Miscellaneous Toys

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Weazel Ball

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Take a closer look, it's a Weazel Ball! The crazy, mad weasel jumps, rolls, scoots and darts from one side of the room to the other, and won't leave the ball alone.

Classic Juggling Balls

Learn to juggle the easy way with these Classic Juggling Balls. Each set comes with three juggling balls and step by step instructions!

Yomega Raider Yo-Yo

Steel ball bearings mean speed, and the Yomega Raider brings you speed in droves. The Yomega Raider is the premier yo-yo in the advance players world and the best yo-yo for looping tricks.

Yomega Xodus II Yo-Yo

There are yo-yos for looping tricks, and yo-yos for string tricks -- the Yomega Xodus II lets you do both, but is specifically designed for a style of play called "off-string".

Yomega Power Brain XP Yo-Yo

The Yomega Power Brain XP is two high performance yo-yos in one! Designed for both beginner and intermediate play, this yo-yo uses a "Smart Switch" to enable the player to chose between automatic and manual function with the flick of a switch.