Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness


    The Rivals for Catan Card Game is a reimplementation of the original Catan Card Game. In The Rivals for Catan Card Game, each player portrays a prince for Catan, developing their individual provinces and competing to build a more successful province than the other. The basic mode of play is similar to the original Catan Card Game, where players expand their provinces by building settlements connected by roads. Players may also build expansions in their settlements that aid them in various ways, or upgrade their settlements to cities to allow more expansions to be built. They build these additions by using resources that they accumulate each turn, which are determined by the roll of a die. Cards are drawn on each turn to replenish the players’ hands. The players may also use action cards that directly affect either their own province or their opponent’s province.

    The Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness is a 90-card expansion for The Rivals for Catan, and includes three separate theme sets that can be used with the base game. The Era of Intrigue lets you witness the confrontation of followers of new and old beliefs and take part to determine Catan’s spiritual balance; The Era of Merchant Princes gives you control over Catan’s commerce and trade; and The Era of Barbarians makes you defend against attacks from both barbarians and your rivals.

    Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness is an expansion for the Rivals for Catan Card Game and cannot be played on its own.

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