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Mini Knockout Swearing Punching Ball

Work out some stress by hitting the Mini Knockout Swearing Punching Ball! This perfect mini punching ball affixes easily to any flat surface and, when smacked, lets out four swear phrases. Let your fists do the talking!

Kitty Coin Bank

Teach your kids the importance of saving money with this adorable Kitty Coin Bank! Place a coin on the plate, watch the box slowly open, and witness a paw reach out and take your coin. Never lose your change again with this Kitty Coin Bank!

Rainbow Fiber Optic Lamp

€3.26 €5.23
See a spectrum of colours with the Rainbow Fiber Optic Lamp! Just switch it on and watch an amazing multi-coloured light show from the comfort of your home.

World's Smallest Mini-Fan

Are you ready for the World’s Smallest Mini-Fan? You can now have a breeze in your pocket with this extremely portable min-fan.

Arcade Ball Mini Shoot and Score Game

Have some fun and challenge yourself and friends at the office with Desktop Challenge: Arcade Ball Mini Shoot and Score Game. Pull back the swivel shooter and fire your 6 arcade balls to the various scoring level targets.

Magnetic Sand Timer

This Magnetic Sand Timer is an hourglass timer swaps boring old sand for fine magnetic filings. Turn it over, and as the magnetic filings succumb to gravity and stack up on a magnet in the base, they produce artistic patterns and structures.

Crystal Wish Flower

The Crystal Wish Flower kit makes it easy to create beautiful gifts for any occasion. Each set includes one of six wishes, each one a different colour: "Thank You", "I Love You", "Missing You", "Good Luck", "Happy Birthday", and "Best Wishes".

Bear Back Scratcher

Need a hand? How about a paw? This helpful bear extends you a helping paw to scratch those pesky hard-to-reach itches on your back.

Head Massager

€2.61 €3.26
There are some things in life you just can't believe works until you've tried them, and for a lot of people, the Head Massager is one of them. Give it a try, and you'll see how relaxing it feels!

Four Hearts Liquid Timer

Liquid Timers are a must-have for any desk, helping you relax, de-stress, and think of new ideas. The Four Hearts Liquid Timer has two different colours dropping from beautiful hearts, and is sure to cheer and inspire you whenever you need it to.

Magic Eight Ball

The most popular fortune-teller for decades, the Magic Eight Ball returns for an encore to amaze and delight the new generation! Need an answer? We've got it here!

Large Newton's Cradle

Newton's Cradle is a timeless, classic desktop novelty that blends science and art. Our Large Newton's Cradle is a sleek, classy version with a black wooden base and metal legs and balls.