks on it for about 5 minutes at a time, then leaves it alone for a good while before checking on it again. Other than that though, she has a lot of fun with it and I feel it is good to teach her some responsibility.

      2 people found this helpful

    125. Nicolas

      excellent toy, highly recommend

      excellent toy, highly recommend

    126. Brittany S.Brittany S.

      For Christmas

      Got this as a Christmas present for my 6 year old, she has been asking for one for forever. I’m not sure how well it works but the product is as described and really cute. It was on sale and I got it a lot cheaper here then in store.

    127. TheModestZinnia

      Battery usage is terrible, but very nostalgic

      I bought two Tamagotchi Pix for my daughter and I. I wanted her to partake and enjoy a toy that I had very fond memories with. I have not picked up a Tamagotchi since childhood, which consisted of the old black pixilated screen. Seeing a Tamagotchi in color was great, along with the ability to take pictures and really interact with your Tama in a way that wasn’t possible when I was a child.The big issue I have is the battery life. This device sucks up the battery so quickly when you are having to use anything in regards to the camera. Keep in mind that this is Tamagotchi Pix so many of the perks involve the ever so important camera. My suggestion is to purchase rechargeable batteries or to purchase a very large pack of AAA batteries. Expect to go through 2 AAA batteries every 2-5 days depending how heavily you are using the camera. The shortest I went before a battery change was 2 days (this was with heavy usage of the camera – cooking, exploring, playdates, gift giving/receiving, daily website missions etc).It is the battery life that is actually preventing me from investing in the green and blue Tama. The company really needs to fix this issue in regards to the terrible battery drainage. I don’t know if its a flaw, but my daughter have Pink and Purple- both continue to encounter the fast battery drainage issue.Cant emphasize enough how nostalgic it is, but get ready to spend $15-$20 on batteries a month for a heavy user or invest in enough rechargeable batteries for a fully-charged change every 2 days for heavy usage. If your gifting this item, do the receiver a favor and buy the batteries to get them through at least 2 weeks (I’m sure him/her will catch on after the first week in regards to battery consumption).

    128. Erin

      Quit working

      This was my kid’s favorite toy she may have ever gotten. It was super fun and had so many more features than other digital pets we’ve gotten (she LOVES taking care of “pets”). Unfortunately, it just stopped working one day. I changed all the batteries which made it work for about 5 minutes and it shut off again. Tried definitely brand new batteries and same thing.Since it seemed to be malfunctioning after having it for only a month, I tried to contact customer service. The tamagotchi pix website doesn’t have customer service info anywhere on it, which is notable. I finally found info on the Bandai website, sent an email to customer service in May. No response other than the automated “we got this and will be in contact.” Sent another in early August. Now it’s almost September and I still haven’t received any customer support. I think it’s safe to say they don’t do customer service well, and at worst they know this is an issue on an expensive product and don’t want to deal with it.It’s really disappointing because otherwise, I would’ve given this product 5 stars. It’s the best digital pet I’ve seen. It should be great, and if we’d accidentally broken it I would’ve probably bought another for birthday/Christmas. My daughter has asked at least once a week, every week if I’ve heard from customer service because she liked it that much. I even *wanted* to babysit it when she left. It’s honestly a huge disappointment.

      One person found this helpful

    129. Gaby Reyes Gaby Reyes

      Will need a new battery in one or two month

      I loved it for my 9 year old daughter I got the pink one and it is amazing there so many memories on her tamagotchi

    130. Oriana Rizales

      it is awful!!

      The battery of this toy does not last at all. My niece plays with it for 2 days and I have to buy new batteries. I don’t recommend it, it’s a waste of money

    131. Rachelle


      OK item but the buttons are so hard to press for my daughter sometimes it acts like the buttons are stuck or she can’t do some things it would be better if this one had actual buttons like the older ones.

    132. CarlosCarlos

      Envío super rápido, sin complicaciones el producto es tal cual lo ofrecido se ve de buena calidad

      Excelente inversión a buen precio y calidad

    133. Claudia de Cobos

      Good toy

      My daughters was excited

    134. Comments101

      The buttons are terrible.

      1990s fun using discount 1990s tech. The buttons were frustratingly unresponsive and the menus were poorly designed. Packaging was damaged and not as shown on the photographs. Might as well just download an app for your phone nowadays. Very young children might find it appealing, but when the Tamagotchi dies from lack of care then you’ll have a different issue to resolve.

