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Lego City Apartment Building Toy Set 688 Pcs


  • This LEGO City Apartment Building (60365) comes with connecting modular rooms and fun characters for kids who love realistic play.
  • This toy set includes a toy apartment block with pretend solar panels, a convenience store, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, plus a bike, mobility scooter and 6 minifigures.
  • Includes a LEGO Road Plate for connection to other sets in the LEGO City.

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Lego City Apartment Building Toy Set 688 Pcs
Lego City Apartment Building Toy Set 688 Pcs $129.99
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Lego City Apartment Building Toy Set 688 Pcs:

Dive into the world of urban adventure with our Lego City Apartment Building Toy Set. Build your dream city, brick by brick, and watch your imagination come to life. Whether you’re an experienced Lego enthusiast or just starting your journey, this set is perfect for all ages. Whether you’re 6 or 60, the Lego City Apartment Building Set guarantees hours of entertainment. It’s an ideal family activity, a solo project, or a way to bond with friends. Rediscover the satisfaction of creating something extraordinary.

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Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions37.79 × 35.41 × 9.4 cm

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