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Fantasma Most Amazing Show- 135 Tricks

Fantasma Magic is considered the #1 brand worldwide in the magic category. This package contains Fantasma Magic most amazing show set with over 135 tricks.

Fantasma Grand Illusions - 200 Tricks

Your family and friends won't believe their eyes when you show off your incredible skills with this grand magic set!

Fantasma Top Hat Show Magic Set for Kids - Magic Kit to Learn More Than 150 Magic Tricks

The perfect magic set for children 6 years and older and a great choice for both boys and girls.

Marvin's Magic Wizard Magic Cards

Marvin's Magic Wizard Magic Cards enable you to perform many mystifying card tricks instantly.

Marvin's Magic Svengali Magic Cards

With Marvin's Magic Svengali Magic Cards you will soon have a reputation of being a master magician.

Kid's Mega Magic Show 220 Magic Tricks Kit

With Kid's Mega Magic Show 220 Magic Tricks Kit children will wow their audiences and even amaze themselves! Learn 220 great secrets of illusion and enjoy endless entertainment!

Spectacular Magic Show 100+

Indulge the little magician in your house with Spectacular Magic Show 100+. This fun set is packed with more than 100 of the greatest magic tricks and props.

Magic Fire Fly

$5.69 $6.51
Magic Fire Fly is a blast from the past that’s back to bring about delight once more! This magic trick makes it look like a tiny light is flying between your hards!

The Incredible Poker Chip Illusion

The Incredible Poker Chip Illusion is a trick that just needs a little sleight of hand to transform the colour of these poker chips and then change them back again, it's magic!

Bright Bugz Evolution

$9.77 $12.63
Imagine being able to control a bright ball of light, manipulating it at your will, and making it appear that it can fly or float through any kind of object… even someone’s head? This is exactly the kind of magical illusion that Bright Bugz Evolution creates!

TV Magic Cards

Calling all magicians! TV Magic Cards are used for some of the easiest and coolest magic tricks to perform, and form an essential part of any magician's kit!

3D Mirascope

You won't believe your eyes! This 3D Mirascope creates a holographic image that looks completely real - but you can't touch it.