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Magical Crystal Hedgehog Kit Assorted

Magical Crystal Hedgehog Kits are perfect for learning and having tons of fun! Each DIY crystal kit gives you the experience of being a scientist, carrying out experiments! Easy to make these kits provide hours of fun for kids!

Magical Crystals Assorted

Watch incredible crystals grow within 24 hours. Magical Crystals are easy to make gifts for any occasion. Each crystal is unique!

Apple 3D Crystal Puzzle

The Apple 3D Crystal Puzzle takes puzzling to a new dimension. This beautiful puzzle features uniquely-shaped, interlocking, translucent crystalline pieces unlike anything else.

Pin Art 5" x 7"

Make a big impression with Pin Art 5" x 7"! The Pin Art 5" x 7" lets you create 3D relief art from any object -- your face included.

Classic Drinking Bird

The Classic Drinking Bird is a dumb-looking bird with a felt-covered head and plastic feet who can't get its fill of water and keeps drinking. Except it's really a heat engine that keeps moving with only the energy from warming and cooling!