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Finally a quality made Newton’s Cradle that deserves a spot on your desk!

While Newton’s Cradle is a classic desktop novelty toy that demonstrates Newton’s laws, this one blends science with high quality materials to create a timeless piece of kinetic art that is nearly impossible to keep your hands off of.

Lift one steel ball and allow it to fall back at one end, the ball at the opposite end will swing out the same distance. Using Newton's third law has never been this much fun! What happens when you swing two? Or three?

Once in motion the heavy steel balls will click and clack back and forth as they transfer their kinetic energy. The polished silver base on this Newton’s Cradle is designed to both look amazing and to stay firmly planted on your desk, ensuring maximum energy transfer and ultra long swing times.

Grab one for yourself and enjoy the inexplicably relaxing motion and sound of this beautifully sophisticated version of the classic Newton's Cradle.

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