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This Veneno RC car has great flexibility for turns, speed is fast, good while driving in-house. Full function of forward/in reverse/ left/right and stop. It can be crashed, dropped, and driven nonstop and has held up very well. - simulation tire: Simulation of rubber tires, and wheels like a real car, truck with shock absorbers with damping effect design.

scientific front: front tires with available Fine adjustment: when they find the RC car can not run in a straight line, you can restore the car to reach the lever forward direction of the vehicle by trimming purposes on the bottom of the car.

This car needs a smooth surface like concrete, wood or asphalt though, no carpet!!! It is extremely detailed for a radio-controlled car. This radio control car fully licensed. Very well secured. On the bottom of the RC car is an on/off switch along with a dial which if set in the middle sets the car on a straight path. Dial left or right and the car will drive in an endless circle. The radio controller has two joysticks to control direction. One is forward and back, the other is left or right.

Remark: As it is a hobby RC car and require the customer to control it carefully. it may be knocked broken if out of control. It is very important to take care of the car and prevent the car from dropping out or crash.

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