Rainbocorns 4pk Itzy Glitzy Surprise Series 2 4PK(Colors & Styles picked randomly)


See the big smiles and excitement of your kids as they hatch open the Itzy Glitzy Surprise Rainbocorns and discover the many different surprises on each of the 4 eggs! Kids would have loads of fun with the mix and match accessories and open the glitzy surprises inside. Collect the rare charactersGlimmer and Tinks to satisfy your kid’s dream of completing their collection of Rainbocorns Series 2. The Rainbow Corn Series 2 would be a huge hit for kids who love collecting these cute Itzy Glitzy’s. See their excitement as they hatch open the surprise eggs for girls with toys inside such as sparkly hair clips, rings, and color change accessories. Meet your new rainbow corns and have tons of fun while popping and swapping the heart gems of the Itzy Glitzy’s! Complete the Rainbocorn Surprise Series 2 by finding all 26 Itzy Glitzy’s with the rare golden elephant and silver owl! The Rainbowcorn Surprise Egg Series 2 are colorful mini characters in hatch-able egg toys with unicorn horns and sparkly gem hearts of the Glitzy Rainbocorns. The surprise toy series comes with many different delightful collectibles! Zuru Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 are fun Itzy Glitzy’s that kids would have fun accessorizing. The Rainbowcorn Zuru toys are well-made quality plastic toy figures that are durable for playing. The glitters, sparkles, and bling of the Rainbocorns’ tummies in the toy surprise eggs do not come off easily. Zuru made the Rainbow Corns toys for girls and boys with safe, child-friendly materials. Includes 4 Pieces of Hatchable Egg Surprise toys for girls and boys with color change accessories such as the 4 Hair Clips, 3 Rings, and 4 Pop and Swap Gem Hearts that comes with the eggs. Match the Wings and Hearts between your Itzy Glitzy Rainbocorns’ rings and wings and swap them all. Kids would have loads of fun mixing and matching the variety of surprises in here! The Rainbocorns Surprise Series consists of many small parts and is not for kids under 3 years old.

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