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    LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler 42122 Engaging Model Building Kit (665 Pieces)


    Any vehicle-loving kid would be proud to own a high-performance 4X4. Now you can make that dream a reality with the LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler (42122) toy model. Boys and girls aged 9 and up will have fun exploring this iconic off-roader. There’s a button to operate the front steering and its powerful axle-articulation suspension means kids will love testing out their model on obstacles around the home. With opening doors and hood, fold-down rear seats, a full-size spare tire, winch and classic Jeep branding, this fun toy model car brings kids closer than ever to the real Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The eye-catching, yellow-and-black color scheme means this model looks great in action or on display.

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    82 reviews for LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler 42122 Engaging Model Building Kit (665 Pieces)

    1. dparson

      Great gift for a lego fan

      This was a gift for nephew. He loved it and thought it was cool. After he built it, he brought it to show me. It looked great with lots of detail. He was thrilled, i was thrilled. Great gift

    2. D c B

      It’s a Jeep thing.

      My boy loves it… Loves Jeeps… He’s 9 and built it himself, just check steps if he thinks it’s wrong, if you have built these you know the pictures can be a little hard, but all in all Great gift great price!!!

    3. Amazon Customer

      So cool

      This is so cool. I love Jeeps so this was a must have.

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    4. James Madder

      It’s Lego!

      This will be a Christmas gift for my wife.

    5. starry night

      Best lego set I’ve ever had

      It’s the best toy if you are looking for a rockey lego set and its cheep for its quality

    6. Steve

      Fun for almost all ages.

      As a 50 plus year old person, I have loved LEGO since a young child. Now that I’ve almost grown up, I still enjoy building things with blocks. With that being said, my son owns a Jeep and he too loves LEGO, so thus was a no brainer…we both had fun building this together.

    7. Elijah Casanova

      Stress Free Fun

      As a Kid I never had Lego sets. Found this Jeep and I drive a Wrangler JL myself and I just knew I had to have it. It was like fulfilling that childhood dream. I didn’t realize Technic meant different styles of Lego blocks but it was a blast. Making sure I had things put together like the winch gear and steering was so fulfilling. Finished the Jeep in about 4-6 hours just taking my time and enjoying the process. The stickers honestly weren’t hard to put on and that was the most stressful part. 24 hours after building it I’ve already ordered the Lego Technic Ford Raptor. Consider me a Lego guy and this might be my Favorite Hobby now.

    8. btw

      Great seller

      Great seller and product

    9. M Coelho

      An absolute blast to put together.

      This was the first Lego kit I have ever put together and I purchased it due to the fact I have a jeep. I also purchased one for a friend as a Christmas gift. I followed the pictures for putting it together and I do have some experience due to putting Gundam kits together 20 years ago.

    10. Darryl GDarryl G

      Another great Technic set!

      I love how each Technic vehicle is different, and that they use techniques for different purposes…for example the suspension on the Jeep is completely different to the Charger. Fun build.

    11. Bruce Armstrong

      Legos for autism.

      My grandson is autistic, he loves legos. He is very good at putting them together…quickly. We’ll see if this one is a challenge.

    12. Sister

      Happiness is Lego’s!

      My 7 year old Grandson lives for Legos. He has wanted this one forever. He received it as a gift and immediately sat down for hours untill finished. Definitely a huge hit with him. He did receive occasional help from Mom but 99% his completion.

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    13. Paige

      Quick and Easy

      This build was very easy to assemble and was enjoyable. It is the perfect size to keep you occupied for the weekend. It seems pretty durable and also makes a great display piece.There is one piece at the front that was extra loose and kept shifting weird. Nothing a little glue couldn’t fix, but that was the only part of the build and instructions that were questionable.

    14. James Bowland

      Very fun model

      This is a fun build and it’s even fun to play with once built. Highly recommend. The little details like the 3.6L sticker for the engine and folding rear seat are neat.

    15. Dima

      Super nice

      Son is happy, was not that easy to build it but this is a point!

    16. Johnny

      Way overpriced

      Great toy but Lego has lost touch with reality as far as what they charge for their products. Kids love the toy but there are other items just as well made that cost a fraction of what lego charges, don’t get me wrong lego is a great brand of reputable well made long lasting toys but the price? C’mon man

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    17. AdamAdam

      Love it!