    135. Cindy Giles

      Kids only played a couple times then got bored/One Kid got addicted

      First of all, the kids only played it for a few times. Got it as a gift and everyone seemed to like it for a while. My child got addicted to it and one completely didn’t care about it! The child who got addicted would cry when it died and when the battery was out, which was about every 5 minutes. Do not recommend at all, horrible.

    136. Amanda krum

      Not worth

      The buttons are hard to get to work. I ordered two for my kids for Christmas and both of them are almost impossible to enjoy. The buttons do not want to work.

    137. Jessy

      Black Screen

      I purchased the floral pink Tamagotchi Pix recently. Within 5 minutes of my daughter playing, the screen went black. By clicking the “camara button” the screen should turn back on but still didn’t. It kept doing the same thing over no matter what we did to fix the problem. So unfortunately I’m sending it back.

    138. Saúl Ibarra

      Tamagotchi Original

      Este Tamagotchi fue un regalo para mi hija, y lo ha disfrutado mucho, la calidad del producto es muy buena y cumplió con las expectativas de mi hija, lo recomiendo mucho!!!

      One person found this helpful

    139. Shemazow

      A step up from the 90’s version

      A lot of instructiona to figure out but evently we figured out the basics. It does beep a lot with alerts. Curious what it will do at night. Hopefully it goes into a ‘sleep’ mode. Definitely a step up with additional features from the 90’s version.

    140. Miguel angel

      Funciona bien pero no lo recomiendo

      La verdad no lo recomiendo. No se le entiende bien al funcionamiento y además funciona con pilas que se acaban bastante rápido.

    141. T. Graham

      Buy a couple hundred AAA batteries as well

      Batteries didn’t even last three days. Good grief.

    142. Andrea

      Buena compra

      Llegó en buen estado y a tiempo

    143. Moonie

      Batteries die after 5 days

      This is a good toy, my kid loved it. But you have to replace the 2 AAA batteries after only 5-7 days depending on how much you use it. Luckily it does not reset while you change the battery, but still…that’s really poor design.

    144. NatalliaNatallia

      Great size, good quality, and fun.

      Love this tamagotchi, very fun to play, colorful, has lots of different things in it. Great size, bigger than original tamagotchi. It’s good to have batteries that are rechargeable. Also, you can live you tamagotchi character for few hours alone and nothing bad will happen. Definitely worth it. Very cute characters as well.

    145. Myujikku

      Nice idea but not worth it

      For starters this thing uses batteries and is not rechargeable despite having an lcd screen and camera. It’s also insanely picky about how you put in the batteries and the back is a pain to get off and switch them. Cute tamagotchi and the idea was great. Super cute looking. Not worth it though. Not worth the hassle.

    146. IV Gar

      Goes thru a new set of batteries every week.

      Battery life is extremely poor.

    147. Sonia

      Its adorable

      Soo cute!

    148. Clayton Parks


      My daughter likes it, so I am happy. It was just what she wanted.

    149. Frank Sliva

      Great Product/Toy

      My daughter loves it, battery life isn’t the best but definitely kept the kids entertained.

    150. molly connolly

      Bad battery usage

      Brand new batteries do not last more than one day with minimal usage 10 minutes or less. I have replace the batteries three times with brand new batteries each time and they will not last more than one day. The instruction manual says the batteries should last for seven days, but this is my second time purchasing this product, and both products had deficient battery usage.

    151. JiaJia

      Es simplemente perfecto

      Lo único malo es q usa muchas pilas

    152. CamilaCamila

      It was great and I got it for cheaper price than in stores

      It was great worked perfectly:))

    153. Ashley Williams

      Not like when we were kids !!

      Technology has advanced too much for this to be fun for a small child. This was too much to operate for my 6 year old. I have it to my 11 year old and she was not amazed at all.

    154. Chester Copperpot

      Needs new batteries every two days

      My 9yo is supremely happy with this toy. She loves all the new features and plays with it often. Her BFF got one too and their pets have had play dates and they have sent messages to each other. So fun! What we do not love is that we have already had to replace the batteries three times in a week. Every time you replace the batteries, you have e to start over again with your tama.Pros: easy to use, adorable, tons of fun new features, play dates with friendsCons: extremely short battery life, low quality pics

    155. Rhiannon Monroe

      Order was fine but I hate the new buttons

      Everything about this tamagotchi is so cool except the new buttons. They’re kind of like a touch screen and it’s really hard to use. You wind up pressing the wrong buttons a lot and I think a lot of kids would have a hard time with it. It’s honestly bad enough that I’d suggest releasing a second version with actual buttons, I’d probably buy that.

