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Lego Minecraft The Swamp Adventure 65 Pcs


  • LEGO Minecraft The Swamp Adventure set recreates the mangrove swamp from the video game, with cool figures, toy crafting tools and other accessories.
  • Includes a LEGO Minecraft Alex figure with an axe, a toy frog in a swamp biome plus Minecraft mobs: a slime block and a zombie figure.
  • There is lots for kids to explore in this Minecraft building toy, which includes a crafting table, a mangrove tree and an exploding TNT function.
  • Minecraft players can join daredevil Alex’s quest and help her use her axe and operate a lever to detonate an explosion to fend off any attacks.
  • LEGO Minecraft building toys give kids other ways to enjoy the video game; this set makes a great birthday or any-time gift for kids age 7 plus

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Lego Minecraft The Swamp Adventure 65 Pcs
Lego Minecraft The Swamp Adventure 65 Pcs $15.99
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Lego Minecraft The Swamp Adventure 65 Pcs:

Dive into the enchanting world of LEGO Minecraft with “The Swamp Adventure.” This 65-piece building set is not just a toy; it’s a gateway to endless creativity and imaginative play. Get ready to craft, build, and embark on a thrilling swamp adventure with Steve and the crew.

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