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LED Message Tag

Ditch the old name tags and make a splash with the LED Message Tag! This wearable, programmable message tag can hold 6 saved messages, each up to 512 characters, and display any of them in bright scrolling LED.

Pin Art 5" x 7"

Make a big impression with Pin Art 5" x 7"! The Pin Art 5" x 7" lets you create 3D relief art from any object -- your face included.

Mini Newton's Cradle

Newton's Cradle is a timeless, classic desktop novelty that blends science and art. Our Mini Newton's Cradle is a 4.5"-tall version of the classic Newton's Cradle with a black wooden base and metal legs and balls.

Classic Drinking Bird

The Classic Drinking Bird is a dumb-looking bird with a felt-covered head and plastic feet who can't get its fill of water and keeps drinking. Except it's really a heat engine that keeps moving with only the energy from warming and cooling!

Melting Clock

The Melting Clock is designed to look as if it's in the process of melting off of whatever surface or shelf it's placed on, but it's still a fully functional clock