Reversible Mini Octopus Black/Grey

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Switches between Black and Grey Mini Octopi!. A perfect gift for kids and loved ones!. Switch between happy and angry octopi with the flick of a wrist.


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These Reversible Mini Octopi are a perfect gift for kids and significant others! With a quick swap, your loved one can have two treasured companions in one! This model switches between black and grey versions. Come look at the rest of our collection at Mind Games!

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  1. Bo is gay

    Freaking epic

    I have crippling anxiety and if you do too then this is the toy for you, makes a great stress releif tool, cute and well made as well.

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    Bo is gay

  2. Love2Color

    Love these guys!

    This little cuties are so ridiculously adorable. At first I thought the price was high for a stuffed animal, but they are well-made, super soft, flip really well, and were bigger than expected so in the end I thought they were totally worth it. I needed gifts for four kids ranging from 4 to 13 and everyone absolutely LOVED them (including the parents)! Such a fun, unique gift.

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  3. Christian Wahl

    HAPPY Wife HAPPY Life

    HAPPY Wife HAPPY LifeI got this gift for my girlfriend because I, as many men do find it quite difficult to read her attitude and mood when we are far apart. So I gifted her this and told her that if she’s in a bad mood and wants to make sure I reach out and talk about it that this would be a sure sign and I’ll make sure to avoid bringing my stress on her or save it for later. And for the most part when it’s smiling and yellow I’m safe to live free. Get the gift, idk why you are looking at reviews you know she will love it!

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    Christian Wahl

  4. heerheer

    So adorable!!

    Super cute plushie. I was scared that it would not be real like some of the other reviews, but it was definitely the original teeturtle. It is a cute small octopus, and I really like the star eyes. The pictures make the shape look a little weird, but it looks great in real life. Great quality too!

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  5. Pablo

    Buy it.

    My girlfriend loved this! Somehow got famous on tiktok using this plush. Had at least 2,500 people ask where she got it from.

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  6. Jason S.

    Nice quality plush toys my kids really enjoy

    I bought one for each of my children (8 y/o boy & 4 y/o girl) and they love them. Better quality than I was expecting.Side Note: I let the kids choose their own, and their first picks were out of stock. There were enough colorways that they were able to find available ones with the specific primary color they wanted even if the secondary color wasn’t really their preference. By the time they arrived the following day, they had completely forgotten about the first choice. My kids aren’t easily fooled and have rock solid memories, so don’t get too hung up on a specific set of colors. They likely won’t care about the second color as you get one with their favorite primary color.

    Jason S.

  7. Bless The Nest

    Cutie novelty stuffy for all ages

    My daughter loved it! She is 18 and saw this at a Books A Million store and couldn’t put it down. When she decided it was too costly, she left the store without it and sad. I ordered it here on Amazon as a Christmas gift. She was so excited to get it. It’s a well made stuffy, the flipping action is actually a great fidget toy. Would easily be a great gift for adults and teens alike. It isn’t the softest toy, but the quality is excellent. Great coworker, boss, or moody teen gift but I don’t see any reason why younger kids wouldn’t like it too. Ages 1 – 101 good stress releasing fun!!

    Bless The Nest

  8. Let’s Go Brandon

    3 year old is obsessed

    As I was browsing Amazon pre-holiday for gifts, this octopus popped onto my screen. My young son quickly attached himself to it and asked me for it about 35 times in the span of 4 minutes. Needless to say, he got this little guy in his stocking days later. He did not disappoint! My son has been obsessed ever since. We even ordered a second one with different emotions. These are a wonderful gift and can be a very helpful educational tool. We love our “angy angy ollie-boo” around here. Highly recommend!

    Let’s Go Brandon

  9. J.J.

    Why am I, a grownup, buying toys? Lol

    These are really cute. I bought them for myself, as an adult, to have something to fiddle with during stressful homeschooling moments. They were a bit pricey for a stuffed animal, but they help to distract from a bad mood so I call it a win!

