Red Flags


    From the creator of Super Fight, Red Flags is a party game about convincing your friends to go on terrible dates!

    Here’s how it works: One of your friends is going to be single. Every other player uses perk cards to make a hot date that they think would be a great match for that person. You’ll get characters like A brain surgeon that loves to cuddle, an Olympic gymnast that loves video game, or a famous musician that owns your favourite sports team!

    But then everyone gets to play a Red Flag onto another player at the table. Now all of these perfect dates will have flaws like “punches every barista they see”, or “wears a diaper because it’s ‘more convenient'”, or “collects human skulls, says they’re practically free”!

    Now that all of the dates are horrible, everyone tries to convince the single to go out with their date. That’s pretty much it. The game can be as raunchy or tame as your imaginations allow. Reg Flags is perfect for parties of 3 – 10 players aged 17 and up! Average games last 30 minutes.

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    Red Flags
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