      I was so happy to get this so quickly since the LEGO store said it would be at least a month. As always arrived in perfect condition.Probably my favorite LEGO set so far.

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    18. abby

      Childhood memories

      My first Lego set in over 15 years. I’m very happy with the Jeep Wrangler set. Brought back fun memories with my childhood.

    19. Natascha S. Bowers

      Excellent gift for Lego lover

      My grandson specifically requested a Lego set for his birthday he’s going to love this. You can’t go wrong with Legos

    20. David S.

      Legos are always fun, even better building them with my kids like my dad did with me!

      Great time building with my kids, hopefully they’ll come out with a Toyota Tundra Lego kit!

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    21. Eduardo Gonzalez

      LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler 42122

      Excelente Lego….Hermoso y una excelente distracción para estos tiempos. su presentación y apariencia y robustez es sorprendente.

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    22. Kim S

      Great gift.

      9yr old grandson was thrilled.

    23. DelDel

      A fun, offroad ride!

      At first, I wasn’t sure this was actually a good representation of a Jeep but after building this set, I’m in love! Perfect for rock crawling and with a unique suspension that really shows how creative Lego designers are continually becoming. The Working winch is a nice surprise. The driver and passenger doors also open perfectly and fit securely. This set is a great gift for the experienced or rookie Lego builder in your family!

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    24. N.L

      Great lego build

      Got it when it was on sale, same price as Costco. I really enjoy this build, compare to some of the high-end lego build, this one has a good value, very good design, easy to customize with other lego parts, and good number of bricks for the little one.

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    25. John Bradshaw

      Lego labeled the bags and followed the instructions.


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    26. Dietcokeani

      At 40$ it was a perfect buy

      It was really a challenging and fun build. We ended up with a very sturdy fun toy to play with.

    27. galjazzyygaljazzyy

      Great lego set but I am missing a few pieces

      Great lego set but just as I’m about to finish I realize I am missing a few pieces. Any idea on how to get the pieces I need please inform me.

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    28. slhenry

      Nice Jeep

      This was just difficult enough and had enough pieces that it took my son a couple of days to get it together instead of the normal 1-2 hrs for a LEGO set. He had fun putting it together and loves the Jeep now! Highly recommend.

    29. larry hand

      Grwat gift , good price ,fast shipping

      Perfect gift at a great price

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    30. Michael

      Lego Jeep

      Awesome jeep ! Was super fun to build ! Would recommend , even to all ages !

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    31. Jessica Cossin

      Great Gift

      My son loved his birthday gift! He was busy for a good hour/two putting it together!

    32. Greenannie

      This kit was a huge hit with my 7 year-old Grandson.

      He wrote me a thank-you note: “Dear Grandma, I hope you get me more Lego sets. Love,”. He told me he really liked putting it together.

    33. randy clark

      lego rules

      leave it to lego to come up with a cool jeep. nice size to.

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    34. Brooke

      Love all things Lego brand!

      We are a big fan of Lego brand! This was no exception. The cost was pretty high, but the boys still use them often even after building! They are ages eight and 10. Highly recommend to anyone who loves building and assembling and following directions!

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    35. reader

      great model / detail

      fun to construct/build . Visual instructions at times were challenging.

    36. Guillermo D. Hernandez

      Great training aid!

      I teach students about steering and suspension and this is a great training aid for cheap, it helps them identify Ackermann steering, and independent suspension

    37. Richard Penfield


      wonderful gift for Grand Nephew! Thank you!!

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    38. DlagDlag

      Fun Kit

      I own a Jeep and have a small collection of small Jeep toys, models, etc. Thought this would make a nice addition to the collection. 665 pieces! I would love to meet the person who dreamed up how to design this model and put it together! Instructions are all pictures and generally do a good job of guiding you along the build path. I spent about 3.5 hours putting it together. Once I started, I could not stop. A few leftover pieces make me go “hmm” but I don’t think I missed anything and I guess they were extras. Very pleased with the end result.

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    39. Dawn B.

      My college kid loved it

      Great gift to relieve stress during finals!

