Ravensburger Goldilocks Gets Caught! 1000 Pieces Puzzle


  • Buona sera! Sit back and relax along the lovely canal and enjoy some memorable moments with Ravensburger sromantic Venice Twilight puzzle!
  • Imagine yourself sitting at a cozy table along the warm waters of this picturesque Venetian canal The heavenly scent of roses lingers in the air as you hear the low, melodious chime from the bell tower in the distance.
  • Did you just meet, or had you planned on sharing this Adriatic adventure for months? Just as the founders of this unique city escaped from raiders, so too can you take time to escape from the pressures of the day and indulge in pure puzzle pleasure!

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Did you know in the original story the three bears were not a family but just friends? Eleanor Mure wrote the first recorded version of The Three Bears nursery tale in 1831; a handmade, illustrated book for her nephew. In her story, the troublemaker is not a young girl, but a meddling old woman. Later versions introduced a young girl named Silver-Hair who, by 1904, became Goldilocks. This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle combines captivating imagery with clean-cut pieces and Ravensburger s perfect interlocking fit for a most pleasurable puzzling experience!

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