    156. mrinnermrinner

      Waste of money, only to collection

      Sensor buttons are very glitchi, very annoying. Battery life is short, after 2 days I cant even take a photo. Get it only for collecting purposes.

    157. Lanae Cherry

      Waste of money and time

      I ordered this twice for my daughter as a bday gift in Oct. It never lasted past one day of play. It was fun when it was active but ate through batteries like a fish needs water. Each day it would indicate the battery icon, so we’d replace them. It’d last a part of the day and then return with the same icon.Bought the most expensive, optimal batteries to no avail. I returned both after experiencing the same issues in both. Because of the new technology for the digipets, it uses entirely too much battery power to enjoy. Too much for such a small device. Not worth the hassle of purchasing.

      One person found this helpful

    158. Maya

      Cute but buttons are hardly responsive

      I consider myself a long time tama collector. I do love most of the new ideas they’re implementing in the Pix and I can’t wait to check everything out.First and foremost the biggest drawback for me are the A, B, and C buttons being touch sensitive instead of push buttons, ONLY because they really don’t work as they shouldn’t most of the time. I actually returned my first one because I thought it was defective. Really frustrating to see this be such a fail, the buttons are a big part of the experience. The camera is kind of a joke, like I feel like they just got a good deal on a big batch of cameras leftover from the early 2000’s and stuck them in the pix and programmed around them. I get that this is a toy and only $60 but I truly believe it’s possible to acquire cheaper quality cameras in this decade.Beyond those couple pretty major issues, I’m still excited to explore the pix more and interact with the characters.

    159. Labiba MalikLabiba Malik

      Very cute!

      I got this for a friend, she loved it!

    160. Leimanu

      My daughter loves it

      It’s such a cute toy. My 11 year old loves it. Only downside is that it drains batteries. Rechargeable batteries are worth it.

    161. Sunshinemom

      Nope!! Not worth it.

      Bought this for my 10 yr old as part of her Xmas wish list and I’m disappointed because it stopped working and she can’t play as she wanted.

    162. Brenda Julieta Villagran DiazBrenda Julieta Villagran Diaz

      Llego rápido y muy bien !!! Esta padrisimo !!!

      Me encanto !!!

    163. Ayesha

      Pathetic Product!

      An absolute waste of time and money!This crappy little ‘thing’ is cheaply made, has no batteries and is made with far less thought and care than a plastic bottle cap which doesn’t screw on.

      One person found this helpful

    164. m

      brand new replacements already scratched in packaging

      i was very excited to get a tamagotchi pix but was extremely disappointed after finding out that it had scratches all overi replaced it twice, the first one was scratched up, and the second one was even worse than the pretty sure i was being sent refurbished/used ones instead of brand new despite choosing the new optionthe replacements just got progressively worse and it was exhausting just having to replace one after anotherive never had something like this happen before and this experience was beyond dissatisfactory 🙁

      3 people found this helpful

    165. A J McGowan

      Utterly appalling

      This is undoubtedly the worst thing I’ve ever spent money on. And I have been, at times, a profligate spender. It is completely impossible to set up. The buttons do seemingly different things each time you press them. Good luck setting the language. You will persevere and with good fortune you will eventually overcome this obstacle. After that though you need to set the date and time. Just about possible providing you are not used to any type of well thought through user interface and have a huge amount of time and luck. When it comes to setting the name and taking a photo (are you really sure? It asks, as if it knows how terrible it has been programmed to be) you are doomed. I got this far, then i filled a basin full of water and threw the thing in. This was the most satisfying part of the ownership experience. I then apologised to my 6 year old daughter (thankfully this was not her only gift) and promised we would go shopping for something not designed by incompetent muppets. Anything, however awful, has to be better than this. Burn your money, flush it down the toilet if you wish. But please please don’t buy this dreadful insult to toy making…

      4 people found this helpful

    166. Josi

      Cute but it should be rechargeable

      Battery life is ridiculous! My daughter got it for Christmas and in 2 days it was over. I’ve asked her to quit taking so many pictures and it still just lasted a week. Honestly, this is a bummer. It should come with a charger and be done with it. This is really a set back. I was going to get her another one in blue but I’ve given up.