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  10. DeeannaDeeanna

    The best plushie

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     I love everything about this! I am a full grown lady who loves adorable things and this thing just caught me and wouldn’t let go and I had to buy it!It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to fit in the palm of my hand. Instead it sits on my whole hand with overhang.It is so CUTE!I got the gray/black one because it’s sorta reminiscent of YouTube channel Unus Annus, and even has a little swirl on the black sides head.And it is SO soft!I can’t recommend it enough for kids and adults of all ages! It always puts a smile on my face.

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  11. Mywanza

    Cuteness overload

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     The softness is sooo amazing and he’s just sooooo cute!!!

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  12. Tiffany


    Plushie came in a super vacuum-sealed bag, but it puffed right up as soon as I took it out. It’s so cute and I love being able to flip it to the other octopus when I’m feeling like a change. Great as a gift!I will say, it’s smaller than I expected it to be, so be sure to check the dimensions before buying to know what you’re getting. I’m not disappointed at all, I just expected it to be bigger. Still totally worth it!


  13. Ms. A

    Definitely worth it. Especially since I’m rage filled.

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     I got this yesterday and I’m in LOVE. I’m a pretty angry person, so for me to show my less angry to my really angry side, it’s teaching everyone in my family to back off when I pull it out. THANKS TEETURTLE. Now I need to get a regular one for my kid. Lol

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    Ms. A

  14. Myrtle PMyrtle P

    You may or may not get TeeTurtle product.

    I LOVE my little mood octopus. Its the cutest thing. I’m only slightly disappointed because he’s pink, and not red.I work for Shell, and the colors are red and yellow so I thought perfect for my desk.Oh well, its still adorable, but the description needs to be changed. Giving 4 stars because its a little pricy, and I wanted red and yellow as advertised.Still highly recommend because its a great idea.Edit:Ordered 2 more and they’re knock offs.They’re cute, but not as nicely finished. Loose threads, and lumpy. Fabric is wrinkly.Poorer quality.Hit and miss on these. The TeeTurtle brand is great, if you get it. It there’s no guarantee what you will receive.

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    Myrtle PMyrtle P

  15. EmilyT

    Cuter than imagined

    I bought this for my daughter who absolutely adores this little octopus. She prefers the “grumpy” side which is just as cute as the happy side. It’s easy to turn inside out and keeps it’s shape. Also, I was happily surprised it is larger than I thought. Definitely worth 5 stars!

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  16. Tony the Corvette Builder

    Good quality plushie

    We searched all over for a quality made reversible octopus plushie. Our 5 yr old had to have one. We bought one from a kiosk at the mall for $15, and it was garbage. The seams were coming undone on both reversible side. We returned it next day. We saw this plushie on Amazon and it appeared to be a more reputable vendor, with variety selection, and quality design. We took a chance on the octopus and it has been great. Our 5 yr old takes it everywhere. Constantly reversing the sides with no show of seams splitting or any damage. There’s several models and colors too. Fortunately, our 5 yr old was happy with the one model. We got the red&blk “Fire Eyes.”

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    Tony the Corvette Builder

  17. Ben Amos

    Adorable mood octopus

    When I saw this little cutie I had to have it. Due to high demand, it was on back order. However it was delivered a week earlier than originally promised which was very nice. If it’s not in stock, don’t let that deter you. You won’t wait long for it to arrive.It’s well constructed, turns inside out easily without difficulty. It’s about the size of a softball, soft, smooth and cuddly. The price was a bit much for a stuffed animal but I honestly can’t remember the last time I purchased a stuffed animal so what do I know.If you find yourself in the need of a mood octopus, this one is what you need. It does the job! Now, what to name it…..

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    Ben Amos

  18. Alesiars

    My daughter loved it!

    I bought this as a gift fir my daughter fir her birthday. She has anxiety and I got it so she can use this to express that she’s having a bad day or a really bad day. She lives it so much she just cares it with her.

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  19. ruben floresruben flores

    Beautiful design

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     This stuffed animal brings comfort to women children and men of all ages. The pink and purple contrast is very delightful and it is a much loved item in this household. Great value for its price.

