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Ty: Peppa Pig Keyclip Keychain

This Beanie Babies Peppa Pig Keychain is a collectable soft toy and part of the Ty Peppa Pig range. Peppa Pig fans and kids will love this soft toy, featuring the main character from the popular TV programme.

Ty: Regal the Lion Sequin Clip

TY Flippables Sequin Plush - REGAL the Lion (Plastic Key Clip - 3.5 inch) From the Ty Flippables collection. Flippy Color Changing Sequin Plush stuffed animal collectible keychain clip. Approximate size: 3.5 inches

Ty: PAYTON the Penguin Clip

When I waddle down the street, I dazzle everyone I meet! Sequin clips will reveal a different colour with a simple swipe!

Ty: Nester the Owl (Glitter Eyes) Clip

I'm bundled up, ready for a very cold day; so put on your cap and come out and play! Nester's birthday is on December 22nd.

Ty: Petunia the Platypus Clip

Petunia is a pastel coloured, rainbow fluffy platypus with a fuzzy pale pink belly. She has large, glittery pink button eyes and a sparkly pink bill. Her flippers are also sparkly pink.

Ty: Rainbow Poodle-Boo Key Clip

Rainbow Poodle Beanie Boo Clip 5 inch - Stuffed Animal by Ty (35027)Beanie Boo Clips are 5 inches (including the clip). They are made from Ty's finest fabric - Ty Silk, and are created with fantastic custom eyes. Peek-a-Boo they want to come home with you! New 2017.

Ty: Rodney Multicolor Hamster Clip

Wide-eyed and uniquely adorable, from the creator of the world famous Beanie Babies, this Beanie Boos Clip is sure to become your little one’s favourite, stuffed plush.

Ty: Pippie the Dog Clip

TY beanie boo plush - pippie the dog clip 3Approximately 3 inches tall. From Heart Tag: Me eyes are big and filled with love your my heavenly star that fell from above.

Vintage Car Metal Model Kit

The Vintage car was built with a revolutionary design featuring a long hood and short deck and proved wildly popular. Build your own detailed Vintage car model with this easy model kit!

M82a1 Scoped Rifle Metal Model Kit

Join in on the war by arming yourself with the M82a1 Scoped Rifle with the Metal Model! Build your own M82a1 Scoped Rifle with this easy model kit.

Excavator Metal Model Kit

The sheer size and weight of Excavator makes it able to carry tremendously heavy objects, making the construction process much faster and more efficient. Now you too can have your own Excavator with this easy model kit!

Birdhouse Metal Earth Model Kit

Now you can have your own 2-inch-tall birdhouse with a Birdhouse Metal Earth Model Kit. This amazingly detailed DIY model starts as 4" laser-cut square steel sheets and finishes as a beautiful 3D model.

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