Rogues to Riches


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Experience the best criminally imaginative story game: Rogues to Riches!


Rogues to Riches is a game of hilarious creativity and problem solving designed by Sam Fraser. You must create your own plan to get through the Traps in each Lair and steal the Riches. You have four Gear cards and you can use them in any way you want – there is no right or wrong answer. Describe your plan to the other players and they will give you thumbs up if they think it will work or thumbs down if they don’t.

The Fate Roll determines if you succeed or not. Roll two dice, add the thumbs up you get and subtract the thumbs down you get, and if the result is an 8 or higher your plan works. If you want to steal the Riches you need a funny, clever, and convincing plan!

Rogues to Riches is playable by 3 – 5 players aged 12 and up. Average games last 60 – 120 minutes.

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