Magic The Gathering Commander Legends Collector Booster Pack


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15 cards, nothing but the best. Collector boosters are a shortcut to the coolest cards in Commander Legends- rares, foils, alternate art, special card styles, and more. Open the first ever booster packs designed for Commander, a Magic format all about battling your friends in epic multiplayer games.


Out of stock

Each purchase is for one booster pack.

Commander Legends Collector Boosters are full of legendary creatures, with five in every pack. Collect stunning showcase reprints of classic commanders and meet some of the seventy-one introduced in the set. With them comes the return of popular mechanics, like partner—play with two commanders instead of one! Collector Boosters are the only Commander Legends packs where you can find special extended-art cards from the set. There are at least two in every pack, but you can find as many as five.

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