Miscellaneous Toys

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In My Room Lightshow DJ

Create a dazzling music light show in your room! Turn on the music and watch as multi-colored lights come to life on your wall and pump to the beat.

Mini Magic 8 Ball

Divine the future and get answers to all your most pressing questions with the classic Magic 8 Ball, now in a tiny portable version!

Minecraft Evoker Comic Maker Figure

This pack is all about the Evoker, one of the deadliest mobs in Minecraft—it summons small but powerful Vexes as well as a vicious Fang Attack that springs forth to attack players.

Glowing Bubbles Bubble Gun

Bubble Gun has lights and sound when you pull on the trigger and creates an endless stream of bubble fun.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:43 Bash Ups Collection

Crush the competition with an assortment of 1:43 scale Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with signature GIANT wheels!

Minecraft Boost Mini Figures

Mattel and Minecraft Earth have partnered to create an all new line of mini-figures called Minecraft Earth Boost Minis that you can scan to unlock in-game perks (known as Boosts) in Minecraft Earth.

Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Yoda 16" Action Plush

Unleash the Force with Lighsaber Battle Yoda. The most powerful Jedi in the galaxy.

Star Wars Chewbacca 16" Action Plush

Bring Chewy to life when you push on his belly! He roars and makes wookie sounds, just like in the movie.

Hot Wheels 5 pack

Reward your child—or your inner child—with Hot Wheels cars! This pack is trunkloads of fun with 5 Hot Wheels vehicles included.

Matchbox Jungle Adventure Playset

Deep in the jungle young explorers discover the Matchbox Jungle Adventure Play Set in their search for hidden gold in the long-forgotten ruins of an ancient temple.

Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera

Capture amazing footage anywhere your spy adventures take you with the Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera! Clip this portable surveillance camera anywhere — from other Spy Gear toys, to a head mount, and even to your bike!

Monkey Balance Tower

Monkey Balance Tower is a game of strategy, luck and skill for 2-8 players.