    167. Philip

      Tamagotchi PIX

      Great new TMGC. Like this version a lot, great with touch buttons and the screen is bigger and better than the Meets. Different feel with more frames per second, camera interactions is great can’t wait to get more into it.Sadly delivery wasn’t that good, the box was shipped in just a bubble wrap bag so the box was smashed..

    168. Darlene Ortiz Vidot

      Se los compre a mis sobrinas, sin embargo encuentro que el precio es muy elevado

      Se los compre a mis sobrinas, sin embargo encuentro que el precio es muy elevado además de que pensaba que vendría con baterías ya que se agotan con rapidez.

    169. laura fredes

      Un super regalo de cumpleaños

      Mi hija amo su tamagotchi lo lleva a todos lados es súper entretenido. Los juegos y actividades van aumentando a medida que crece. El envío a Colombia súper rápido llegó una semana antes de.lo esperado

    170. Stop.Drop.Disney

      A nice addition to the tamagotchi family

      Not the typical gameplay but that’s why it’s fun! I enjoyed the camera feature very much and the mini games are a blast as well. I would definitely recommend to collectors and casual tama players!

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    171. NH

      Christmas Gift

      It needs two AAA batteries. Thankfully my husband has a tool set with the miniature screwdriver to open it, but the battery life doesn’t last long at all. It literally lasted for one day and I used brand new batteries straight out of the pack. For that reason I would not recommend.

    172. ZanZan

      Love it!

      Love my new Tamagotchi! The screw is a little tricky to get off and also the back plate. Other than that love the colour of this pink and absolutely love the fact it has soo many things to do you won’t get bored easily. I’ve owned Giga Pets as a child but this is my first tamagotchi as an adult and really loving it!

      One person found this helpful

    173. Cervantes

      Todo llego bien y a mi novia le encanto

      Me gusto mucho su nueva presentación con cámara ! Se los recomiendo

    174. Marilou

      My Niece is happy! Definitely an up grade from the old school Tamagotchi!

      This was a gift and definitely giftable!! Cute, colorful and takes good photo.A little on pricey side for me, but over all she’s happy and that’s what matters!!

    175. Amanda

      Christmas present

      Arrived in time for Christmas. She loved it.

    176. Jessica Mize


      I do not recommend this at all. The battery life was horrible, had to replace the batteries what seemed to be daily. The touch screen buttons worked when it wanted too. The camera would reject photos and then cause it to glitch which then caused it to have to be reset. The screen quality was horrible. To small for the amount of detail that was being displayed. The colors of the screen were replicated from the 80s, very dull and hard to tell what is what.The games on it were always a hit or miss on if they would work or not. If it did work, you always lost which caused the virtual pet to be sad or mad. Not worth the money for all the hassle and glitches.

    177. Burgos familyBurgos family

      Love it

      Love it!!

    178. Saulha

      My daughter loves it

      It is a good product but you should definitely get rechargeable batteries.

    179. A.Rain

      Consumes batteries too fast

      The game works fine but eats through batteries so quickly that what seems like a reasonable price for the toy becomes outweighed by the amount of AAA Batteries you have to purchase to keep the thing going.

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    180. Cami Brinces

      It was OK

      Battery died after two days. The buttons are barely functioning. I bought this brand new but was on Sale unlike the purple and blue tamagotchis. So I guess I got what I paid for. My daughter is no longer playing on it and it’s just collecting dust now. Not worth it.

    181. Konohana

      Not as good as the Ons

      Pros:1) Brings back old gameplay style from the earlier pixel models with a twist2) Don’t have to worry about killing the buttons when playing games unlike with the Ons3) Will have other colors besides light ones that will appeal to other peopleCons:1) Battery doesn’t last long if you use the camera a lot. I was able to make it a little over a week before the batteries died, and that was with hardly using the camera2) The touch buttons are a pain to get right if you have bigger fingers. Way too many times I’ve hit the wrong button during a game and have lost3) Personal opinion, but I prefer the mixing of genes from the Ons, makes it more interesting and personable to me than just raising a standard Tamagotchi non-stop

    182. jennifer sundstrom

      Batteries die with in 3 days!!!

      Love tomagotchi but they failed with these. My kids have them too. So with 3 total im going through so many batteries. 2-3 days they need to be replaced. I recommend a tomagotchi on!

    183. Ryja

      Lovely gift!

      Bought this for my daughter for her 7th birthday. She has played with it everyday and it was her favorite gift she recieved. Have recommended this to my friends with kiddos.

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