Newton's Cradle is a timeless, classic desktop novelty that blends science and art with a dash of fun. Also known as "Balance Balls", "Newton's Pendulum" and "Newton's Balls", this executive office toy demonstrates the law of conservation of momentum. Lift one steel ball and allow to fall back at one end, the ball at the opposite end will swing out the same distance. Using Newton's third law has never been this much fun! What happens when you swing two? Or three? Newton's Cradle was invented in 1967 by English actor Simon Prebble and named in honor of scientist and mathematician Isaac Newton because it employs Newton's Laws. Newton's Cradle is a clever device that not only demonstrates a pendulum, but also shows the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy.

Our Mini Newton's Cradle is a 4.5"-tall version of the classic Newton's Cradle, stylishly minimalistic, with a black wooden base and metal legs and balls. Place it on your desk, by your bed, or anywhere you want, and you'll always have elegance, entertainment, and science whenever you need them.

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