Scythe Encounters Card Game


    Return to 1920s Europa after the Great War had ravaged the land. In Scythe Encounters experience thirty-two brand new encounter cards designed by the Scythe community. The new cards can be played with individually or mixed in to the original deck of the beloved game Scythe.

    Scythe Encounters is an addition to the Scythe original game. Where players battle for resources, land, favour of the people, and glory. In the game, encounter cards are events that happen where a player can choose an action on the card that will benefit them in some way but might be detrimental in other ways. For example you may gain the favour of the people but you would get less gold or you would get to upgrade one of your abilities but you lose favour with the people. Scythe Encounters adds new completely unique encounter cards to the game for players to experience and enjoy.

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