    40. Stop killing Gingers to make Ginger Ale


      Great item but I had a tough time reaching the clutch

    41. Melva

      Highly recommend.

      Bought as a gift for my son. He loved it. Highly recommend and will be purchasing more.

    42. Enrique Gonzalez

      Looks great when finished

      Looks great when finished

    43. Traci

      Great lego jeep

      Looks great my husband really enjoyed it

      One person found this helpful

    44. Avocado

      Its a Lego Jeep, whats not to love

      Let’s be honest. I’m a grown man who still loves Legos. Do I have kids and buy Legos for them? Sure do. But this Lego set is mine. As the owner of a Yellow Wrangler AND a lover of Legos there was absolutely no way this wouldn’t end up in my hands. As always its another quality product and the instructions are second to none.

      17 people found this helpful

    45. Nancy Schlauer

      Fun Gift

      My son loves Legos and this was a great birthday gift for him.

      One person found this helpful

    46. Nadine

      My grandson love this and he made it just fine

      My grandson love this and he made it just fine. It is very detailed and enjoyed making it and it was cool looking like an ordinary Lego Set

    47. J Strong

      Kept my son busy for three days

      Good quality without missing pieces. Clicked together well. Great gift for a ten year old boy.

    48. Jay

      Top tier

      Great value. Fun to build. Stands the test of time. Great product execution.

    49. MrTzZ

      Jeep Wrangler w/Articulating Suspension! Need I say more?

      This Lego set was FUN. Not crazy difficult or time-consuming, but definitely an enjoyable project. My kids enjoyed playing with it after it was complete because of all the moving parts – suspension, steering, it’s great. Overall, it’s a well-put-together lego set and I can, without a 2nd thought, recommend it 100%.

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      Good Product

      I gave this to my grandson for Christmas. Item arrived timely and in perfect condition

    51. Brandon J

      Really fun jeep

      Super fun Jeep but not for a 6-7 yr old to assemble. The tires are cool mudding tires and the jeep articulates with its suspension. You can drive and steer the jeep from the back of it. My boy loves it.

    52. Leon Clark

      great gift for the lego collector

      really like this, well made. had one missing piece, may have lost that myself and the vac ate it, anyway no Biggy spare tire fits in back like a rally jeep

    53. Gale Hanks

      Awesome Lego

      This is a nice project I bought for my husband.

    54. Wolverine350r

      Nice kit

      My first Lego kit in a long time, took a good several hours to put together. The thing is much more solid then I would have expected.

    55. RJ Bowers

      Fun to build and fun to play with

      I enjoyed building this more than I thought. I am older so the Lego pieces were significantly different from the legos of my childhood. What I enjoyed the most is that the Jeep has a suspension and they extend a little gear so you can turn the steering wheel when you push the toy. It is fun for adults as well as children. As a Wrangler owner having the Lego version is extra special. This is great for people who like to build models.

    56. Melanie

      I loved the jeep super fun highly recommend but for older kids

      The media could not be loaded.

      One person found this helpful

    57. C. LynchC. Lynch

      Awsome Set For Price

      I recommend this LEGO set to Jeep fans, it is very unique and I love how intricate it is. I modified so that the spare tire controls the steering.

    58. Richard and Diana Chicago

      Needed help.

      Bought for second grader who loves it but ended up needing help putting it together.

    59. Elaine S. Stertmann

      it is not especially child friendly but beautiful when put together

      I bought this for my adult son who lives in CT. He is very hard to find a wonderful. He drives a near vintage yellow Jeep and I think he really likes this one. I think I really hit the high when I sent this to him.

    60. Marilyn in Iowa

      Best lego ever….

      My Grandson who is 10 had a wonderful time putting this jeep together. He said it was the best one he ever built.

      2 people found this helpful

    61. YevgeniyYevgeniy

      Gift for birthday to person who has everything.

      Lego is good gift for men who has kids. Enjoy spend time with family assembling Lego toy! Good price

    62. Carlos Fernando Lopez GarciaCarlos Fernando Lopez Garcia

      Me encantó, muy buen prototipo

      Soy fanatico de Jeep, es mi primer lego, con mi hija había armado muchos lego friends y me encantaba.