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    ruben floresruben flores

  20. Sarah

    #Tik Tok made me buy it

    I originally bought this because it was so cute and i wanted to let my b/f know if I was in a good mood or not without having to talk to him. WELL! It turned out to be a fantastic emotional tool for my 4 year old daughter. She saw how i was using it to show what emotion I was feeling and now “Jelly” is her favorite stuffed animal. She uses him to show when she needs her alone time and when she needs a break from talking or, when she’s just plain mad. He’s soft, cute, and durable. Love it!

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  21. Heather

    Simple & Fun

    My daughter loves this – it was a complete impulse purchase but definitely paid off. It is very easy to switch from one color/expression to the other just “unfold” it from itself. One face is “happy” and the other is “mad”. My 2 year old laughs each time we switch it and recognizes each expressions feelings so ended up being a much more useful toy for us to explore emotions with while also having fun switching from one color to the next. Very hard to choose a color combo though with all the options!


  22. Ann Summer

    One Of The Best Purchases I’ve Ever Made

    I am pretty frugal so was a bit wary of paying this much for a small stuffed animal. But, the pics were so cute I had to buy it. It has a hot pink angry side and a light pink happy side. Hot pink is one of my favorite colors, but I rarely see that side because, seeing him happy makes me happy. He truly is my emotional support octopus. I’m going to make him a bowtie so he can be stylish and fancy. I am 30 yrs old and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

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    Ann Summer

  23. Melly Mack

    Very cute and soft!

    Toy is well-made and good quality. Very cute, soft, and great for fidgeting with. The one I got is the pink and gray one; the angry face tends to put me in a bad mood, so I keep it on its happy face unless I change to a bad mood on my own. I love the heart motif on both faces!

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    Melly Mack

  24. Dan

    As seen so it is

    Just like the videos, this is the octopus. I got it for daughter who, on arrival was every bit acting like the entitled brat she is. demanding it, and what else did I get her…ay should miss me with all that attitude, as in, this octopus is now my desk buddy, starting at me with his frown, judging my parenting silently. Not going to lie, my kid could pull me comotose from a burning car, just dead weight knocked out. Give me a life saving tracheotomy then one of the nodes of her liver and a kidney and I don’t think I’d give it back. Not to punish her, but because I love it so much

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  25. J. F. Hindy

    Yes, my fiancee also watches TikTok

    This is going to be a pretty short review. This is the stuffed animal that everybody was talking about on TikTok. It’s happy one way and then you flip it inside out to make it look mad. I gave my fiancee one for Christmas and she loved it. This is a good, cheap gift for any TikTok fan.

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    J. F. Hindy

  26. Alexis Garcia


    I wasn’t expecting this to come the way it did! It came vacuum sealed in a bag! I hate buying stuffed animals because I’m always afraid of how or where people store them because of things like Bed bugs, mold, gross smells and anything like that. It grosses me out so when I bought this for my little sister’s Easter basket and it came like that, I was so happy to gift it to her for this reason. I knew it wasn’t all gross or smelling weird. It was brand new and super soft! My sister loves it!

    Alexis Garcia

  27. Flower lady

    Exactly as described

    This review is for the rainbow/black octopus stuffed toy. It’s similar to a Beanie Baby in construction, and flips easily from the cheerful rainbow octopus to the gloomy sad one. Such a great idea, and my granddaughter specifically asked for this toy.There was a shipping delay, and the company initiated a replacement so the gift arrived in time for Christmas. The seller also sent a return label so we could easily return the delayed toy when it arrived.Totally satisfied and delighted!I was not rewarded in any way for this 5-star review.

    Flower lady

  28. Samantha

    Super cute, great gift

    This is so so cute, I bought it for myself, but now everyone who sees it wants one so it’s a great gift idea. It smaller than I expected for the price, about the size of a candle, maybe a large coffee mug, maybe half a sneaker. It’s worth the money though, I see these everywhere now at the mall and gift shops but the tentacles are really floppy and disproportionate on those ones, this one is cuter

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  29. JennD.39

    She loved it!

