It’s a race to the finish… with tacos…!? You heard right! Challenge your family and friends as you race to complete your taco orders first with Taco Takeover! Grab an order ticket, take a taco shell, and stuff it with the correct toppings to win the game!

Taco Takeover starts with each player receiving their own taco shell and a secret recipe card. Ingredient cards are spread across the table face down. A player shouts “Olé!” and the game begins! All players then start grabbing their ingredients from the table one card at a time, trying to collect all of ingredients according to their secret recipe card. The first person to complete their secret recipe gets a point, get three points to win the game.

But it’s not as simple as filling you orders up - some cards lurk beneath the ingredients, ready to ruin your taco! Draw a “La Cucaracha” card and you must discard all your ingredients and start over from scratch. Or you can force antacid cards on other players to discard all of their ingredients and start all over again. Don’t keep your taco-craving customers waiting for too long!

Taco Takeover is recommended for 2-4 players, ages six and up.

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