      One person found this helpful

    63. Swami

      Fun to build

      Good value for money and a fun build. Would definitely recommend

    64. Karl S.Karl S.

      Jeep + Lego = Fun

      I’m an “adult builder” as Lego calls me. I had Legos growing up and bought this set to go with my full size Jeep. It was fun to build and didn’t take terribly long. It’s certainly more geared towards the younger builder, but as an adult, I still enjoyed it. The only thing I dislike about the kit was the stickers. There are 13 or so stickers that have to be placed and they require a steady hand otherwise your “seats” are going to be a little crooked.

      37 people found this helpful

    65. C. Williams

      Hours of fun for a 15 year old lego expert

      Not difficult to assemble, but lots of details. 15 year old grandson had fun with his Jeep!

    66. Vicious Maggot

      Worth it

      The price:time to build ratio is great. This was a fun one…and of course, what is cooler than a Jeep? Oh yeah, nothing.

      10 people found this helpful

    67. Brett RieseBrett Riese

      Great Lego for all ages

      While awaiting my actual Jeep order, my daughter and I both received these for Christmas. I initially thought that it would be too easy of a set for me to truly enjoy, having completed quite a few more difficult sets previously, but I was pleasantly surprised by the design intricacy and enjoyment of the build. My 6 year old daughter and I built ours with each other and had a ton of fun through the process. A great set for any age, at a great price.

    68. MEG


      Completely assembled with in one hour of receiving it as a gift by an Autistic grandson

    69. Brian Foster

      For ANY Jeep lover

      If you love Jeeps than you don’t mind a little work. My daughter and I put together and it is a great addition to my Jeep memorabilia

      5 people found this helpful

    70. Angelfysh 51Angelfysh 51

      Cool Jeep!

      We love this little Jeep! Easy to assemble! Great gift for any occasion!

    71. ShayShay

      Fun to build.

      I own a Wrangler. Huge Jeep fan. Love building models of Jeeps. This is pretty cool.

    72. Christine

      A 7 yr old loved it

      Purchased as a gift for a 7 yr old boy, he loved it and put it together within a day.

    73. WAD442

      It’s LEGO, what else does one say

      LEGO is on of the greatest toys in history. Both for children and adulty. Like a puzzle to craft what is in the instructions. Or you can build anything you can imagine. Good work LEGO.

      One person found this helpful

    74. Bongo

      Prop up that front wheel

      While this set is on the smaller scale for $50, you still feel you got your money’s worth every time you look at it. The articulating front suspension is a cool feature and fun to prop up one wheel for staging. Add the opening hood and doors along with the back seat steering and it is another satisfying build. Only complaint is there were a few pages that did not include all of the required arrows for piece placement. Took a few extra minutes to figure it out so not a big deal. I’ve seen this on other sets as well, and it would be nice if the manual proofreading was more thorough.

      One person found this helpful

    75. Daniel L Hardin

      Always fun!

      Not sure what you’d need to know here. Legos! Always fun!

    76. Kevin L BennettKevin L Bennett

      I love LEGO

      Very fun set to build, looks cool sitting in display. Great $50 set

    77. Porter Woodward

      A fun 3D puzzle to put together!

      This was a lot of fun to put together. And if you’re a fan of both Jeeps and Legos it’s a must have.

      One person found this helpful

    78. bbentley10

      Solid set

      My 10 year old son saved up his allowance to buy this. Seemed a little hard for him, but I think that made him more proud when he finished it. Def a heavy duty Lego set

      17 people found this helpful

    79. Amazon Customer

      Hard to put together, but super cool!

      This thing took me about 8-9 hours to put together correctly. I missed something near the beginning that required me to take it back apart and fix it. But it’s super cool looking and I love having it on my desk at work.

    80. Pamela

      Would buy again

      Purchased as a gift and was a huge success!

    81. Heather

      Love lego jeep but no stickers!

      Item was fun to put together and looks awesome! Fun to play with! But… the Rubicon, jeep and seat stickers were missing. Such a bummer to not be able to complete our jeep.

      2 people found this helpful

    82. Sandra Hutchison

      Great project

      This set went together well, the instructions were clear and the finished vehicle is pretty durable, unlike someone the smaller kits.

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