    I got this for my granddaughter for her 10th birthday and when she opened the box, the look on her face was all I needed to see ~ she LOVED it! She immediately flipped it to reflect her “mood of the day” *Happy Face, of course* and from what my daughter tells me, it now enjoys pride of place among her favorite stuffed animals (of which she has a roomful!) …great gift for a birthday, to be sure! I’m glad I got it!FIVE STARS*****


  30. AkayajenAkayajen

    Adorablely small

    It was a smaller then I expected but it is adorable- I kinda hate that they shoved it in my mailbox willy nilly but I love this thing. Although next time I might just order from company itself instead of Amazon since they have sales from time to time and more options/more in stalk.I read a review where they use these to show a significant other how they were feeling right now and if not to talk to them/just comfort them and I have a perfect place to put these- 10/10 would recommend buying more (probably from the original place since Jeff Bezos doesn’t need anymore money).


  31. LordLlamaz

    Marriage saver

    This $15 stuffed octopus saved my marriage. Men, it’s like a gf translator. This ball of fabric mastered something not even Google could do. No need for marriage counseling, waste of money. Let a 4 inch felt octopus do it for you for a tenth of the cost.

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  32. Mother ForquerMother Forquer

    Cute little thing!

    This mood octopus is such a cute little plushie.Mine is pictured, but there are other colors available.I liked him so much that I purchased one each for my 14yo son and my 22yo daughter. They both love the plushie!He’s soft, smooth, and well-made. He comes with a long tag on his side, but I just cut that off. The colors are vibrant. And it’s pretty satisfying to flip him inside out and back again.

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    Mother ForquerMother Forquer

  33. ElyssaElyssa

    Cute Little Plush!

    Product is exactly as described and undeniably cute.A little larger than the palm of the hand. I got this for my friend who wanted one of these reversible octopuses. She loves it. I liked that the seller had a large variety of colors (some colors cost more than others which is weird to me).There was a large white tag on the reverse side (not pictured) with TeeTurtle branding on it when you flip the plush inside out which is a bit awkward. I’m sure it can be cut off, but not without leaving some remnant of it behind.The one I picked was just under $13, which I think is a bit pricey for something like this.Bottom line is I would buy it as a gift because my friend wanted it, but wouldn’t get for myself at that price.


  34. Frida CGRFrida CGR

    This is the cutest octupus ever!

    Ok, so… I bought the double angry plushie. Have been searching for it for a long time and finally found it!My friends love it because it’s original and soft and love to see it on my office’s desk because they know exactly what mood I’m in.If you want something original and special, this is the plushie you need!

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    Frida CGRFrida CGR

  35. AvidTraveler

    Loved by All

    This little octopus has been such a hit. I am constantly finding it ‘hiding’ in new locations around the house, sometimes happy and sometimes mad. It has become a game the whole family plays and it brings a smile to everyone’s face to discover it! It is well made and easy to flip and frankly adorable.

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  36. Wirianta

    Soft & cute

    I bought this for my niece and she loves it. It’s so cute & very soft. I am very particular when it comes to stuff animal. I like them to be very soft and this one totally meet my standard requirement. Good quality, no shedding.

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  37. Dustyblue

    Size of baseball, soft, plush and cute

    I really don’t know what to say about the little octopus….. Lol…. It’s a little stuffed plush toy. Extremely plush, soft and the size of a baseball! It was a gift for my niece who is a young teen. As you know they like stuff. I’ve seen this same toy advertised for $26 dollars! Thank goodness I did not purchase it for that price!! $9.99 would have been a better price. However, my niece was estatic when I gave this to her. Out of everything she got for her birthday she’s carrying this octopus everywhere! The colors are vibrant, hers is turquoise and purple. It’s cute and I’m guessing trending with the kids….I just want to know how I can market my product and have the kids go crazy and drive their parents, family and friends insane to purchase it! I think it’s overpriced…. Absolutely has no functional value just another cute plush toy…. BUT it was a gift and she loves it so I’m happy. If it wasn’t so costly I would use them for a baby shower I’m planning….I did get some ideas from looking at it though.

