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Rainbow Fiber Optic Lamp

See a spectrum of colours with the Rainbow Fiber Optic Lamp! Just switch it on and watch an amazing multi-coloured light show from the comfort of your home.

Moustache Drawing Set

Have you always wanted to pursue the fine arts, but worry that you don't look distinguished enough? Fear no longer, with the Moustache Drawing Set! Now, you can be a suave and sophisticated gentleman anytime!

Shopkins Season 2 (5-Pack)

Shopkins are super cute, fun, small characters that live in a big shopping world! Kick-start your Shopkins collection with the Shopkins Season 2 5-Pack! This pack includes 5 randomized Shopkins characters and 5 shopping bags for you to store your Shopkins in!

Four Hearts Liquid Timer

Liquid Timers are a must-have for any desk, helping you relax, de-stress, and think of new ideas. The Four Hearts Liquid Timer has two different colours dropping from beautiful hearts, and is sure to cheer and inspire you whenever you need it to.

Zombie Dice Game

Ever tried being a zombie?Ever wanted to taste your friends juicy brain? No? Just me? Well try it anyway. The rules are simple: Eat brains. Don't get shotgunned.

LCR Dice Game

LCR Dice Game, also known as Left Center Right, is a new, fast-paced dice game that is fun and addictive to play, and amazingly simple to learn.