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Phoenix Mini RC Remote Control Drone with Camera

Soar among the birds with the thrilling R/C Drone Sky Phantom! With a range of over 90 metres, this drone is perfect for practicing your aerobatics skills like 360 degree flips and lateral side shuffles. This remote control copter is perfect for having fu

R/C Millennium Falcon XL

$146.64 $244.41
Experience the most iconic spacecraft in the Star Wars universe like you never thought possible. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Drone from Air Hogs delivers unprecedented detail and authenticity.

R/C Quadcopter Ei-Hi Large Size S800C

$122.20 $162.93
With the R/C Quadcopter Ei-Hi Large Size S800C's stable flying abilities for everyone at all flying levels and on board camera, the R/C Quadcopter Ei-Hi Large Size S800C really does have it all!

R/C Drone Sky Phantom

Practice your aerobatic skills and pull off some crazy flips with the R/C Drone Sky Phantom. This awesome drone can fly over 90 metres away, making it ideal for practicing even the craziest of stunts!

R/C Quadcopter 15" w/ Camera

$94.50 $105.90
Experience the R/C Quadcopter 15" w/ Camera! It's a fantastic drone with 6 AXIS GYRO posture control and an integrated design to guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft.

R/C Robotic UFO

Why fly a simple helicopter when you can fly a robotic UFO? Now you can command the skies with the R/C Robotic UFO! This cool little UFO flies more smoothly and steadily than a helicopter, and looks awesome to boot.