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  38. Smk14Smk14

    Cute Toy

    I bought this for myself as a grown adult woman because I’m an impulsive shopper. It really serves no purpose other than it is cute. I put a regular soap dispenser in the pic for size comparison. Nice soft and plush. The tag is on the happy side. I find that looking at the angry side actually worsens my mood so I keep it on the happy side mostly. I should really bring it to work and put it on my desk and flip it for my moods so people know what they’re getting into before they come talk to me. I think I paid about $10 for this so a bit overpriced.

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  39. Justkonfused

    A gift for Lily

    This was bought as a gift for Lily, my friend’s little girl, who recently celebrated her 1st birthday. Lily, I was told, loves all things Octopi! The little Octopus is very soft and has the cuteness factor built right in! There are several different color options to choose from. I chose the pink and blue Octopus for Lily and it is adorable. The Octopus while not overly large, is the perfect size for a child’s hands for them to be able to “reverse” the Octopus, turning it inside out to change the color. I haven’t given Lily her new little “friend” yet but I’m sure she’ll love it! Shipping was very. fast. I don’t think you can go wrong buying this has a gift for an adult, a child, or for yourself!

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  40. natalienatalie

    Great for a Gift, Soft and Cute

    I ordered 3 of these. 2 arrived within two days with prime. 1 is arriving through UPS (which I assume is because the plush was not at a Amazon warehouse.) I see how some people are complaining about size; however the size of the plush is stated in the features and details section. Now the price…I believe it is a great gift; however, $15 is quite expensive for a plush this size. The quality is good and arrived with no extra face or ripped seams. The plush is soft and easy to switch between “happy” and “angry”. I would buy this again as a gift or even for myself.

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  41. Rex Martin

    Reversible Octopus Plushie are Awesome!!

    First of all, Reversible Octopus Plushies are just super fun. Though in our house we have found a really interesting use ours. Stuck at home during lockdown we have times when each of us is working, in class, or busy doing something important. When I have mine on the Fire Eyes side, that means don’t interrupt, I’m in a meeting where I’m going to be doing some talking. Everyone around me knows to stay silent and not interrupt.

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    Rex Martin

  42. CarolineCaroline

    Cute and soft

    This is so cute and soft! I’ve been wanting to get one of these for awhile after they became really popular on social media. But the “red” color is actually more of a pinkish-red. Also, it’s a pretty steep price for what it is. Overall, I love it but would’ve liked to find a cheaper version

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  43. Cece

    Too cute to pass.

    I also am a grown woman with no need for a plush doll, but I have a fondness for them. I restrain myself from buying them unless I come across something too unbearably cute and innovative. This is one of those exceptions.It makes me happy just to look at it and flipping it really is instantaneous.It was an impulse buy, but I don’t regret it at all!

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  44. Oliver MartinezOliver Martinez

    Soft and light

    Exactly like the picture! Very soft and easy to flip inside out. I bought it for my girlfriend as a Christmas present. Also, super fast delivery with regular shipping!

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    Oliver MartinezOliver Martinez

  45. Sandra S E

    Adorable maybe worth closer to $10 than $15?

    Bought this on a sale/deal for $9 for my 2 yr old niece and she loves it. I thought it’s perfect as just a plushy with plus of getting some dexterity in by flipping it and using it to convey emotions. Now I realize tons of people have it in their cars so I guess it’s like a meme? Anyway hella cute. Probably wouldn’t have paid $15 for it, very small and basic like a beanie baby but it’s well made and fun

    Sandra S E

  46. stephanie

    They are Small But Very Cute

    The plush was smaller than I thought it would be only being around the size of a softball, but it is a amazing plushie.It able to turn inside and out without any hassle at all to do so, the designs are very cute, and it is very well made so if you have kids this will be able to survive a good long while with them.My partner sleeps with it and even after sleeping directly on it; it still retains shape and still feels the same the day we got it.The only bad thing is certain designs are always sold out, other than that it is a great experience overall

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