Mattel UNO Disney Mickey Mouse And Friends Card Game


  • Now Mickey and Minnie Mouse lovers can play a special version of UNO that comes in a handy tin.
  • It’s the same game as Basic UNO but includes special Friendship Rule Card. Draw this card, call out the name of the character on the card, and the other players get to discard any of their cards that show that character.
  • The goal is to get rid of all the cards in your hand.
  • The first player or team to 500 wins.
  • When you’re down to one card, don’t forget to yell “UNO”

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UNO Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends is the fun, fast-paced card game you know, now featuring beloved Mickey Mouse characters and a special rule! Just like classic UNO, players race to get rid of all their cards by matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck. Action cards, like Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos and Wild Cards provide an advantage for the player holding them.

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